ISIS Will “Kill You Strongly”

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Right here at the beginning of this post, I need to do a few heads-up notices and then set them aside because this post is not about me. though at first it may appear so. Patience, please: it has fallen to me to tell you the story about the travails of a friend, a man I’ve corresponded with for some time. Among the other things that he is, Ed is writer whose work I admire even though we don’t agree on every jot and tittle. Our most important points of agreement are two: We’re both capitalists to the core and we both find Islam to be pernicious.

The first thing to acknowledge is the plain fact that this post should have been up days ago and the fact that it wasn’t is my doing. This is too crucial a situation not to have been in front of our readers days ago, since time is of the essence here. My bad.

Unfortunately for us both, the emergency my friend is coping with has unfortunately triggered every single PTSD neuron I have. Even contemplating writing this post triggered them. Sigh.

PTSD is the mind gone awry, wildly dumping its overload into the body. In my case, it first began to go sideways probably before I could speak — at any rate, that’s the best guess of the graybeards we consulted. Since we’ll never know precisely when this strange phenomenon began, I’ll take their best guesstimacation; an etiology of “preverbal” has the virtue of simplicity. It makes the most sense. Isn’t it strange how comforting knowledge can be? While knowing might not change anything, knowledge in and of itself can be a balm…As T.H. White has Merlin say in The Once and Future King:

“The best thing for being sad,” replied Merlin, beginning to puff and blow, “is to learn something. That’s the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then — to learn.

Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting. Learning is the only thing for you. Look what a lot of things there are to learn.”

Learning is a salve, a balm in these fraught times. But sometimes it fails me. What I’m going to tell you has troubled me deeply. When the more severe exigencies of PTSD show up, I know I’m in trouble. And this time they started their insistent honking almost immediately.

Psychosomatosis (yes, I can say it real fast three times) is the official diagnosis when chronic PTSD rises like a monster from the limbic system and starts cascading down the HPA axis, and from there to wreak havoc in the various organs and structures of the body. The best remedy is preventive: avoiding the near occasions of chronic stress; an easy work-around, eh? But here’s the rub: if someone I care about is in trouble, I can’t merely empathize. Oh no, that’s not nearly enough: I must needs sit in the Slough of Despond and do a slo-mo freak-out. While there, I do try various mind tricks to avoid letting my distress for my friend paralyze the quotidian pleasures of my life here with the Baron. But sometimes nothing works but to do something toward resolving the problem.

Thus this reaching out to y’all in an attempt to find a help for my friend’s problem…all the while avoiding sliding any further into the muck. This time it took almost a full week to get out of the swamp and be of some use…I’m so sorry, Ed.

[For those who are interested in the subject, or who find themselves somatizing their stress, I recommend this gem:

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

I’ve followed Dr. van der Kolk’s research since he first began publishing his monographs at Baylor decades ago. I knew I’d found some answers when he described the startling differences in the aftermath of physical exercise between normal children and those with PTSD. The upshot? It takes a far longer time for us to return to our baseline vital signs than it does for normal children — and our “baseline” is abnormally high to start with. I’d already observed this phenomenon when I was twelve, playing basketball. I loved the game so much that I’d only quit when I couldn’t breathe anymore. “Exercise-induced asthma”, I later discovered. As soon as the asthma receded I was back on the court.]

Second, and far more important: the main point of this post is to move you to help my friend (and thereby relieve my stress). So this is a fund-raising post. As we discovered with Tommy Robinson, there are indeed some problems that can be significantly reduced by having money thrown at them. This is most assuredly one.

Have you been following the strange news about that so-called ISIS Kill List? It has seemed creepy to me since I first came across it. How did they get eight thousand names? Did they hack some FBI database? However they managed to compile this list, we’re not to worry because FBI director Comey assures us that they’re “laser-focused on it”… doesn’t that make you feel better?

The director of the FBI said Tuesday that the Islamic State group is currently the main threat facing the United States, both in its efforts to recruit fighters to join its members overseas and to have others carry out violence in America.

Director James Comey said the IS group poses a third potential threat: a “terrorist diaspora” that he said will eventually flow out of Syria and Iraq and end up in Western Europe, where members will have easy access to the U.S.

“There’s [sic] three prongs to this ISIL threat,” Comey said. “The recruitment to travel, the recruitment to violence in place, and then what you saw a preview of in Brussels and in Paris — hardened fighters coming out, looking to kill people.”

He said officials are “laser-focused on that.”

Last week, three Minnesota men who were accused of plotting to join the IS group were convicted of conspiring to commit murder overseas — which carries a potential life sentence — as well as conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and other charges.

Let’s drill down a bit further, to Vocativ, here:

Most of the names and the accompanying addresses listed appear to belong to people in the United States, Australia, and Canada. Out of 7,848 people identified as being in the U.S. alone, 1,445 were listed as having addresses in California, 643 in Florida, 341 in Washington, 333 in Texas, 331 in Illinois, and 290 in New York. Another 312 names and addresses allegedly belong to people in Canada, while 69 allegedly belong to people in Australia. Another 39 are affiliated with the U.K. and the rest are listed with addresses in Belgium, Brazil, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago.

It is unclear, however, if the list, posted on Telegram [sic] on Monday, includes any new information or details that weren’t already accessible online. It’s also unclear why the specific names and addresses outlined were selected, and whether or not they’re in some way related. The group that posted the directory is also dubious. A recent study by Flashpoint, an intelligence firm, showed that the United Cyber Caliphate—a merger of pro-ISIS groups—is incompetent when it comes to hacking. Their highest-profile “hack” involved taking credit for others’ work, according to the study.

Yeah? Well, we’re told they’re coming in over the southern border. And our State Department continues to bring in “Syrians” as does the Office of Refugee Resettlement. So even if their computer hacking skills aren’t up to snuff, I have little doubt they’ve all got their Scout badges in Hacking and Slitting Throats.

There wasn’t a comment section so I scraped out an email contact from Vocativ and suggested they take this more seriously (just my interpretation, but they seemed to treat it causally). I told them about Ed’s visit from the FBI… To their credit, they did contact Ed.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

It’s about time to introduce you to my friend. He comments here occasionally, so you might know Edward Cline. Perhaps you’ve read his books, or either of his websites?

