Mujahid or Mujahidette?

Only your… ahem… sugar daddy knows for sure.

Raymond Ibrahim has a fascinating (and hilarious) account of an attempted escape by the emir of the al-Nusra Front in Syria, who disguised himself as a woman wearing a niqab in an attempt to escape to Lebanon.

Mr. Ibrahim’s text is below. But don’t miss the photos of this delightful pseudo-mujahidette, who shaved his fistful of beard and dolled himself up with eye shadow and lipstick to try to be convincing.

Vlad says: “I can imagine the new Al-Qaeda slogan now! ‘You can be your own virgin in paradise!’”

Jihad Leader Arrested Disguised as Woman in Syria
By Raymond Ibrahim

Yesterday, many Arabic-language Internet news websites posted the following pictures, purporting to be of the leader (or “emir”) of the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra [“Victory”] Front, which is in Syria waging jihad. According to these reports, Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani had managed to pass several military checkpoints dressed as a woman, until he was arrested by the Syrian army in al-Jaswiya, al-Qusayr, in his attempt to flee to neighboring Lebanon: “He shaved his beard, worked his eyebrows, and put on mascara and lipstick till he looked exactly like a woman.”…

Hat tip: LS.

6 thoughts on “Mujahid or Mujahidette?

  1. I think he looks like our Presiding Bishop (ECUSA) in her official picture taken for her investiture. At the time, she bore a resemblance to Muamar Ghaddafi, though he and this cutie had/have poutier lips.

    Wonder if this one had some botox work as part of the disguise?

  2. Looks like he’s pretty damn good at going drag. Must have a lot of experience with that sort of thing.

  3. It’s funny and sad at the same time, that so many men who see themselves as having been born into the wrong gender, whether or not they go to the extreme of having an operation, are so tall/masculine looking as to be unconvincing. I’m not advancing any agenda, just saying.

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