Death Before Their Time

Joshuapundit asked me to mirror his post on the kidnapping and deaths of the three boys in Israel.

I will admit I have not read all of his account. When you carry in your heart your own dead child, such stories are too unutterably sad to read. There is only one thing worse than the sudden, violent deaths of children. Grieving parents may be living and breathing, but a part of them is dead. Like their beloved children are irretrievably gone, so is some part of those parents now past resurrection.

I asked MC in Sderot how the boys could have been ‘gotten’. He said that there are pick-up points in that area since there is no public transportation. The barbarians who tricked the boys had stolen Israeli plates on their car. Joshuapundit said the murderers pretended to need help with their car…

Once more I say: Islam is not a religion; it is a cult of death. Even its adherents say they love death more than life. I have strong reservations about belief in Satan as a person, but the deeply evil behaviors of Islam’s adherents – their continued sexual depravity toward children – even babies – and animals, and torturous killing of innocents is making me reassess my reservations about an objective persona, a dark vacuum of horror, where Some Thing or One has its being. Mere mortal men could not have continued in such behavior for 1400 years unaided.

Thanks to Vlad for helping me put this up. My notebook computer wouldn’t let me open the attachment Of Joshua’s post.

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Joshua Pundit:

Today, three young Jewish boys were laid to rest.The bodies of Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Frenkel, also 16 (HY”D)were buried in Modi’in in a ceremony that was attended by thousands of Israelis in what became a day of national mourning.

 (photo credit: Chaim Tzach)!/image/339837294.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_476/339837294.jpg

The bodies of the three boys, kidnapped by Hamas operatives on June 12 were found in a shallow grave near the Arab village of Halhul, just north of Hebron. According to Israeli forensic experts, they were murdered in cold blood shortly after they were kidnapped and buried hastily as their kidnappers fled. But not too hastily. As one of my sources on the scene let me know yesterday,the killers took the time first before they shoved the corpses into the hole to mutilate the boys’ bodies in classic Arab fashion.Israel’s Channel Two described the condition of the bodies as ‘harrowing’.

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24 thoughts on “Death Before Their Time

  1. This atrocious muslim behaviour towards non-muslims has been going on for the last 1400 years, where spitting, beheadings, killing, looting, beating, burning houses of non-muslims, went without punishment. Today muslims attack Jews, with rockets, suicide bombs, car bombs, plane highjacking, car-highjacking, and Israel waits and waits and waits, days and days no popes, no Bens, No CNNS, no BBCs, no politicians dares say anything against the muslim criminals. Once israel retaliates suddenly everyone has something to say: condemning Israel. AS if unbearable for Jews to defend themselves. They did not defend themselves for the last 1400 years. That’s is usual way. Why should Israel change that pattern. Western attitudes are even more disturbed by this retaliation, which is really self-defence.

    • Quite right. I listened to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 today. You can listen to it on the BBC Website at: starting at 35 minutes in. He was attacking the pro-Israel Jew they had on and then grovelling around the Palestinian talking head who came after him, sickening and appalling.

  2. Evil is one of the most difficult concepts for moderns to accept despite its presence in so many places at so many levels: it still exists at a popular level where newspaper editors, judges will resort to use of the term when describing particularly horrific cases of cruelty and barbarity but I suspect progressive academia, and liberals in general, by denying it concrete existence have fallen prey to its many snares: it is a dangerous illusion to eliminate evil by wishing it were not so.

    An author who included the concept of evil in his work was the American Sterling E Lanier – it appears in his post-apocalyptic novels Hiero’s Journey and The Unforsaken Hiero where a Christian warrior monk battles against the Unclean represented by humans as well as mutations irredeemably corrupted by radiation fall-out. Evil motivates the Unclean but it remains shadowy, unexplained much like the evil in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, a work admired by Lanier.

    Be that as it may, Joshua Pundit’s message should resonate not only with readers in Israel but everywhere in the world where people find themselves on their knees confronted by a swaggering and insanely self-confident Islam heedless of the havoc it is creating.

