My ancient computer has returned from the shop, fixed up like brand new. I’ve restored most of the Auxiliary Brain so that I can resume normal functions. What a relief!

Now I’ll start work on tonight’s news feed. I’ll only be looking at the last 24 hours or so of tips, so if you sent something earlier than that, it won’t be in there.

It’s good to have the wheels on and be back on the road.

7 thoughts on “Roadworthy

    • Yes and no. Establishing the Auxiliary Brain on a totally different platform is fraught with technical difficulties. I need to run this one for a while longer while I attempt to construct a parallel version of the Brain on a new system.

  1. Wow! The car shown here is so much sleeker and more modern than when it was “in the shop”. It’s even in colour (sorry, color!)

  2. Hot damn! I owned a ’47 Fleetmaster just like that. It’s water-tight and amphibious. I floated across a section of road that had flooded.

      • and the transmission was a vacuum-assisted ‘three on the tree’ stick shift. It was fun to drive. I traded it for a 1959 3/4 ton dodge Power Wagon that I later put a built small block Chevy into with a sm350 Muncie 4 speed. I could put it 1st gear, jump out of the cab and ‘walk the dodge (dog)’. Ah those halcyon days (daze) of youth.

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