Here’s a particularly ironic post from three years ago — ironic, that is, in the light of today’s situation. In “Islam on My Mind”, he says:

I’ve been criticized by some readers as having “Islam on the brain.” It’s not a very kind criticism considering the seriousness of the Islamic jihad against them and me and everyone else in the West. Why, my critics ask, don’t I devote myself to more important topics such as President Barack Obama’s assault on freedom of speech, on his assault on private ownership of guns, on the government’s assault on private property, on Obamacare, on Holder’s Fast & Furious, and so on?

I don’t know where these readers have been, but I’ve logged in over 500 columns on those and many more subjects on Rule of Reason alone. I think I am well versed in the damage Obama and Company have wrought domestically, never mind the twisted alchemy of their foreign policies, and have written extensively on both phenomena. I’ve been excoriating Obama ever since he poked his head out of Illinois many years ago in a stage-managed debut at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

A faraway friend lamented the shortsightedness of my critics, as well, saying they lacked my “metaphysical intelligence.”

That being said — I’ve penned close to a million words on all those subjects over the years, including movies, TV series, book reviews, etc.; I write these columns gratis, thank you very much — I offer this roundup of things Islamic.

He then outlines some of the peculiar features of this ideology, each subtitle being a subject you and we have discussed endlessly, no?

The Beast That Bites the Hand that Feeds It

The Inbred Insanity of Islam

Mommy! Johnny Stuck His Tongue Out at Me! Or, Islamic Grievance-Mongers

The PsychoSyndrome of Islam

[I recommend the whole post, especially in light of Ed’s current emergency. I remember reading it back then and being glad he was calling attention to the excellent work of Nicolai Sennels. Here’s a recent interview with Dr. Sennels on the economic impact of “refugees”. Well, Ed sure is feeling their “economic impact”.]

There’s a wiki on Ed’s authorial output, which is both varied and prolific.

And there is his other blog, listed on our blog roll, this post to get the flavor.]

But back to Ed’s predicament…[yes, I’m having trouble focusing here]. Fortunately, he took pity on the fact I have one foot nailed to the floor and am walking in circles. Today he sent me this précis of his experience with the FBI visit and the subsequent eviction from his apartment:

“On May 18th, I was visited by the FBI/NCIS and told by the agent that my blog site, Rule of Reason, and I were on the ISIS radar, but that I was in no imminent danger of attack. The chances were minimal to nil.

Nevertheless, after I informed my landlord of this as a matter of courtesy, the landlord chose instead to evict me from my apartment, claiming, quite irrationally, that my presence posed a “risk” to the safety of all the other tenants. So I had to go. The landlord said I had to be out of the apartment by July 1st, relented and changed the date to July 31st, and then reneged on that and repeated the June 19th date. There was no arguing with the landlord, as her mind was completely closed to reason. I am definitely moving — to Texas — as the state’s [Virginia, he means] landlord/tenant laws favor the landlord, who doesn’t even need to give a reason (which is not cited in her three eviction notices). She in effect was acting like a proxy ISIS agent, throwing me under the bus for the most ludicrous of reasons. My safety and well-being were of no concern to her. In conversations with her, she didn’t like either my characterization of Muslim women as “brood mares” (there are Muslims living on the development property).

Daniel Greenfield wrote a wonderful defense of me on Front Page (“What Happened to One Air Force Veteran Threatened by ISIS”) and two radio talk shows expressed an interest in my situation. As Greenfield remarks, ISIS doesn’t need to “target” me for violence; the landlord has done it for them.”

Here is Daniel Greenfield’s excellent post from Monday, the one which decided me on wrestling this thing into being:

And another post, from Ruthfully Yours.

As she says (which is close to what I’d written in one of my fifteen or so drafts of this post):

It does not matter that ISIS, if it had the power, would not spare anyone in Mr. Cline’s building, regardless of their politics. It is easier to evict a man whom ISIS has made a target and imagine that this makes us all safe. Being so terrified of a terrorist group some 6,000 miles away allows any moral outrage to be committed, including kicking an elderly writer out of his home, in the hopes that somehow the dread shadow of terror will pass them by next time. And maybe the time after that.

Edward Cline is only one man. Perhaps his friends, who have succeeded in raising some money for him on GoFundMe, may be able to help him. Or perhaps not. Lawson Enterprises, which boasts a one-star Yelp review, is likely not the most pleasant of residences. And yet there is more at stake in such a conflict than a place to live. As we anticipate decades of war, such choices will occur more often. Our moral mettle will be tested and we will either do the right thing or be found wanting.

We will not defeat ISIS by having the biggest weapons. We will either do it through moral courage or not at all. Edward Cline has shown that species of moral courage. That he is being punished for it shows us why we are losing and what it will take for us to truly defeat the Islamic State.

If you think this is an overreaction, bear in mind that poor Molly Norris is still in hiding after all this time. Remember Molly? Although I’ll admit I was hard on her — she reminded me too much of the battered women I worked with in crisis counseling — this wasn’t her fault:

If she’d ever demonstrated any understanding of Islam, of her situation, I’d have been in there pitching for her. But the leftist blind spots wouldn’t allow for that. Instead she begged the imam for forgiveness. And she’s still hiding, per Mark Steyn, as of May 2015. I had no idea he’d been corresponding with her during that fiasco. I had done so, too, thinking my experience in helping women go underground would be of some use. It wasn’t. At the end of our exchange she was as blind and baffled as she’d been when that fatwah was issued against her. If I sound harsh, that’s why. I do feel sorry for her, though.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I am asking you to help Edward Cline move to a safe place so he can pick up the pieces of his life. He is moving, with very short notice, from Virginia to Texas, and the moving costs alone would be a burden if he had to assume them by himself. Then he’s going to have to stay somewhere while he finds a safe apartment/home. I presume he’ll drive his own car there and seek a temporary haven once he arrives.

Then there is the higher rent he’ll face, because at the very least he needs both a gated community and a top-of-the-line alarm system in his home. He’ll probably need to upgrade his weapons skills, acquired in the Air Force. And he should probably replace his weapon with something he can have on his person since Texas is a concealed carry state.

A friend of his established a Go Fund Me page for his expenses, Called “Patriot on The Homeless Brink”.

