Central Council of Muslims in Germany: The AfD are NAZIS!

The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) is an up-and-coming political party in Germany which is skeptical about the European Union and critical of mass immigration and Islam.

Aiman Mazyek is president of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany.

Earlier this month the AfD voted to approve a party platform that found Islam incompatible with German values, and proposed various measures to limit the influence of Islam in German society. Needless to say, German Muslims were unhappy with the AfD’s platform. A meeting was arranged between Aiman Mazyek and representatives of the AfD, but it didn’t work out. Mr. Mazyek refused to withdraw his statements comparing the AfD with the Third Reich, so the AfD representatives pulled out before anything was discussed.

The following news report features remarks by Frauke Petry, one of the leaders of AfD and a member of the delegation that attempted discussions with Aiman Mazyek. At the end of this clip, notice that the news anchor has to break off and cut to Chancellor Angela Merkel — in Istanbul.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article from The Local about the aborted meeting between the AfD and Mr. Mazyek:

Far-right AfD turns on itself over failed Muslim meeting

The co-leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), Jörg Meuthen, has blamed his fellow co-head Frauke Petry for the breakdown of a clear-the-air meeting with Muslim leaders on Monday.

Speaking to tabloid Bild, Meuthen said that his party colleagues had failed to properly prepare for the meeting with Aiman Mazyek, president of the Central Council of Muslims.

“With a meeting like this you need to clearly define what will be discussed, that clearly wasn’t the case” he said.

Meuthen was not present at the meeting, which was attended by Petry and party colleagues Albrecht Glaser and Armin-Paul Hampel.

Mazyek had invited Petry to talks after AfD members voted for a party manifesto earlier this month calling for a series of measures targeted at Islam, including bans on minarets and face veils being worn in public.

The Muslim leader had labelled the AfD “Nazis” in response to the leadership’s plans before they were confirmed by members at a party congress and said he hoped to use the meeting to convince Petry to withdraw those parts of the platform.

Petry told reporters on Monday that she broke off the meeting after Mazyek refused to withdraw his comparison between the AfD and the Third Reich.

Glaser confirmed to Bild that the three AfD representatives had agreed among themselves before the meeting that they would not discuss any other issues before Mazyek withdrew the comparison.

“That was the entrance that Aiman Mazyek had to pass through before we would talk about things with content with him,” he said.

Mazyek told the Rheinische Post he is still open to discussions “with reasonable members of the AfD.”


0:00   …the discussion, after barely an hour we ended it,
0:05   regrettably we were not able to achieve our goal
0:09   for this discussion, the actual issues, especially the question
0:12   About how diverging moral concepts of how a politically-motivated Islam
0:18   in its fundamental characteristics is handled in a secular society.
0:22   Instead we had to, and that touches us personally, we had to
0:26   let them accuse us that we are a party from the Third Reich;
0:31   therefore comparisons that put the AfD again and again
0:35   close to the Third Reich, they were not retracted.
0:40   That is why multiple times we politely asked for — mind you,
0:43   without an apology from Mr. Mazyek and his representatives —
0:47   of course it is to be expected there are emotional obstacles to overcome
0:50   in such a discussion, but they were unwilling to do so,
0:53   and instead demanded that we withdraw a democratically-decided
0:57   party platform during the discussion, by ways of
1:00   alleging the unconstitutionality of the party platform, and in that sense
1:04   against the AfD as well.
1:07   That to us was shocking, especially after there was plenty of opportunity
1:11   prior to this meeting to acquaint themselves with the positions
1:15   and also with the positions of innumerable scientists, scholars
1:18   and studies on the subject of Islam, the subject of radicalization,
1:22   on the subject of acceptance of shariah law alongside our Constitution.
1:26   We are of the opinion that from studies such as the one by … (Mr. Krogmann?)
1:29   there clearly emerges…
1:34   Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now immediately going to our Chancellor Merkel in Istanbul.

22 thoughts on “Central Council of Muslims in Germany: The AfD are NAZIS!

