An Open Letter to a Mealy-Mouthed Dissembling Invertebrate

Prompted by today’s news that Britain has become the first non-Muslim nation to issue Shariah bonds, Seneca III has a few choice words for Prime Minister David Cameron.

An open letter to the Rt. Honourable David William Donald Cameron MP, Prime Minister of the United (?) Kingdom and First Lord of the Treasury

Dear Prime Minister,

I awoke yesterday morning to read headlines such as: “Britain to become first non-Muslim country to launch sharia bond” and “Cameron to launch first ‘sukuk’ Islamic bonds outside Muslim world as London stock exchange woos Muslim investors” and I was in no way surprised. Appalled, yes. Surprised, no — this is no more than I have come to expect from you and your alter ego, that fragrant Taqiyya artiste the Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, your track record having already enlightened us as to what your joint Islamification of the UK Project really is about.

You have frequently told us that here there are only moderate Muslims, that there is no such thing as ‘Islamic Extremists’ and, even if there were, they would simply be criminals and have “nothing to do with Islam”. Well, Prime Minister, I am of the firm opinion that all of your dissembling, groveling, treasonous cant only serves to encourage these barbarians to advance their cause at every opportunity, as is so well illustrated by the recent brutal attack on a lone American student in one of your ‘Sharia Zones’, an attack that should probably be interpreted thus according to your gospel of appeasement:

“A group of moderate Muslims were going about their peaceful business on their way from their moderate mosque to the Kuffar benefits office in order to collect their Jizya when a nasty, white, racist, extreme right wing fascist thug attacked them out of the blue and they were forced to defend themselves.”

Furthermore, this sort of both inferred and openly stated misrepresentation of the enemy within is also, I suspect, one of the many reasons why no one in their peaceful, hard-working, fully assimilated moderate community has come forward to identify the actual miscreants to the police despite the high quality video that has been circulating there for the last couple of months. Or, I should clarify, those miscreants that haven’t already legged it back to whatever failed atavistic third-world moderate paradise they or their immediate moderate ancestors hail from and are trying to recreate here — or what bits of it that they haven’t occupied yet and you are now trying to sell to them at a knock-down price, I might add.

In the final analysis, Mr. Cameron, I do understand that you and your ‘Multicultural Britain’ enforcing thugs, and the Star Chambers they operate, are quite capable of dropping a metaphorical rope around my neck for stating the blindingly obvious, albeit it in a sarcastic manner, but, whatever you do, please don’t give me any more of your mealy-mouthed, dissembling, invertebrate, shape-changing, treasonous verbal vomitus — I really have had all of it I am prepared to tolerate.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister, and despite my heartfelt expression of non-support, if I am totally wrong about you, your motivations and your painfully divided loyalties, you could demonstrate the same, unlikely as such a scenario is, by handing over the necessary arms and ammunition and letting us, the indigenous citizenry, get on with cleaning up this gruesome, atavistic mess that you, your colleagues and your predecessors of the same ilk may or may not have so malignantly enabled. And, furthermore, I would stick my hand up and humbly apologise to you and your colleagues for my incorrect assumptions — if any. (Well, I am the eternal optimist.)

I remain, more in hope than in anger, your far from respectful and obedient servant,

Seneca III

P.S. Guess who isn’t getting my vote the next time around — if, that is, the new owners permit, and there actually is a next time round. 😉

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23 thoughts on “An Open Letter to a Mealy-Mouthed Dissembling Invertebrate

  1. “To comply with sharia law, Islamic investors are forbidden to receive interest. Sukuks avoid this problem by ensuring the fixed return investors receive on the debt is linked to the profit generated by an underlying asset.”

    – Sukuk: peek a boo interest, yet another Sharia scam to monopolise the world.

    They are all in this together establishing the social control of The Big Sharia Society.

  2. All the crap C has been spouting about our needing to be more like the Mohammadan cultists was all in the interest of completing the low life hustle going on in the back rooms to introduce Sharia to the financial markets. C was reprimanded in the British parliament the other day for calling the Labor Party leader a “conman”.

  3. I can certainly understand your frustration! The very fabric of England and Britain is being cast aside by those who seem to have no real sense of their own history. Where is Cameron’s patriotism as a supposed conservative?

    And if it is not the so called Conservatives ruining the land with their wacko ideas inherited from the UN, then it will be the Labour Party once again going in like a whirlwind and wrecking the joint!

    Where are the real Tories? Are there any left?

    Is the Queen part of this scenario as well, because bonny prince Charlie seems to be at home with what is gradually unfolding?