She says:

My name is Hilda and I’m a good friend of Edward Cline, an American author and patriot who has recently become a target of political correctness and cowards. If you are someone who believes that political correctness is destroying our country, I’m asking for your help. By helping Ed Cline you are taking a stand against those who attempt to silence Americans that speak out against Islamic terrorism. Yes, Ed Cline, is under threat of eviction from his home here in America because he writes about the threat of Islamic terrorism. His landlord gave him a tenancy termination notice, because his landlord learned that Ed was visited by the FBI/NCIS to inform him that his “Rule of Reason” column and his books, “Islam’s Reign of Terror” and “A Handbook on Islam” along with his novel, “The Black Stone” have attracted the attention of ISIS and other terrorist groups. The FBI agent who visited him said that he is in no imminent danger, but the landlord believes that his presence on the property poses a risk to other tenants and has asked him to vacate the apartment. He is nearly 70 years old. He cannot afford to move or to hire legal counsel because as a self-published writer his income is minimal. In contributing whatever you can, Ed will be able to find another place to relocate to another state that is more welcoming and friendlier to Americans who exercise their right to freedom of speech. Thank you for your contribution. Please share this link with other patriotic Americans.

Ed also has a post office box. Go Fund Me only allows for credit cards, so I’m using the cash-at-the-post-office-box, as many of our donors do with us. We’ve never lost a donation so, I trust that system.

Ed’s first idea was to stay in Williamsburg, no doubt because of the expense of moving. I am so glad he changed his mind; that place isn’t safe anymore.

In addition, I’m going to ask Ed if he’ll let me check around to find someone qualified to do a Threats Assessment with him before he settles on a place to live. A meeting with someone like that would give him expert guidance regarding choosing an apartment, what kind of lease to have, what alarm system, and even possible physical security at times. Should he change his car? His cell phone? Those are all the questions that go through my head at two a.m.

I want Ed to get back to writing, living in a congenial safe place. As he was doing before ISIS came along.

To that end, I am asking our readers to help him. If you write to me for his P.O. Box, I’ll send your email on to him; I don’t even have it yet for our own donation. If I’m not familiar with your email address, give me some information about yourself. Everything ought to be vetted, yes?

Use my Gmail account to contact me. It’s dymphnagates (at) gmail (dot) com.

You can also donate via credit card at the Go Fund Me page.

It permits you to give anonymously, no name appearing on the page.

67 thoughts on “ISIS Will “Kill You Strongly”

  1. to defeat this scourge upon Urantia? where there is a will , there is a way, for of our Fathers creation the spirtual upliftment of all mortal human kind depends upon it.

  2. If not Texas then Mr. Cline should go, if qualified to receive social security or some other monthly income, move to Costa Rico or Chile where there is internet and a space to write to your heart’s content. Remaining in America, even Alaska, is not wise. Europe of course is finished, unless the British leave and start a chain-reaction.

    • Here’s hoping the Brexit vote wins by a comfortable majority. The domino effect following Britain’s exit would see other countries break their own chains free of the EU and dictator Merkel.

      • Good news BREXIT is looking more likely by the day. Six Opinion Polls show BREXIT leading, however there’s one last hurdle to overcome.

        Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Juncker are going to pull one last trick to sway us to Remain. The problem is there is no way any “vow” can be enforced as the 2014 Scottish independence referendum showed.

        We English watched that Scottish referendum to see the dirty tricks in action.

        The bigger the margin the greater chance for all our European cousins to free themselves from the Great European Holocaust.

  3. Dear Dymphna, what a sad and bad story. So America has come to this under the current government. So the message is: Freedom of Speech — it’s not for everyone? What a load of the smelly stuff.

    I will send you a check the usual way I do, but you will know it’s for this man who needs the help right now. He will be much better off in Texas, a red state (we lived there for awhile) and one that is still proudly for freedom — although well, never mind (too many Mexicans and I hope that doesn’t make me a bigot, but if so I don’t care). Everywhere has a pimple of some kind, but Texas is big and also big on gun rights.

    • Statement: Mexicans are rapists but when an American young man rapes an unconscious woman, and is jailed for only three months, it does not bother Trump and does not comment. America is Great Again

  4. I’m actually nasty, at times.
    “Not nice”. At all. Sometimes.

    There has to be some pushback to help even the score, here.
    I’m sure this “landlord” person (or thing) needs to get some recoil from THE REST OF US, NOT our Ed. He has enough on his plate.

    Name. Address. Phone #, internet would be of interest to a LO T of us.
    We’re creative. We can take it from there.

    Just say’in.

    • I AM SO GLAD YOU SUGGESTED THIS! As I read the above (per Matts limk) I thought the very sane thing! Why not get Matt or AJ and his team while on air with Infowars to do a phone interview? Hell! AJ s always lookjng for new blood for his team! And with all of the risk assessment folks he knows ESPECIALLY IN TEXAS?? Sounds like serendipity is bringing some mutually kindred forces together for a win win for us all! I hope someone shows this to the infowars team! Maybe this is a one door slams shut on you but another one opens?
      I am having so many issues with my roku tv feeds, my internet and any of my social accounts that i cannot assume any of my messages are delivered ,this is an ongoing problem with anything i subscribe to on alternate news ,blogs, and internet social sites, heck! Even search engines and now my host provider services stopped delivering my emails! It doesnt matter if you are a nobody, it is a selective throttling and blockage of certain independent, alternnative news and media including you tube and facebook channels and groups. It is obvious and increasing. And that is very disturbing to me!

    • I have to respectfully and strongly disagree on harassing the landlord.

      My personal opinion is that it was a mistake of Cline to inform her of his FBI visit. He is, in effect, passing the risk onto her. Unless there was a legal obligation for him to notify her, he should have kept quiet. It is not being dishonest to not share information given to you, unless you have a contract or agreement to do so.

      I would also suggest that he not inform any apartment or other landlord that he wants to move to, about his situation. If he moves to a gated community, he can inform the management that he is not expecting any visitors and does not authorize anyone to visit him unless he specifically and personally calls security. But, it’s just asking to get evicted to inform management that someone may be after you. This opens management up to a lawsuit for any random mugging or break-in that occurs on their property.

      I learned a long time ago that sometimes, you simply have to keep the burden of a secret on yourself, and not share it.

      • I’m with you. While I have some sympathy with Ed concerning his situation, it wasn’t exactly smart to inform his landlady.

        Others may disagree, e.g. if ‘they’ really did come after him, guns blazing, and people were killed….

  5. “And he should probably replace his weapon with something he can have on his person since Texas is a concealed carry state.”