  1. Why is it that the Germans have to be ‘reasonable’ but the Muslims can be confrontational. insulting and belittling. And we fall for it every time.

    IslamoNazism is real and has historical context, not one muslim state signed up to fight the Nazis, most were prepared to collaborate…..

    The Hamas and PA aim is to murder all Jews (not just Israelis) I wonder where they got that from?

  2. The little secret in discussing with Muslims is that dialogue is impossible. Either the non-Muslim gives in and bows ( like Pope Francis recently did with Imam El Tayyeb ), or he walks away from the table. The question here is: what really wanted Mrs Petry achieve in meeting Mr Mazyek? Clearing of the air and a friendly hug? You cannot have both: good relationship with Muslims and stating that Islam doesn’t fit in Germany’s democratic structure. Also bizarre that Mr Meuthen blamed Petry to break up the discussion. What specific topic of discussion would Mr Meuthen have discussed with a Muslim leader? Mr Mazyek labeled AfD predictably in the mainstream Leftist-Islamic way. I don’t understand the goal in Mrs Petry mind before that meeting, but if you accept confrontation, you should not walk away so easily pretending to be offended.

  3. Juncker declared this week, apropos the Austrian election, that the EU will block elected ‘Far Right’ populists from power. It was reported in Breitbart.

  4. Well of course. This is best regarded as street theater. And in that particular way, the mohammedans habits of thought and speech and action can be beautifully choreographed against them.
    They are GUARANTEED to be rude, they are GUARANTEED to make outrageous false accusations, they are GUARANTEED to insult and threaten, and if you work them just right, they’ll start smashing things up. They almost cannot stop themselves.

    Well? Looks like an opportunity to me. But it requires a bit of thought and stage management to really work it right for the TV cameras.

    Eg. Get the least “right wing” looking person you can find. A greenie grandma from Turkey with a live in lesbian partner, or something along those lines, and then get the madhat mo’s to rage at her for being a Nazi.

    It’s not hard to do. The left does it all day every day and twice on sundays. And then you have all the clips and sound bites to make some hay on the TV or at least the net.

    Work it baby, work it!

    Your enemies are losers. You can pretend to play along as part of the act. But don’t let that go too far. The bad guys are really really bad all the way down.

    Stay safe. And win!

  5. Stop falling into the same trap over and over again. The Muslims are using our freedoms and human rights achievements against us. So far the AfD is doing OK, but I dislike the guy weak resolve already trying to blame his colleagues for the talk breakdown.

  6. The term Islamofascism speaks for itself in describing who the Nazis really are. As it is, the EU governments are already behaving like dictatorships towards their own citizens, while welcoming the Muslim culture which blatantly persecutes Jews, Christians, Women, Atheists, Children, Dogs and Pigs. At the same time, they also demand the removal of Democracy, Secular Laws, Free Speech, Western Education, Other Religions etc., all to be replaced by an extremely Fascist law called Sharia.

    Where are the truth-tellers in Europe – what has happened to the Media – all sold out to the Saudis ?

    • In this Orwellian EU World common sense seems lost, and things are going topsy-turvy. Peace is silence, speaking up is offending, liberty is being in prison, ignorance is virtue, and weakness is strength. So are Leftist Fascists and Islamophiles ” anti-Fascists ” and ” freedom fighters “. The Media are controlled by the Left, and the Left needs Muslim immigration to continue disrupting Western society, and to get its vote. Truth-tellers are not heard on tv, but they are doing their noble work everywhere. Sooner or later the chickens have to come home to roost.

  7. May I please point out (and as a right-wing Jew, I am no friend of the Islamonazis) that the AfD has openly called for the end to male circumcision and ritual slaughter, whether it be halal or Shechitah?

    Let’s be honest here. You and I and everybody else know that the AfD could not enforce this over 4 million violent Muslims without precipitating a civil war that destroys Germany. They could however, enforce it against a Jewish community of approximately 125,000 that are not loaded with crazed suicide bombers. If Israel objects, they could say “You know those 6 subs we gave you, that can launch nukes? If you make a stink , we will stop providing you with parts to maintain them.”

