By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

Is President Obama a Muslim?

That question has been hanging in the air in Counterjihad circles ever since the 2008 election campaign. But is there any real need to dwell on it? Hillary Clinton has already provided us with a succinct answer, albeit in another context: What difference at this point does it make?

In the video below, Vlad Tepes has combined a selection of sound-bites from Barack Hussein Obama to highlight our Dear Leader’s dissimilar attitudes towards Islam and Christianity. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks the azan, it’s probably an Indonesian Red-Spotted Muslim Brotherhood Mallard:

30 thoughts on “By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

  1. For me, there has never been the slightest doubt from before he was surreptitiously installed as President. Obama is, and always has been, a muslim, and every single action he has taken, or word he has spoken, confirms it.

    • It doesn’t matter to me. No, it really doesn’t matter to me whether Obama “is” a Muslim or a Christian. His enthusiasm for Islam (historically and in his early boyhood) and his flat-toned delivery and continued derogation of Christianity–the “I’m a Christian, but it’s a difficult faith” kind of stuff–show where his true enthusiasm resides.

      His entire vocal delivery becomes more spontaneous, more enlivened, when he discusses Islam. He sounds like a man telling the truth. He sounds, well, very “lawyerly” when referring to Christianity: measured, flat-toned, as if listing preliminary facts in court.

      His refusal to call Islamic terrorism “Islamic terrorism” and the many other ways in which he obfuscates and facilitates the obfuscation of who is attacking the West and why is dreadful and heart-stopping.

  2. “[A] hint of contempt”? for Christianity?

    No. Blatant contempt for Christianity.

    And enthusiasm and praise for Islam.

    But we know this already. We are the choir to whom this video summation is directed.

    Those who are blind will refuse to see; and frankly, they don’t care except to join Obama in his obvious disdain for Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior of the world.

    Those who refuse to see, their own personal Judgment Day looks mighty bleak — and that’s an understatement.

  3. This is ridiculous.

    Any serious examination of President Obama’s speech, writing, actions, and life shows that he is at most a nominal Christian, and almost certainly a secular humanist. In his campaign book, The Audacity of Hope, he says that he basically picked a Chicago church to go to because he needed some religious street cred for his career as a politician.

    • “Secular humanist” is an almost meaningless term because there are too many questions that it does not answer about specific philosophical positions.

      For example, one secular humanist may believe that all groups of people should be held to the same standards under the law and the rules of a society, while another might have the “communal” belief that some “underdog” groups deserve special privileges simply because they aren’t doing as well as other groups.

      Obama very clearly believes, at the very least, that Muslims are an underdog or oppressed proletariat group that deserves special privileges. The main special privilege he believes they should have is immunity to criticism. He also quite clearly believes that they should have the right to “democratic jihad”, and violent jihad as long as they can ostensibly claim some “legitimate concerns.”

      The fact that he never criticizes Islamic supremacist belief, and supports Islamic supremacist groups like the MB, leads one to wonder if he’s just a clueless academic with a strict de facto religious belief in neo-Marxist zero-sum conflict theory, or an Islamic supremacist himself.

      Either way, the effect is the same. Whether support for Islamic supremacist groups is based on faith in Allah or neo-Marxist conflict theory, he is supporting those groups.

    • Do you really consider the “autobiography” written by Bill Ayers to be true?

    • My issue related to how his approach to these subjects revealed what he felt about them. I am not saying what he is or is not. I am suggesting that as he cannot speak about Christianity without derision but he waxes ecstatic about islam, that he speaks of American Christians as a type of ignoramus clutching their guns and their bibles but would never say that about muslims of whom it is conspicuously true, we have a data base to go on.

      I agree with you in that he is likely a cultural Marxist and not especially religious. But I think he loves and admires islam and muslims.

  4. Coincidence? His church-of-choice for twenty years had many openly Muslim ‘members’.

  5. And what does this say about America Christian and Jewish voters in particular and Democcpatic voters in general? Just axing.

  6. He looks like a Muslim, talks like a Muslim, and acts like a Muslim, he certainly is a true-blue Muslim !


    “When I asked the Rev. Wright about this whole question of Islam and Christianity, he said, ‘Well, you know, Barack Obama was steeped in Islam. He knew a lot about Islam from his childhood. But he knew very little about Christianity. And I made it easy for him to feel not guilty about learning about Christianity without turning his back on his Islamic friends.’”

    “What does that mean?” Hannity asked.

    Klein answered, “So then I said to him (Wright), ‘Well, did you convert him? …He said, ‘It’s hard to tell.’”

  8. I do not believe that Barack Obama is a muslim. Nor, after 20 years of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, could be be considered to be Christian.