    Can I lawfully open carry a firearm in Texas?
    Yes, as of January 1, 2016, you can carry any handgun openly or concealed as long as you are licensed by Texas or a state with reciprocity. By law, the handgun must be carried in a “shoulder or belt holster.” Long arms do not require a license.

    • The question i am interested in is: If i see a jihadist in Texas. Can i shoot him in his islamic face and call it self defence?

      • “If i see a jihadist in Texas. Can i shoot him…”

        Nope. The carry law in Texas is for self-defense. If you initiate violence, you’ll wind up in a Texas prison, which is not where you want to be. The objective is to prevent the use of violence as a political statement, not to employ it.

        • As far as i am concerned we are at war with islam. Therefore i am at war with allah’s soldiers. And you know what they say about love and war…….

  6. It would help in this,war if we stop giving ISIS training weapons, money and stop seeking to protect their stolen oil convoys in ” no fly zones” It was remarkable how fast and with what small force Russia beat them back as we screamed for cease fires.

    Very sorry for your friend. However if there are Moslems in the apt. complex, then the danger the landlady fears is not 6000 miles away.

    • In a mere five-day period, Russians bombers destroyed 1,000 ISIS/Turkish oil tankers. In 450 days, the U.S. managed to destroy only 116 tankers. The Russian success rate was 776 times greater than ours.

      Conclusion: the U.S. air “campaign” to deny massive oil revenues to Turkey and ISIS was a pretend campaign. Complete and utter kabuki.


  7. Dymphna, this is truly scary, especially coming from the US rather than, say, Sweden or Germany. I’ve dropped a modest contribution in the box.

    Hope you get over your stress soon. Love,


  8. Your favorite robot from Texas. There are Muslims here. In fact lots of them. And some pretty big mosques. But they seem to be quiet for the most part. Even the perps for the “Draw Mo-Ham-Head” contest were imported.

    Gun laws are not too restrictive once residency is established. Get your ‘license to carry’ and purchase is easier.

    Most of Texas is pretty conservative outside of the hotbeds – Austin, Dallas (not Fort Worth), San Antonio and Houston. For instance, Collin County (NE Dallas suburban which includes Plano, Allen, McKinney, etc) is almost purely right.

    • Lubbock, Abilene, sizable enough towns, low cost of living, and the odds of neighbors with firearms is rather high. I’d recommend against Amarillo. They’re getting the highest per capita ‘refujihadis’ seeded there in the country. Lubbock only has one mosque, and it’s not very big. The Mormon Temple is significantly larger, and friendly with the rest of us!

  9. Sadly this is really a comment not so much on ISIS but the state of play in many but not all Western Nations, For Japan is a Western Nation as it shares our modern values but few especially in America may see it that way, remember Japan does not allow Islam the freedom of Political Correctness we can learn from them.

    The rise and maniupulation of the traditional Western Values by the Left Marxist side of Politics is what has made ISIS truly dangerous,If we are to learn anything from this it is to study History and not repeat the Mistakes.

    The current Islamic Invasions not just of Europe but the Americas, Great Briton,Canada, Australia and even Little New Zealand under the false flag of self service so called Asylum Seekers from the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia all with one thing in common,Membership of and activism aiding the creed of Islam.

    Which in truth is not a Religion but an Arab based cult of supremacy that has like the Cancer it truly is spread across the globe aided more often than not by a Cabal of Saudi Arabia, the United Nations which incidently the Muslims and rogue States control by weight of numbers in the General assembly and of course the Marxist Left who are just like the Vichy French of World War Two and the Quislings of Norway and countless Treacherous traitors throughout History.

    Never forget that Islam was Hitlers Ally with some two full divisions of Bosnian Muslims as members of Hitlers SS with each division made up of some one hundred thousand Muslims each plus of course many more Muslims across North Africa and the Middle East so thanks to the Politically correct brigade post World War Two Islams part in Evil via the SS during that period was expunged from the writings of History.

    It is only now thanks to the Internet is the truth surfacing once you know what questions to ask.
    Now you can see that the politically correct left and fools of a conservative nature have betrayed the west and in truth civilisation,Even Churchill mentioned how the Mohammedans were never to be trusted well before the second World War how little have we learnt.

  10. Have we learned anything today, considering that a muslim shot 50 people in Orlando?

    Where did he get the gun? Where did he get the 50 rounds? Are the police working on find out these things? I should hope so.

    PC is going to kill us, I’ve been thinking that for some time now. Nobody wants to admit that muslims are incompatible with western civilization, with some exceptions, of course. But . . . I would have to say: America First. Not second, at least as far we Americans are concerned. Merkel can destroy her country if that’s what her cowed citizens allow, and the same for the Brits and the French. BUT NOT HERE IN AMERICA!

  11. There seems to be a certain lack of worldly sophistication in the “movement”. Everything from a certain Brit walking into court without his own lawyer costing him and his family years of unnecessary suffering to dealing with landlords/ladies.

    The latter should never be told anything about anything and conversation should consist of the weather…no politics, no other people etc. They are not your friend. You are in a contractual agreement with them on top of which they can become liable for your acts. In this case if anything went wrong the landlady could be sued f0r everything she has and then some since she has been told of the potential threat.

    For CFS and traumas I recommend Fantastic results!! Also, if overwhelmed consider strong boundary making and get up on your feet and walk a bit and yell STOP—You are not in any danger—repeatedly to yourself when you sense it gurgling through your body. The response is automatic and talking to the amygdala often in the second person helps. Two systems out of UK uses this—I am not at home so cannot give sources.

    Nicaragua has low crime statistics and is cheap to live in. Just read Granada has lots of single US ladies living there without fear. Check on http://www.liveandinvest website for free advice.

    • Right on as far as not telling the landlord anything more than is legally required. It puts both himself and you at risk. I pointed out elsewhere that informing the landlord makes him potentially liable not only if there is a directed attack on you, but for any random mugging or break-in that may occur.

      Let me point out that your liveandinvest link is broken or not functional.

  12. re. Threat Assessments: Gavin de Becker’s firm ( no doubt can refer Mr. Cline to someone in Texas who is qualified to make the relevant threat assessment. (Mr. de Becker is the author of “The Gift of Fear.”)

    re. CFS, FM, PTSD: The early Benedictine monks (I don’t know when this practice died out) placed troubled novices, mentally ill patients (there were no hospitals in the West), and others with life-disturbing emotional conditions to work in their gardens. I try to at least *look* at my garden each day and give the plants credit for their persistence. If I have any energy at all, I’ll pluck off spent geraniums or some other quite easy task for a minute or two.