    So, as much as I hate Islamists, they may not be far off here. AfD is in fact asking for the very same bans that the Nazis imposed. Yes, I understand, that the aim is not primarily against Jews (at least for electoral purposes). However, should they come to power, enforcement (for practical purposes) will be SOLELY against Jews.

    So if AfD comes to power, Jews are STILL forced to leave Germany if they wish to observe their faith. Europe is a hopeless cause for us. No matter who wins, we lose.

    This is not just limited to the AfD — strong elements of Marine LePen’s FN want the same thing.

    Seriously, is there any European political group – any one – except maybe UKIP – that can be anti-Islamist without similarly bashing Jews?

    Or is the hatred of Jews so fanatic, so institutional, so pathological in Europe, that the remaining 1 million Jews should just say “F**k it!” and leave?

    Baron and Dymphna — you are great defenders of Israel. You understand the biblical idea of “Those whom shall bless the Jews shall be blessed. Those whom shall curse the Jews shall be cursed.”

    If the AfD is the alternative to Islamofascism, yet wish to persecute and ultimately exile the Jews, maybe it is time for you to just write off Germany, and say that Ha-shem is punishing them for the Shoah, and let them suffer their fate.

    • Do you have any documented instance where an AfD member has discussed these laws in relation to the Jews? I haven’t seen any so far.

      Geert Wilders wants exactly the same thing (a ban on ritual slaughter) in the Netherlands, and he is a staunch friend of the Jews. Dutch Jewish groups were angry with him, but he stuck to his position, based on the principle of humane treatment for animals.

      Some people want to ban circumcision because that is the ONLY way they can definitely stop FGM, given the current gender-equality human rights laws.

      • An Islamic Germany is not going to tolerate Jews, fullstop. Time for compromise…..

        • MC:

          My concern is that an AfD, non-Islamic Germany will not tolerate them either.

          Look, I get it. No country has to set policy for the sake solely of its Jews, except Israel. However, for obvious reasons, Germany has special responsibility here.

      • Baron,

        Here is where I originally read it, on the English language website of the Israeli paper Yediot Aharonot:


        As for the circumcision ban, the way you write it, you do not disagree with my assertion that they would ban it; you are just justifying it in advance of a greater cause (stopping FGM in the short term, and Islam in the long term). Thus, Jews would still be forced to leave. Here is a better idea – how about just banning FGM?

        You CAN pass legislation aimed at Islam without harming Jews, such as banning or throwing obstacles in the way of “fetching marriages” where a man goes back to Pakistan or Turkey or Algeria (or wherever) and brings back a bride with him who will “keep him true to Islam”. I believe Denmark has done this. You can also ban minarets, limit the call to prayer, enforce monogamy laws and most importantly – limit welfare benefits.

        It also wouldn’t hurt if the Europeans actually, you know, defended their womenfolk. But thanks to the (feminist) women themselves, that may be too much to ask these days.

        • Banning FGM is much easier if male circumcision is also banned, because otherwise it can (and has) run afoul of “human rights” laws that require things to be exactly equal for men and women.

          It’s the same with halal — it’s easy to make a case against banning halal slaughter because: “Look! The Jews have kosher!”

          I’m not saying I approve of these things; just that they are a fact of political life.

          As a non-Jew, I’m not particularly concerned. I can understand why Jews are concerned, though. I don’t have any overall solution. If the law changes, and Jews can’t adapt their ritual practices to the change, then, yes, they’ll have to make Aliyah.

          • Baron,

            In that one post, you have negated much of your last 13 or so years of work on this blog.

            You (and Geert Wilders) cannot claim to be defending Jews on the one hand, and then adopting policies, even if meant to stop Islamists, that are driving the Jews out of Europe on the other hand (and thus doing the Islamists’ work for them.)

            Even as you would fight the Islamists, you would give them their greatest victory.