    • Thank you JP for your insightful, informing, clarifying and accurate diagnosis of the miserable condition of western thinking.
      What we see today is the result of the so-called psychologists who came up with new concepts: See no evil. Every one is born good. Just treat the newborns as they (psychologists) say, and don’t expose them to Christianity and Judaism, the kids will turn out to be wonderful. They will even be better if given a dose of Islam.
      Result: rampant crime, drugs, alcoholism, behaviour abandonment, strict limits not to be exposed to Christianity, but otherwise no limit on behaviour but to grow free.

      • Murad, the crime rate in Victorian London, when most people were at least nominally Christian, was worse than today.

        The state should not be indoctrinating young minds in any religion before they are old enough to form their own judgement.

        • Mark, you are probably right about the crime rate in London during Victorian times, but I would suggest it was even worse going back in time. Much of the crime was of a petty nature, that is stealing or other non violent crime that posed no real personal harm to the victim.

          Prior to the law being changed in the mid 1800s, they used to hang children down to the age of eight for what would be considered today as anti -social behaviour.

          As the general populace become better educated and more Christian in their outlook, there came to be much protest at using capital punishment for acts of theft, particularly that of children. That is why we now recognize in law that children remain children until they are at least 18 years of age.

          Look up the meaning of Actus Reus and Mens Rea.

          Your equating religion with criminal behaviour is really a bridge too far, as the crime rates had more to do with the poverty and lack of education that most criminals were then subject to.

          • I wasn’t equating them, Nemesis, just pointing out that people don’t necessarily behave better in a Christian society than a secular.

        • I don’t know if you are one of these troll things, or if you really believe what you are saying, but two thousand years of Christianity delivered the most decent, polite, prosperous, caring, advanced, comfortable, peaceful. YES, PEACEFUL, when you look at the alternatives, civilisations that have ever graced the earth.

          • No, I had to give up lurking under bridges as it’s bad for my joints.

            What you say about Christianity is partly true, but so-called Christians have happily slaughtered each other, and non-Christians, in the name of their religion, if not on the scale achieved by Islam.

        • Mark H: I agree. But don’t you think someone has to instil some good things in their heads: Like Be honest, be kind, be truthful, love your neighbours, don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t scratch your neighbour’s car, don’t cut a green tree, don’t swear. . .
          If kids are left to their own devices they won’t choose, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or Hinduism. They will grow up without discipline or inhibitions, so they will choose drugs, alcohol, gambling, violence, and some kind of belief that fits their psyche and cynicism like islam or satanism, as it is happening now in the west. Just look how ten muslims can manipulate politicians and exploit them to their advantage without shame or hesitation. Muslims calls horses and they put on the rein. No discipline no resistance. No honor. Just surrender. One has to defend one’s country against invasion, one’s family, one’s house, one’s race. It is silly to defend any race except your own. When you respect your race you also have to respect other races. Hitler’s terrible mistake was hate of others. But strangely he was friendly with other races he deemed inferior: Turkic and Japanese. But that is bad. Every race has its geniuses and artists, and bad apples. And every race or people has its own areas and confines. If you don’t know these things you will become the laughing stock like Britain, France and Malmo. Some people marry four wives to have 32 children to destroy all other religions. Osama bin Laden had 52 siblings and he started his jihad against others.

          • I learned how to behave from my parents, without their bringing religion into it. I was made to attend Sunday School, which helped make me the unbeliever I am today.

          • Yes Mark, parents do have a major role in rearing their children – that is those parents who care to do so, because there are many who let the state do the upbringing while having very little input themselves.

            A society cannot form a cohesive system of civilization without some kind of moral base and the only true morals are to be found within religion, more specifically the Christian religion which is highly moral in makeup as compared to all the other so called religions. Humanist principles of secular ethics are no more than Christian morals wrapped up in the false skin of collective humanism.

            Even Stalin, Hitler and Mao lived by a kind of moral code, albeit like Islam, a destructive one.

            Since the West has largely abandoned religion and God it has fallen into some very bad times, especially in what we see in the behaviour of the political elite and so called ‘celebrites’ – you don’t think that a little religion and belief in God could assist in curtailing that trend?

            My defence of religion has all to do with how I choose to live my life which is based within Christianity, and while not everyone needs to be religious in order to live a Christian life, many need to have religion in their lives to give meaning to their existence, but most importantly, everyone needs to believe in God if they wish to attain their true purpose in life on this planet.