    It’s a non-verbal interaction with the natural world.

    On exceptionally good days, I’ll work for up to an hour with pruning shears, cutting back blackberry vines and other *very* persistent plants. 😉 But I pay for it the next day or three.

    When I pull weeds, I use a tool called variously an asparagus knife or dandelion weeder so that taproot-type weeds come up completely. My rabbit can eat some weeds (e.g., mallow, dandelion, plantain, sow thistle), overgrown herbs (like rosemary, peppermint, or parsley), out-of-control greens (chard, kale–but go easy on these due to their chemical content), so I often just gather plants for the bunny and that’s my gardening for the day.

  13. This is a horrific story because the exact same thing will indeed be happening to many of us. In fact, in May it happened to my daughter. She was home in Brooklyn and two FBI agents came to her door to inform her that she is on an ISIS kill-list. her name AND her home address are on the list. She does not have a public presence, so the reason for the inclusion of her name was and remains a mystery, but there it is. So far, she and her husband, who works in risk-assessment, have decided to stay where they are and that this is an attempt to frighten them and the US at large. Nevertheless, I remain massively infuriated that we are importing this toxic population in our nation. There will be many, many unnecessary deaths due entirely to the feckless leadership of our “elites” and their foolhardy useful idiots among the general population.

    • I’m glad they’re remaining in place. It’s random, mostly. Ed would have stayed in place but his landlord evicted with the smallest legal notice possible. And when you live alone, are told your presence is a danger to others, it begins to infect you, too. I am VERY glad he’s moving far from there.

  14. I just heard about this on Infowars from Alex Jones. This should concern all of us who who support the counter Jihad movement. Alex mentioned the gatesofvienna blogspot with hopes to get an interview with Ed Cline. This could broaden the base of support.

  15. Thank you, Dymphna, for getting the word out regarding Mr. Cline’s predicament. I just added my donation to the Go Fund Me campaign.

  16. The only thing radical about islam is the West and especially America, who forgot what it took to get Liberty from a monarchy dictator, George the III. It is radical to forget how to behave and know right from wrong, to recognize and hate evil of any kind, after especially what America endured and went through, in its founding.

    islam is evil, purely at every detail, worse by far then George III ever was, and he had gone hog wild, and for modern Americans to show stupidity and fear coming from such a heritage of bravery, that is radical. islam stands as pure acculturated hatred, pure evil to the core in every way, and most days even worse, radically different from all others in history. But it is islam to the core, evil through and through, laughing at the world, serving up sweets!

    When did America lose its belief and action, in doing right from wrong? Are all Americans unable to learn the details of the evil islam gang? The gang is and always has been evil, since 632 Anno Domini? When will Americans become “THE HAMMER” again, a Martel America?

    Ed Cline is not one of those spineless Americans, he deserves the very best. I’ve read some of his work, it’s good, and helpful. He has met those spineless Americans who are radical departures from the days of knowing, and doing, right from wrong: In Liberty!

    • I’m glad to see others see it as I do–nothing has changed with islam, it is the same enemy it has been since 632AD, but for some utterly insane reason our so-called leaders are inviting moslems into our countries as FRIENDS; nor only that, but superior friends!

      BTW, the nutter in the white mosque lectured Americans again this morning–he was pretty riled up!
      How dare we refer to his moslem friends as ‘radical islamists!’

  17. I have a lot of respect for my elders. This may be harsh, but Ed, please find a place where you can live out the rest of your life in the knowledge that you have done your duty. Where are your kids? I am only in my early 40’s and realise I’m up against not only invasion, but also my age group and under are against me. I know this sounds like cowardice, but until we have a total dysphoria, your wise words will not be heard.

    The lunatics will march to their own death, let them. Never say anything. You’ve made the first error…admit your truth before it’s time. Don’t become a martyr. Wherever you go….hold the truth, be silent, act at the right time.

    Let this be a lesson for all.

    P.S. How much money does this take? It shouldn’t take a cent, what should take place is the law. Where are the decent lawyers?

  18. I prefer to not give the credit card company a huge cut when donating.

    If I read Dymphna correctly, she is offering to pass along checks mailed to her post office box. Unfortunately, the PO Box is not specified. If she did in fact make such an offer (it’s kind of unclear) then post the address (or email it to me) and I’ll mail a check.

    • No, she means there will eventually be a P.O. Box for sending checks to Ed. At least, I think that’s what she means.

      • Yes, there will be a P.O. Box. I think the hold up is whether or not to have it where he is now or to wait until he has moved in where he is. The latter, most likely. I am in touch with the woman who started the go fund me page so I’ll ask her.

  19. Made a donation for the Ed’s move. Agree with one of your commenters about the idea – ‘tell nobody nothing they don’t immediately need to know about your situation’. One more thought not connected with /ed but how about we stop calling AQ and ISIS ‘radical Islamic terrorists’. They are if you think about it, ‘fundamentalist Islamist missionaries’. I say this since they themselves say they are following the fundamental teachings of Mo ham head and my readings in the Koran seem to indicate such.

    • Absolutely everyone in the media and even here in GoV insists on making the same mistake.
      Who knows more about islam, Erdogan or you?

      Turkish leader Erdogan insists “there is no radical islam, that is insulting to us–there is only islam”. He should know.

      Our enemy is—islam.

      • BTW, Tim, when I wrote “Erdogan or you?” I didn’t mean you personally, but everyone non-moslem.

      • “Our enemy is—islam.”

        This brings up a constant disagreement among anti-jihadists, so might as well give it another go.

        We all know that canonical Islamic texts mandate aggressive and violent actions to extend Islam. We also know that all Islamic sources of law reinforce and extend this mandate, and that any questioning of this “settled doctrine” is treated as apostasy, with a death penalty.

        We also know that there are so-called branches of Islam, like Amadiyyas, who lard the Koranic provisions with so many specific conditions that they claim Islam is not aggressively violent. These sects, by the way, are themselves treated as apostates by mainstream Islam and are barely this side of the death penalty.

        The question is then, are people who speak of “radical Islam” misrepresenting Islam? More important, does dividing Islam into “moderate” and “radical” actually damage the fight against Islamic aggression?

        My view is that referring to “radical” Islam is absolutely necessary for real opinion shapers and political leaders such as Trump.

