10 thoughts on “The Glass Is…

  1. Engineer: The glass is the wrong size.

    Realist: The glass is dirty and I’m going to have to wash it.

  2. The humor of this piece makes one wonder what the typically fanatical feminist might do with various Rohrschach inkblots; probably all of the random splotches of ink would yield the same response.

    On the tried-and-trite trope of the rhetorical glass question, I recall having an epiphany when I was about 19 years old: “Why, of course, it’s both…!” That experience of apperception probably explains why not long after that I was so immediately receptive to Eric Voegelin’s revival of the classic sense of metaxy.

    • Let me give you an old joke about that:

      A psychologist testing a feminist with association drawings. First he showing a triangle. A man raping a women in a tent~ answers a feminist. Then the doctor shows a circle. It a life preserver with a women sitting on it while a man raping her ~ says again the feminist. Now the doctor shows a square to the patient. Oh that is easy says the feminist. It’s a bed where a man raping a women.
      The psychologist can’t take it anymore: tell me he says you always seeing women getting raped? I can’t help it says the feminist, you always showing me such obscene drawings.

    • File a sexual harassment lawsuit for showing them pictures of monsters with large sexual organs. That is why you don’t give feminists Rohrschach tests.

  3. Enviromentalist Empty the glass into a river the fish need it more then the farmer do

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