    It’s simple; he’s a Communist, and that means atheist – but the Soviets are perfectly content to let people pretend to be anything they need to be So just as a muslim may practice taquia (lying), the Russian word would be “maskirovka”, or masquerade. Either word you prefer, Obama fits it precisely.

    • Yes, that seems the most plausible. I have a metaphor in mind, but I can’t think of a suitable object to use; so I’ll have to start with the punchline and leave the crucial set up unfilled-in. Obama would be a “Watermelon” — pretending to be merely Leftist (Green) on the outside, but actually a Marxist Revolutionary (Red) on the inside. For the reverse, which we can reasonably suppose is a real phenomenon — Muslims who have adopted Marxist rhetoric (Red on the outside) but who are actually pursuing the agenda of Islamic Jihad (Green on the inside) — I can’t think of a fruit or vegetable (or any object) to match. We have seen examples of the latter among Shia in Iran and Iraq, and given her rhetoric, we can suppose that Maryam Namazie, the “ex-Muslim” Marxist, is one of these special fruits.

  9. Obama is slow and thoughtful on Islam but with Christianity, he speaks like he’s doing standup comedy and with a vagueness that someone speaks about a topic they know only by stereotypes and incorrect generalisations (think Atheists on Christianity or teenagers on why their homework is late). For Islam, he stares off into the distance with sobriety but for Christianty he looks around like a bobble-head, as though searching for people to laugh with him (like a young Bill Cosby pulling for laughs).

    I declare the testimony of Jesus with the detail and passion Obama speaks about Islam. I talk about taking a dump with the casual and blasé attitude he applies to Christianity.

    The math is worth doing.

    • “Obama is slow and thoughtful on Islam but with Christianity, he speaks like he’s doing standup comedy and with a vagueness that someone speaks about a topic they know only by stereotypes and incorrect generalisations…”

      He’s pandering to the crowd on both accounts — a crowd largely deformed by PC MC, for whom being anti-Christian in various ways (some subtler than others), and not being anti-Islamic in various (ranging all the way from merely negatively avoiding the “bigotry” of being anti-Islamic to various forms & flavors of positive respect and approbation of Islam sometimes virtually indefinable from enthusiastic Islamopologism).

      Pandering to crowds thus deformed by a corrosion in the Paideia of Reason — a time-honored activity throughout history at various times — would be the classic definition of demagoguery.

      (And again, plenty of non-Muslim Western politicos would do, and have done, and are doing, pretty much what Obama does.)

  10. I used to merely think of Obama as a Muslim. Now though, it goes further. Could he actually be a Muslim Brotherhood operative, deliberately sent to destroy America from within?

    Who financed him? Where did he appear from? Seems like a lot of questions went unanswered, or were not even asked, during all the “Hope ‘n’ change” hysteria…

  11. Ockham’s razor — plus a second principle closely related to Ockham’s razor, for which I do not have a name so I’ll call it “Hesperado’s rule” (being that the more serious and extreme would be the consequences of your speculative conclusion, the more solid evidence you need to back it up) — should lead us to, at best, adopt an agnostic skepticism on this question.

    For the former, Ockham’s razor, we can easily verify that there are, sadly, plenty of clearly non-Muslim mainstream Westerners throughout the West who, because they have been deformed by Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism, would say exactly the same things Obama has said on this subject.

    [Paragraph REDACTED for insulting ad hominem attacks. Commenter may wish to post the redacted piece to his own blog and then link to it. Not room enough on GoV or my nervous system for such drollery]

    • I have to agree with Hesperado on this. During the Bush presidency I used to read all the major liberal blogs – DK, SteveGilliard(before the he ate himself into the grave), Atrios, etc.

      Several things were a constant – hatred of Western Civ, whites and especially Christianity. Man did they hate these elements. Most of them could have easily said what Obreezy has on many occasions and they are as secular as Richard Dawkins.

      Obama isn’t a Muslim, but it hardly matters, he hates the West(he was brought up in this hatred by his mother, Davis and others) and has no qualms about sending us all into the pit. But it doesn’t mean he hasn’t opened the door for Islam(just like Bush42) into high positions within the government. From most observations it appears Obama is quite comfortable making room for the MB.

      Mind you he wasn’t the first. That honor goes to many people like McCain, Hillary, Grahm were the first enablers. Bush42 gets honorary mention for being a footstool for Islam in terms of what he refused to do even in the face of what occurred on 9/11 and his currying favor with the Saudi Royal Family.

      In regards to McCain and Hillary – they seem to be a odd couple. McCain had destroyed Michelle Bachman’s political career because she dared to question Hillary’s MB concubine Huma Abedin. And oddly enough no one stood up for her and condemned the old warmonger for what he did.

