How Vulnerable is the Electric Grid?

For several years the Center for Security Policy has been educating the public about the danger to the electric grid posed by a possible electromagnetic pulse, whether manmade or of natural origin.

Last weekend a documentary about the possible effects of an EMP was shown on television. Below is the press release sent out today by CSP about the questions raised in the documentary.

‘The Real American Blackout’: Will the Electric Industry Really Examine the Grid’s Vulnerability?

National Geographic Film, New Video Suggest the Costs of Failure to Do So

Washington, DC: On Sunday night, National Geographic aired an alarming, and most timely, new docu-drama entitled, “American Blackout.” It explores the trauma that would be experienced by the United States and its people should there be a prolonged nationwide blackout caused by a major disruption to the nation’s power grid.

In mid-November, the real test of the grid will take place when 100 electric utilities and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) participate in a nationwide exercise dubbed GridEx II that is supposed to demonstrate how well the grid can cope with significant disruptions.

A new video produced by the EMP Coalition, however, raises questions about whether GridEx II will actually test the nation’s bulk power distribution system — or be conducted in a manner calculated to obscure the grid’s actual vulnerabilities.

The electric utilities and their trade association/regulatory organization —NERC — have, to date, proven resistant to examining rigorously, let alone remediating, the grid’s vulnerabilities to various threats (including physical attack, cyberwarfare and electromagnetic pulse (EMP)).

The National Geographic film describes how a cyber attack could leave the nation without the critical infrastructures that provide everything necessary to life in 21st Century America, including: food, water, fuel, transportation, medicine, communications and finance.

The horrific consequences of such privation — even for the ten-day period explored in the film, let alone a much more protracted period — are such that, if the grid is vulnerable in the way shown in “American Blackout.” everything possible must be done to eliminate such weaknesses.

The EMP Coalition (an ad hoc group made up of many of the nation’s leading experts and organizations committed to preventing the grid and critical infrastructures from the terrible consequences of a long-duration loss of power) encourages every American to view the video “The Real American Blackout” and join in insisting that Grid Ex II be an honest examination of the state of the nation’s electric infrastructure, and a catalyst to the corrective actions needed to protect it against all threats — man-caused and naturally occurring.

For more information about the video and the work of the EMP Coalition, visit

2 thoughts on “How Vulnerable is the Electric Grid?

  1. But we don’t have the money! Nothing’s left in the bottomless barrel of huge taxes collected and money printed for transfer payments from white Americans to the not so at home and the world over (including “nation building”) as well as for bailouts of centimillionaire individuals and labor unions.

  2. Baron, I trust you are tongue in check on this ‘vulnerability’. This smacks of the Year 2000 scaremongering, global / climate change fraud, etc.

    The National Geographic isn’t your father’s NG (if indeed it ever was).
    It’s leftist, sensationalist tilt is the byword today.

    The proof is in the pudding. If the trade group referenced is not concerned about the condition of the grid, with their ability to tap into the ratepayers pocket to generate them work and a paycheck to upgrade, then I wouldn’t be inclined to lose any more sleep than my fear of being hit by a near-earth asteroid.

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