    Seems to me Seneca you have more than one enemy to be tackling!

    • Indeed, Nemesis, and my next rant, if I ever get to finish it, will ‘out’ them all and, hopefully, suggest what will be required in order to apply the only means of vermin control left available to us. Rgds, SIII

    • That’s a spell check error.

      My apologies!

      Buried in that article we see that the Kenyans have hit on the sane solution.

  4. Two flaws with the ever brilliant SenecaIII’s letter.

    Firstly Cameron, like all of those with the authority to fix our democracy cannot possibly hear you when they are balanced upside down with their heads buried in sand. The other analogy as to where Cameron has his head is even less pleasant.

    Secondly they are too interested in personal gain for themselves and their ruling elite chums to care even remotely, or in the most miniscule manner, about anything else other than what they can get materially out of life; regardless of their wholesale treasonous destruction of British culture.

    The founding fathers of the USA truly were enlightened pacifists when they understood and advocated that a free people are an armed people. A free people with the right to bear arms are not ignored by aristocratic tyrannies acting against the democratic will of the people that make up a nation.

    • The nobs will have to allow the average man armaments. Every Afghan is entitled to an AK47 under NATO rules…

  5. UPDATE:

    “Baroness Warsi, Senior Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Minister for Faith and Communities said:

    “I am delighted by the announcement that there will be ten new Chevening Scholarships in Islamic Finance. It is right that in this fast growing environment we can offer people the ability to train and excel in an area which could be hugely beneficial for the UK.”

    Lifted from UP Pompeii – Thanks, S III.

  6. Almost an inverted imperialism where the British Establishment remains intact but the British peoples are confined to dhimmitude, are the British Establishment and David Cameron just playing a Judas card of progressive and vain goodliness, or in a negative-Christian society are they deliberately seeking the social control of The Big Sharia Society – British Islam.

    • Who was the establishment?

      Cameron’s family were bankers in Hong Kong funneling money to Japan to fight Russia.

      Who worked for whom?

  7. Cameron’s policy is basically that of the first world: keep feeding the piranha and they won’t bite you.

  8. Britain doesn’t have a pot to “p..” on. Only coal and financial assets…………….Plying around and stealing with everybodies money……… the MB or whatever is taking over a bankrupt country…………………the Queen, Cameron, Prince Charles have all their money outside England………………

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  10. How Cameron has changed his tune;
    “Conservative leadership hopeful David Cameron has likened Islamist extremists to Nazis and has warned that failing to confront them will be fatal.”
    His minister of State,Faith and Communities Baroness Warsi,now uses the “Islamist extremists ” of the Muslim Brotherhood as an example for the UK to follow;”in Egypt, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), have said that they intend to boost the Sharia-compliant share of banking assets from 7% to 35% within five years. ”
    She then says
    ” Islamic finance’s taps into today’s appetite for ethical finance.”
    Some see it differently;
    “Your duty is to support the Mujahideen with money and men… The Zakat of one affluent Muslim merchant is enough to finance all the Jihadi front against our enemies”—Osama Bin Laden
    “I like to call it Jihad with money”—Yusuf al-Qaradawi”
    The British establishment has been working on accomodating Sharia banking for at least ten years”during which time the Treasury and Financial Services Authority have worked to create a “level playing field” for such financing structures.”
    A quick look at some Sharia banks in the Islamic world,the Saudi NCB for example;”a Saudi audit revealed that NCB transferred $74 million in the 1990s as zakat through its charitable front organizations to Al Qaeda”
    “Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited: IBBL, Bangladesh’s biggest sharia bank, has handled Wahhabi accounts to propagate radical Islam since its inception. In 2011, the Bangladeshi home ministry intelligence revealed that 8 percent of the bank’s profits were diverted as corporate zakat to support jihad in Bangladesh. ”
    “The bank is used by the Government of Iran to transfer money to terrorist organizations, including Hizballah, Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. A notable example of this is a Hizballah-controlled organization that has received $50 million directly from Iran through Bank Saderat since 2001”
    Cameron is damned by his own words;
    “a willingness to give ground and avoid confrontation was seen as weakness.”

  11. According to The Hedaya (the largest comparative sharia crime compendium ever translated into English – over 220 years ago, I might add, to help rule the Raj) it’s perfectly islamic and acceptable behaviour to charge interest of one’s enemies (it’s a form of jizya tax) especially when muslims are found living in infidel lands. And they all know this; normal banking practices are all perfectly halal and “sharia compliant” as they are; so the shameless pandering on this dhim-witted ignoramus’ part is only a laughable proof of his treason to rationality, civilization, and those who elected him.

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