        Most readers of this or similar blogs have spent years studying Islam and are very aware of its nature. However, the percentage of blog-readers in the electorate is very low. The electorate is informed by the MSM as well as their ministers, who almost uniformly show a disgraceful ignorance of Islam. These ministers cover up their ignorance with the general principles they know: “tolerance” and “brotherhood”.

        Trump is skating on thin ice anyway, but his warning about radical Islam is resonating among the electorate who can see what is in front of their eyes. Since we can’t tell radical from moderate Islamic adherents, the practical effect of making the distinction is zero. It allows the voter to avoid having to make a decision one way or another on the bedrock nature of Islam, while allowing the voter to take the necessary actions by voting for Trump under the impression that Muslims will be admitted once we learn how to distinguish tame Muslims from risky ones.

        Note, there is no target date. We will admit Muslims again once we learn how to reliably determine the risky ones. If we can never find such a test, then Muslims won’t be admitted at all.

        If, due to the practice of taqqiya, it is impossible in practice to sort out potentially “radical” Muslims, it is fully within Trump’s campaign promises to in effect, permanently ban Muslim entry into the US.

        Trump would lose a large, potentially critical, proportion of the voters if he forced them to make a determination they weren’t prepared to make, a determination that is, in fact, not necessary for an effective strategy to create security from Muslims. So, distinguishing now between “radical” and “moderate” Muslims gives Trump’s essentially anti-jihad campaign a significantly better chance to win, without tying his hands in actually dealing with Muslim security threats.

        So, what’s not to like?

        • “The practical effect of making the distinction between radical and moderate islam is zero”.

          Perhaps I’m being a bit too pedantic in insisting (as does everyone’s favourite Turk ) that indeed there is no ‘radical’ islam as distinct from ‘moderate’ islam.
          You make some very good points, but might I suggest there have been countless cases where moslems vouchsafed as being moderates, have at the drop of a hat, over some infinitesimal perceived slight become raging murderous jihadis! Something as trivial as peeing on a Koran!
          So I respectfully postulate NO moslem can ever be trusted, and islam is indeed our enemy; but then you know that.

          When he isn’t patting himself on the back, Trump is saying the right things; more power to him, while the Clinton woman keeps spouting the most atrocious, jaw-dropping lies I have to think ‘how can this woman actually be running for the office of President of the United States?’
          Then I remember who presently holds that title.

  20. “If you think this is an overreaction, bear in mind that poor Molly Norris is still in hiding after all this time. Remember Molly? ”

    Also, I think Bosch Fawstin, the “Mohammed cartoon” winner at the Garland, Texas event, has after that also gone into hiding (Pam Geller had a report about that a while back). Not only that, the fine Anti-Islam website, Quoting Islam, has a long roster of different types of people who, over the years, have either gone into hiding due to threats from Muslims, or have modified their behavior (e.g. of the latter, the famous and wealthy magic/comedy duo, Penn & Teller, who honestly tell an interviewer that while they excoriate Christians and Christianity in their comedy act, they avoid Muslims and Islam altogether; or as Jillette Penn put it, “we haven’t tacked [sic: “tackled” or “attacked”] Islam because we have families.”):

    I also put up a list with a few additions:

    • Gregorius Nekschott falls into this category — he gave up his cartooning.

      Also Andrew Bolt, the Australian opinion writer, who was prosecuted and convicted for saying forbidden things about abos, er, I mean Aboriginal Australians. That’s not Islam-related, however. Mind you, Bolta used to walk close to that line, too.

      • “convicted for saying forbidden things about abos, er, I mean Aboriginal Australians. That’s not Islam-related”

        Actually, I think it’s quite related. I believe this pan-Western neurosis of politically correct multi-culturalism, with its phobia about being “bigoted” against Brown People, is the #1 reason why the entire West is behaving like surreal ninnies in the face of this metastasizing problem of Islam in our time. And we see symptoms of the same neurosis in terms of our perceptions of our relations with other non-white non-Western peoples.

        I thus see that a book like ” Sick Societies: Challenging the Myth of Primitive Harmony” — which anthropologically studies white Western anthropologists and how they condescendingly elevated the Noble Savage in a kind of reverse racism — is quite relevant to the modern Western neurosis of PC MC with relation to Islam & Muslims.

        Indeed, given the general Western reaction to the Orlando massacre, I’m tempted to think it’s not a mass neurosis, but a mass psychosis.

  21. Ed is in Texas now looking for a place to live and that is the main reason he has been absent from discussion. He had a June 19 deadline to leave his apartment in Virginia and the last 2 weeks he has been busy making arrangements for his move. Understandably, he wouldn’t have the time nor the mind to write about this crisis at this time. Thank you all for your moral support and your contributions.

  22. Thank you for your interest. A Texas mailing address for Ed Cline is forthcoming. There is no point in providing Ed’s current mailing address in Virginia as he will be moving from there in just a few days.

  23. One other note, Ed Cline had posted the following comment on his FB page and I posted it on the GoFundMe ( page a week ago:

    “Some of you who have donated to the Go Fund campaign have asked why I have not written anything about the issue. Daniel Greenfield’s Front Page article was eloquent and succinct enough that I defer to him in many respects. However, I must be in a free state of mind to write the things I do – novels or Rule of Reason columns. I am not in that state of mind at the moment, but focused on uprooting myself and moving to Texas (thanks to Jeff Perren’s persuasion). I will be leaving Virginia, the state in which I researched and wrote most of the Sparrowhawk series and many of the Cyrus Skeen novels. I will write about this issue when I’m capable of thinking about it calmly. Perhaps in another month. But I want to thank you all for your support and encouragement. It won’t be forgotten.” – Ed Cline

  24. Obama the Fink seeks to disarm all law abiding american’s and release dangerous crinimals into the streets more reasons he needs to be tried and given Life in Solitary

  25. I haven’t commented (on my own predicament) because I’m still dazed and distracted by having to look for a new place, but I am grateful for the preceding comments and support. It will take me a while to recover, psychologically, at least, from the behavior of my landlord and begin writing my columns again. If you’ve been thrown overboard into shark-infested waters, your first worry is not whether or not the suntan oil will hold up.

  26. D .. your articles are so exciting & well written.
    Look at all the wonderful comments you’ve
    generated. Like unearthly glass beakers boilin’
    away on Frankensteins burners.