            You can’t have a viable and cohesive culture without bringing God and his morals into it, even the totalitarian sect of Islam has a kind of moral base, though generally preserved for the Muslim. You still equate religion as some kind of failure in reducing warfare when warfare has largely come about due to political ineptitude and greed. Wars are generally fought despite religion, not because of it, except of course when the killing is encouraged under the ‘religion of peace’.

  3. “A barbaric and psychotic enemy killing Jews with impunity while an indifferent or hostile world looks the other way is the recurrent Jewish nightmare.” JP

    Kerry’s tongue was tied for ever after the three Jews were abducted and murdered. But he found his tongue one the Arab teenager was killed. Muslims usually kill their muslim enemy neighbour at a time of confusion when the blame goes to someone else. As Kerry readily said “revenge” is not acceptable. Killing one ( we don’t know who) is not acceptable. Murdering three is: Kerry find a rationale for that, will you? You are clever in an evil way.

  4. Islam continues to overstep it’s bounds once again. Many normal people see it but are trained not to react after being brainwashed by the public school/media/government organs of the dying West. At some point, out of personal preservation, they will rise, and it will be ugly. Because those going down will not only be muslims and their agents, but their government(s) and officials who sponsored this slow, agonizing, politically correct suicide. Remember, the majority are weak, or scared or don’t want to be bothered, but when the revolution comes, it will only require a small percentage to fight it. With faith (Judeo-Christian primarily) and perseverance, we will win. It was one of the promises of Christ, that the gates of hell shall not prevail, so I have no reason to doubt it. The end results may not be pretty, but survival via this method seldom is, historically.

  5. I was walking down Union Street in Aberdeen yesterday and some jackass wearing a “free palestine” T-shirt was strolling down with that arrogant, what I think is right and what you think is wrong, I am one of the master race look on his coupon. Luckily for him I was not alone at the time. I felt like punching his lights out. I reckon I’ll have to go back on to Zazzle and get myself some more Sderot sweatshirts and T shirts and start wearing them wherever I go. I would rather like the opportunity to engage someone like that in … conversation.

    • I have only ever encountered the “Free Palestine” slogan on a bumper sticker on a new neighbour’s car four years ago. I set myself the task of getting to know her and draw out what informed this position that she had adopted. It was an experiment. She transpired to be not only extraordinarily historically ignorant, but let slip, when under the influence, more than once, a detestation of Jews – yes, Jews not just “Zionists”. I doubt whether she’s actually ever met a Jew, at least not for longer than five seconds.

  6. Jesus, whether you are a practicing Christian or not, NEVER preached violence. The Muslims did , do and will continue doing so……………

    • Well, he did say…oh never mind. If Islam would merely preach violence, I could let it go. But they relentlessly ACT OUT their violent sado-masochistic fantasies on others, including other Muslims.

      Islam may be *the* most fundamentally murderous socio-political juridical system the world has ever seen. Some of the others which arose in the 20th century fell of their own weight. The only hope of Islam’s eventual failure is the point at which the world runs out of fossil fuels. It is the wealth that permits them to survive in a modern world which otherwise has no use for Islam.

      And since Islam has little ability to create or build anything Islamic while also being useful to the larger world, when the fossil fuels run out Islam will implode. But long before that, the coming Demographic Implosion will have unknown effects on all of us, so who knows what follows after.

  7. Quote} The Israelis can’t have failed to notice that for all the pro-forma condemnations from the US, the UN and the EU, the underlying message is ‘so sad your children got murdered, but you ought to be used to that by now. We’re still going to continue funding the new Fatah-Hamas government because they’re one big happy family now, so the important thing for Israel is to exercise is restraint. Suck it up.’ { Unquote.

    My so called “leaders” are sending this message- you are absolutely correct about thát- are not expressing my opinion. My so called “leaders” are just that..So called “leaders”. It’s about time we take over control. No one with a sense of sanity can call the countries that make up the West democracies. Sure you can vote! But they dont express the will of the people.

    I therefore think it’s time to overthrow these so called “democratic” governments in the West. Lets take matters into our own hands and get rid of these party’s. One man one vote. One man one vote on every subject. Not on which party (and friends of the party) runs the country for the next x years.

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