Why Does the Dutch King Oppose Brexit?

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), and two fellow members of the PVV, addressed questions to the Dutch prime minister in parliament about the stated position of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. The King has indicated his opposition to a “Brexit”, and his firm support for the continued membership of the United Kingdom in the European Union.

Below is the statement sent out today by the PVV:

Parliamentary questions by the PVV: Rutte abuses King for his own Europhile goals

Questions by Geert Wilders, Harm Beertema and Martin Bosma (PVV MPs) to the Prime Minister’s Office about the statements of the King on the EU

1.   Are you aware of today’s speech by the King in the European Parliament, which indicates that he is opposed to Brexit by stating that “the European bouquet is incomplete without the English rose”? Is it correct to conclude from these words that the King is opposed to a possible exit of the United Kingdom from the EU?
2.   If so, do you find it appropriate to use the Dutch head of state as a pawn in your Europhile campaign for the preservation of the megalomaniac and totalitarian project without popular support, known as the EU, which has hijacked our national sovereignty, and to try to influence the British electorate in this way?
3.   Does the King realize that an exit from the EU is the guarantee needed for the preservation of our own identity (including the monarchy)? Does he realize as well that an exit from the EU guarantees that we will regain our sovereignty and re-establish control of our own country, money and borders? If not, will you tell him this or indicate that the first signatory of these questions will do so himself after next year’s elections?
4.   Can you answer these questions this week?

11 thoughts on “Why Does the Dutch King Oppose Brexit?

    • I hope the King of the Dutch had permission from the Queen of the English to address her subjects if that was the intention….

      Otherwise it is against protocol.

  1. BREXIT now in the lead and the MSM won’t report it. Instead George Soros places huge bets on Remain winning which automatically shortens REMAIN s odds but greatly lengthens BREXIT odds. People then say oh we aren’t going to leave the EU.

    This is one way how Polls are fixed which inevitably pulls a high Remain vote out on the day. Clever tactics Remain but we know you won’t fool us this time.


    • Don’t you believe it, elections are fiddled and fixed everywhere, and with absolute certainty Cameron and his traitorous lot will do just that, aided in any way possible by the ‘leaders’ of USA and Canada.

      I wonder if the Dutch fully realize just how traitorous and moslem friendly their so-called royals are!

  2. The Dutch royals – just more of the medieval mafia – are founding members and active participants in the Bilderberg group: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bilderberg_participants

    This group is little more than a “lobby” for the Atlanticist (another front for the Washington D.C. imperium) movement. They hold an annual retreat where the rulers of the “colonies” receive their marching orders from the real powers – the families benefitting from the money and power of the military-industrial conspiracy.

    Now where do you think the Bilderberg lobby stands on Brexit? Who told king Willie-Alex what words to mouth?

    • I wish there really were an American imperium! That would be fun. We could have legions and everything. Those half-mile long hovering airbase-blimps I’ve read about would go well with it. Plus mech-suits for the elite brigadiers, and giant robot-spiders carrying whole platoons. Kewl!

      • There is a difference between America and Washington D.C. The former is a colony of the latter.

  3. This foul mouth is not my “king”. If it was up to me this [illegitimate son] would be behind bars for a very long time. Silly Willy’s- and his families- crimes make up a long list.

    Willy the German most obvious wrong doings: super dhimmitude and EUSSR-traitor in chief. Not worth the wood under his feet, that will make him burn one day soon…

    • Didn’t unpopular royal dynasties used to be unseated by their disgruntled citizens (and executed) not so long ago?
      Ah the good old days, slightly messy but oh so effective.

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