  27. I haven’t seen this handy URL posted yet, to see the backstory from one of the superb writers on the web,

    It is quite a great introduction to this example of cowardice, and interference with the free exercise of the First Amendment. I personally believe he has an excellent case for legal action against Lawson enterprise, and perhaps more, at least as a civil action for major financial relief. I do mean major. There are several foundations that may well be happy to take on such a case, pro bono, I suspect.

    May I remind all readers here, and Ed Cline, of these relevant quotations, of Winston Churchill, at his best, in another war, in which hitler and islam muslims were allied together, and about which the evil islam gang finds Mein Kampf a top selling translated book in ME lands of evil, and highly appropriate here, and for all anti-jihadists, and anti-islamists:

    “You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. IT IS VICTORY. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terrors. Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.” – Prime Minister Winston Churchill

    “It’s no use saying, ”We are doing our best.” You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” – Winston Churchill

    “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. YOU CHOSE DISHONOR AND YOU WILL HAVE WAR.” – Churchill’s remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich pact with Hitler

    “Sure I am this day, we are masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.” – Winston Churchill Quotes

    “Although prepared for martyrdom, I preferred that it be postponed.” – Winston Churchill

    “Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” – Winston Churchill

    “Arm yourselves, and be ye men of valor, and be in readiness for the conflict; for it is better for us to perish in battle than to look upon the outrage of our nation and our altar.” – Prime Minister Winston Churchill

    Churchill, is one of the greatest leaders of the West in History, and as such a powerful motivating orator of crystal clarity, as well! We may all take courage, strength, and dedication from him!

    • If I didn’t link to that piece by Sultan Knish, I should have. His story really pushed the fundraiser up. And so did ours, and so did the one on Western Rifle Shooters. But otherwise? ***Crickets***

      I’d be more upset if I hadn’t learned this hard lesson in the culture wars with various other websites, the most ill-starred (for him) being the mess Chaz Johnson made at Little Green Footballs.

      Ed Cline’s funder probably would have fared much better if the Orlando shooter hadn’t taken up all the oxygen in the room. A 70 year-old pensioner/writer made homeless bec of ISIS doesn’t compare with *any* mass tragedy. But up against this particular horror? Not a snowball’s chance.

      At least his go fund me made its goal. But he’s now going to have to find temporary digs while he attempts to find a permanent place to live. A SAFE permanent place to live. The trip to Dallas was a dud. Great visit with his friends, but all the places out of his reach or not available…would you believe it that realtors LIE? No, me neither…

      Note to the fellow in VA offering a place, and the folks in Texas with a camper…I’m working on both avenues but having to communicate via email isn’t easy. Am trying other avenues.

    • And you, sir, are an utter churl.

      I don’t usually call people names, but anyone with enough hubris to claim to be “Philosopher” doesn’t use words like “nonsense” to refute a term with which they disagree.

      I suggest you familiarize yourself with the copious literature available on the subject before making further pronouncements. Especially avail yourself of the science behind the current knowledge about pediatric PTSD, including fMRIs which show the damage done to the architecture of the brain.

      Indeed, be warned: I’ll spare you all right – I’ll spare you from commenting further here if you “utter” another such uninformed reaction.

      • Why not just say your engram was damaged pre-birth due to birth trauma? That is the claim made by Scientologists. That claim is just as ridiculous. But some people believe that rubbish and Scientologists work overtime to prosecute people that disagree with their point of view.

        Of course you can choose to ban my comments and I expect that is the course you will take. Honest and open debate and dialogue is difficult. Even among friends.

        To claim preverbal PTSD is ridiculous. It is an insult to people that have real PTSD. People that have served in war zones. Women that have been raped. Children that have suffered severe abuse at the hand of parents or caregivers.

        There may certainly be copious literature about another bogus psychiatric or psychological disorders. Those articles are a dime a dozen. And very effective to convince people that they have a weakness or a problem or an issue that some person in authority can solve if you spend enough money and time with them on their special form of treatment or their drug of choice.

        For the record, I am not a sir. I am female.

        There is science and then there is BS science. Certainly the people making claims about global warming have been able to make similar claims with regard to “copious literature.” So what? That is not sufficient evidence for a sound scientific argument.

        For the record, I consider modern psychology and psychiatry to be nonsense, for the most part. They have failed to help people and have only managed to keep people crippled and imprisoned.
        I am not surprised you are offended. What surprises me is that you seem fairly articulate and then claim that “copious literature” supports your claim. It does not. But you are not alone. Many people prefer to make excuses rather than to be empowered and take responsibility for their lives, their feelings, their actions, and their choices.

        Anyhow, good-day, madam. And may you attempt to keep your private life, private, in the future.

        • I get to chose what levels of privacy I maintain and when and where. That your narrow focus on my self-revelation is seen by you as an “excuse” (??) is your problem.

          But your determined ignorance re this issue is stunning. Scientology?? Seriously? What are you so afraid of in making jejune comparisons like that??

          There are excellent sources out there as technology allows for more accurate data collection in this fast-growing field. In fact, there is accumulating evidence of a link between early PTSD and late-adult onset of auto-immune diseases – arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. Just because you haven’t done the research doesn’t mean the work is not a reality.

          You sound like nothing so much as those “experts” who dismissed germ theory…and every bit as threatened. It’s your extreme reaction which makes one wonder…Just because you’re too threatened to consider the validity of the research doesn’t take away from the years of dedicated work done with severely damaged children.

          You can look at the easy stuff, anecdotal but telling – e.g., “Too Scared to Cry” by Lenore Terr,M.D. She offers the evidence she collected in her research, including photographic evidence of abuse taken by the abusers. They include the photos of the babies’ faces, which are clearly traumatized…

          There is work being done by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente, and some of it is being published, here:

          Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. worked for years at Baylor studying infant and childhood PTSD. He has tracked the clinical measurements of differences in vital signs between traumatized babies and normal babies, and has compared their fMRIs. His body of research has been archived in Boston – either BU or Harvard, iirc.

          Donald Nathanson, M.D. has followed in the footsteps of Sylvan Tomkins’ work on the inborn wiring between the brain and facial muscles. He has done much to further the research on babies…like the others, he is concerned about the vast numbers of preverbal children who end up in day care.


          All of these experts recommend keeping babies out of daycare if at all possible because of the extremely high level of abuse and the physical sequelae which develop from those traumas. Once children can talk it’s safer – though they may be intimidated into not speaking and sometimes remain silent.