          • I am not ADVOCATING for these things — I’m describing what’s currently happening. Can’t you tell the difference? Have you been reading carefully?

            If I said I was as concerned about these issues as much as Jews, I’d be lying. Jews (except maybe totally secular ones) are directly impacted, so they have good reason to be concerned.

            So, as far as I can tell, you want me to (1) not describe things as they are, and (2) lie about how I feel about them.

            To heck with that!

          • As if. No one can negate the hard work of many years with one posting. If you’re that thin-skinned you need some mental kevlar to keep your thoughts in place.

            Thanks to the hard work of Israel 60+ years ago – and the stalwart defense of that work by Harry Truman – Jews have a place to go, several places if you count America.

            The ethnic natives do not have a bolt hole. They’re stuck. That’s why some Germans are fleeing to Hungary, despite what they did to Hungary a few generations back.

            So even if the scum managed to drive the Jews out of whichever European country where they’re being attacked, that does not mean we are guilty of helping them. How dare you make such a facile attack.

            Many leftist Jews in America are the biggest enablers of Islam on the planet. Go fix your own house before you come here to complain about our failures.

            Make one more such unwarranted slander against the Baron and I’ll ban you from this website. I will not watch him work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week only to have someone show up and complain he’s doing it wrong.


    • One obscure Biblical passage (Christian version) talks about despair as being the unforgivable sin. I presume because it is the ultimate kind of pride, turned inside out. So to give up on the Germans would be morally wrong from a Christian point of view.

      When in doubt, use Shakespeare. From “The Merchant of Venice Hamburg”:

      “I am a Jew German. Hath not a Jew German eyes? Hath not a Jew German hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases,
      heal’d by the same means, warm’d and cool’d by the same winter and summer, as a Christian Jew is?

      If you prick us, do we not bleed? If
      you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?

      And if you wrong us, do we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that.”

      The German people are not responsible for Hitler.
      They were not responsible for the fecklessness of the Allies in dividing up Germany and letting the USSR take part of it.
      They may be responsible for Merkel but no one dreamed she could be so evil.

      There is no country on the face of this earth, including Israel, that is without fault, blemish or sin. If we could only change from blaming one another and instead begin to be responsible to one another. But fear clutches our hearts and we find it so much easier to pass judgment.

      And that is our eternal shame. One can hear the echoes of Adam and Eve bickering as they’re driven from the Garden…

      • My colleague’s 14-year-old stepdaughter attends a Catholic school. When the class was asked what the story of Eve and the apple of the Tree of Knowledge means, she responded that God wants us to remain ignorant. Big furore, but the school backed down when challenged.

  8. Remember a 2003 European Court of Justice ruling declared that Islam was incompatible with European democracy and human rights. Article 17 was invoked and blocked them from imposing Sharia Law.

    Its time to invoke this Article again every time muslims place demands. They don’t deserve human rights because they deny others human rights. Equality is alien to them.

  9. Mazyek told the Rheinische Post he is still open to discussions “with reasonable members of the AfD.”

    Sure. Drive a wedge between them. And this idiot Jörg Meuthen fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

    • First off the wimps in leadership positions in the AfD need to go. Same with the establishment types.

      Then they need to take a page out of Trump’s playbook. Don’t be nice to bullies. Throw the stuff back in their face and double down.

      Look these are Muslims the AfD are dealing with not chess club members. There can be no real dialog only submission to their ways. This is like sitting down with a alpha wolf and trying to share a kill with it. It’s not going to happen.

      Here’s the thing maybe the Mu[slim]s will hold a dialog with infidels but they will lie out their rear end and confuse the issues so by the time the discussion ends you’re back where you’re started. And they will not hold a discussion with someone who really knows Islam like Robert Spencer because the Mu[slim]s will come out looking evil.

      In short don’t play the Mu[slim] game.

  10. Muhammad, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, Osama bin Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,
    it’s pretty clear who the real ‘Nazis’ are in this fight.

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