Eyeballing It

Well, today has been an interesting day. Not only did I have to visit the retinal specialist for my bimonthly eyeball treatment (more on that in a moment), but the phone company has been having “connectivity issues” all day. From time to time we have been without the internet, without phone service, or both at once. If any of your comments took a long time to be approved, that’s one of the reasons. Right now the internet is back, but it may not last.

My visit to the eye doctor was routine, or at least as routine as such things get. Today I got the whole enchilada: the big dye ’n’ scan, followed by the usual needle in my left eye.

The dye goes into my arm through a needle in a vein. The stuff is an unbelievably fluorescent yellow, like the ink in a highlighter marker, and causes entertaining urinary effects for several hours afterwards. That injection is followed immediately by scans in both eyes, each of which features a half a dozen or so excruciatingly bright flashes. The process leaves me temporarily blind, and I hate it nearly as much as the ocular injection that follows it.

But all in all, the news is encouraging. The condition (macular degeneration) in my left eye has stabilized. The acuity in that eye is reduced, but I no longer experience any visual distress under normal circumstances. My hyperopia was already so bad that the current state of affairs is more or less a return to normal.

So my eye is sore, but life is good.

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Posting will be light tonight, but if the internet stays up, there will be at least one more, plus the news feed.

4 thoughts on “Eyeballing It

  1. If I was faced with the choice of which sense I must lose, losing my vision would not even make it to the list. Good luck Baron with the medical procedures.

  2. When I got my eyes tested the last time the optician scanned my eyeballs and showed me a 3-D model of each of my eyeballs on his PC screen – it was pretty mind-blowing to see that.

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