          Your comparisons are sad.

          • I remember this quote from a book I read many years ago, “argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” Quote by Richard Bach from “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.”

            Stuff happens. To everyone. People deal with it and move on.

            I read this blog because I find the news that is posted here to be timely and relevant.

            I could care less about your personal life, to be blunt, and direct, which is my usual habit and which usually offends most women. Men? Not so much. But I am used to women walking off in a huff because I do not engage them on an emotional level.

            Islam is a serious issue for western civilization, if we plan on succeeding and surviving this invasion. It would be nice if we could stay on topic and focus on the matter at hand. Thank you.

          • I have not walked off in a huff, Philosopher. Project much?

            What I did do was answer you with a variety of research sources linking the long-term sequelae of infant and early childhood trauma. Your comeback? “Stuff happens. Get over it”. Brilliant.

            As for “not dealing with things at an emotional level” your comments are quite personal and emotional. Just because you’re blind to your own linking of psychiatric research and Scientology doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem, “Philosopher”. It is you who can’t leave it alone. I am simply responding to your attacks.

            I not only haven’t left in a huff, I’m still here and still responding to your denials about a subject that has been well-researched since World War II. The epigenetics of infant deprivation and abuse is long-established.

            It is you who can’t leave it alone, sounding like some flat-earther with your antediluvian denials about an accepted clinical reality. Mental illness exists; childhood PTSD exists.

            Here’s another source you can ignore: Dr. Nicolai Sennels’ work on the deleterious effects of widespread sexual abuse of infants and children in Islam and the resulting pathologies in adults. Islam doesn’t hide its sexual preoccupations; the blatant use of animals and children is regulated, not repudiated. An adult is permitted to use a child as a sexual object as they don’t do any “damage”. If the user violates that rule then the parents must be paid according to the extent of the damage. That kind of thinking parallels your “stuff happens. Get over it” mentality.

            Indeed, Islam is a serious issue for our civilization, but it’s not the only issue. We are being hollowed out from within not only by radical Islam but also by radical neo-Marxism and our growing cultural ignorance. Islam did not create our miserable educational system; Islam did not destroy our ability to found and maintain stable families; Islam isn’t the cause of the cancerous growth of our government bureaucracies nor the elitists’ greed and corruption, which in turn is leading to the decline of the middle class – our backbone until now.Nor is Islam responsible for our dangerously unstable and widespread financial debt.

            Islam is able to make such inroads in Western countries because we have failed to maintain the characterological virtues that at one time made such a poisonous ideology repugnant. Thus, Islam’s presence here in the West is a symptom of our cultural implosion, not its cause.

            It would appear that you confound being offensive with some kind of personal virtue. None of our commenters but you have felt compelled to educate me as to your personal “habits” and ability to make “women walk[] off in a huff”.

            I’ve not left, huffing or otherwise. And I will continue to reveal parts of my personal life as I see fit, no matter how much that threatens you or compels your ire. You comment history here at our website shows a come-and-go pattern, the same as everyone else.

            For us Gates of Vienna has long since become a mission. The work to be done here is the center of our daily life: every day of every week of every year for more than a decade. This is where we “live and move and have our being”. So when you leave again, are busy somewhere else, we’ll still be here…

            Meanwhile, your emotional fulminations about my self-revelation are your problem. Your own self-revelations are all the more telling for being unwitting; they are also becoming tedious.

        • Dymphna can, quite evidently, defend herself, Philosopher, but I’d like to endorse her opinion that you are indeed a churl (= “rude and boorish”, from anglo-saxon).

          • Thanks, Mark. Considering how often I take you to task for being our token socialist, your commendation has real force for me. 😉

  28. Sorry Dymphna, I just noticed your own URL link to Dan’s story on Ed at the end of the body of the article. I had missed it before in quick careless reads. But also wanted to get it out again if it hadn’t been presented. And also wanted to provide a review of Churchill’s wisdom. Especially in light of Ed and the outrageous Democrats behavior since Orlando, acting as usual in our enemies interests, as opposed to America’s interests, in so many ways, and now again, per Alinsky ‘Rules for Radicals’ manual ‘don’t let an opportunity to sucker the rube gullible Amerikanskis whenever you can’, this following point time again on being armed, which even God plainly advocates, here: THEN SAID HE UNTO THEM, “BUT NOW, HE THAT HATH A PURSE, LET HIM TAKE IT AND LIKEWISE HIS PACK; AND HE THAT HATH NO SWORD, LET HIM SELL HIS GARMENT AND BUY ONE. — Luke 22:36 [Clearly, God is admonishing to arm oneself with a rifle, or pistol, sword and dagger, to reach out and touch an enemy, as with a sword, for travel, and become trained, and motivated, in defense……..]

    So as is typical in the Bible, for God or for those who only believe in common sense, it is plainly stated, for all. And in the Bible actually much more on defense of family and others, is expected by God, expressed in remarkable entries! Yes, actually. (This is for other readers, not you Dymphna. I suspect you may be familiar with this), but the general public is definitely not. Remember, in several ways and places, God expects us to hate evil, and moreover to do something’s about that fact, as well. And of course common sense also says the same thing too.

    Also, as long as I’m commenting lo, again, and realizing you need no defense, Dymphna, I add for your convenience, a handy top caliber reference for ped. PTSD, which is indeed a serious issue with long term potential of affect, here:
    However for those who don’t understand English quite well, such as the ‘churl’, it will be a near impossible read, I believe. Heh!

    Much more of that type of injury, seems to be occurring so much more these days, such as the gator witnessing by the sibling, and the recent toddler witnessing the unimaginable murder of the mother in front of the child, by muslim slicing of the mother’s neck it was reported, and around the globe with the current increase in violence, and likely further increases anticipated. And God forbid imagining what the worst muslims do to their children, particularly in the ME.

    islam must be destroyed, for all time! The best Hollywood TV types have ever done is this I believe, for an upbeat last note on this comment. Quinn from Homeland Understands the Problem

    Seriously understands the problem!!!!!

    • Bravissimo, Dymphna, very impressive exposition, your command of a very global breadth of knowledge. I relate very highly, having also been fortunate to be similarly inclined and capable. I am reassured about your great site, although I had no doubt or question. Your dedication also is impressive, but with these things, many of us are.

      My compliments, Dymphna!

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