      As for Hillary(and that thing she calls a husband), they are a trainload of nightmares. Not really PC/MC but so corrupt as to be very definition of power for sale to the highest bidder and with very deep ties of Islamic states with pockets that go straight to Hades. Personally she seems to be neck deep with the MB thanks to her dalliance with Huma Abedin who is herself a MB princess(blackmail perhaps?). She had no qualms sending Libyan arms to Syria and in the process getting the ambassador to Libya murdered. She’s scary. There’s not a ounce of humanity in her. The old DSM had her sort nailed – they labeled them sociopaths.

      • “McCain had destroyed Michelle Bachman’s political career because she dared to question Hillary’s MB concubine Huma Abedin. And oddly enough no one stood up for her and condemned the old warmonger for what he did.”

        Yes, and it’s even worse than that. When Frank Gaffney and a tiny nucleus of concerned conservative elites tried to impress upon the head of CPAC (perhaps one of the most influential Republican organizations in the Beltway) that Muslim Brotherhood infiltration is a serious problem and that the influence Republicans Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan have on CPAC and Republicans at large should not be tolerated, they were essentially dismissed by that head of CPAC as paranoid and their warnings were not heeded.

        Diana West had most of the sordid details:

  12. In place of a wedding ring, he wears a ring with the shahada on it, proof of which is easily found on the net.

  13. I am counting the days until Obama’s kingdom wil come to an end. Obama and his surroundings have done great harm to the states but so did Clinton.

    Clinton attacked Serbia and helped the Albanian muslims to capture Kosmet (Kosovo). Clinton was no muslim. Clinton was brought up in a dysfunctional family and that shows, it always did, in Clinton’s case..

    Obama’s religion is irrelevant. It’s the democrat party and their voters, and the policies of the democrat party- that’s destroying America. They – democrat voters- are dysfunctional themselves. We should deal with them accordingly. Or they will bring us all down in the end.

    • Most of our modern presidents came from functional families. The Bushes did, and Carter. Eisenhower, and Kennedy sort-of. By functional, I mean intact families in which both parents were involved in the raising of their children, however flawed we might find their characters.

      Clinton certainly wasn’t raised in a functional family; his father died in a ditch. Reagan often had to step over his dead drunk father to get in the door; his own children found him hard to engage. And Obama is the Original Abandoned Boy. What a sad life that child had. And now we get to suffer for it.

      In the 18th and 19th centuries, there was too much early-on mortality that left its mark on adults later. Always, separation from the mother is the hardest to overcome. It arises in Lincoln’s deep melancholy due to his mother’s death. Had he not been assassinated himself I’m not sure how well he’d have coped long term with his own son’s death.

      The cruelest deliberate cultural deprivation I can think of is what the English did (do?) to their upper class boys. Sending a boy of six away to public school is akin to the Chinese custom of binding the feet of little girls. You can’t see the crippling effects but they definitely a part of the English character among the upper classes. Makes one shiver to think about it.

      Some do it here, but not nearly as frequently and it usually occurs at a later age when a child’s ego is sturdier.

  14. I made that remark/observation because i was in a conversation with two of my female, white, left wing, co-workers today about this:

    Both co-workers from dysfunctional families and both saying: these white South Africans get what they deserve for being racists. I told them: apartheid stopped in 1990 Mandela became president in 1994. How old do you think some victims of this current genocide against whites are? Have a nice vacation in kwazulu natal, sweethearts! Black heroes in South Africa are now protesting against this white genocide. And thats more then i can say of your “thoughts and actions on this matter”.

    These people are so damn stupid. It’s the unbearable lightness of being a Westerner..

    We have to live with these kind of people. They are the ones that vote us all into this submission to islam. Obama and Clinton get their votes from self hating, dysfunctional people.

    I knew Ronald- I am from the government and i am here to help- Reagan was from a troubled background but i always felt safe when he took the watch. Because Ronald was a good man. Bill was not. Bill – i did not have sex with that woman- was more afraid of Hillary than Bill was of the American people. And that makes Bill a calculating coward. And that calculation of Bill says everything about Bill’s voters…

  15. Obama sure is not Christian, not one word against Christian slaughter for years. Is he Muslim. His father was one, he is one. No fatwa against him, why? He must be a special . Apostate. I wonder what deals were cut with Iran with this kind of apostate. Yuk, he and they make me sick. Generations will feel as sick as I do know with the Obama Iran agreement. They had better blame the right people.

  16. Look at the fruit of his labours – North Africa, the Eastern Med are on the verge of being a Caliphate. His actions undoubtedly favour the expansion of Islam. He shares an agenda with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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