Sunny Says We’re Not a Banana Republic


I like Sunny and have put up her videos before. However, I can understand why the things she says and does might go right by many people. Getting the jokes in her routine depend on one being an American conservative who keeps up with the news. Not the MSM news; many of her references are dependent on the things the legacy media won’t touch.

The Daily Caller has given her latest video a prominent spot – way to go, Miz Sunny, you’re moving out into the bigger time. I hope this will be available on your You Tube channel sooon.

For those of you not from America who are willing to watch Sunny’s routine, I’ll supply some Cliff notes after the fold:


…Well, we tried, but not even Vlad could fix this thing so it didn’t keep playing on continuously after the video was over. So, as promised, here is the link:

Sunny TV: Ted Cruz Peels Obama’s Banana

And here is the promised curse delivered on a silver tray to The Daily Caller for making this deal, where Sunny’s video this week is not available at her channel but only at their site.

To the Daily Caller I say,

May the curse of Mary Malone and her nine blind illegitimate children chase you so far over the hills of Damnation that the Lord himself can’t find you…

It can be useful to have a bag of curses on hand for such occasions. Almost as helpful as possessing your own large clue bag, an item the Daily Caller could most definitely use. Not that I find this annoying or anything. Why give out an embed when it can’t really be used?

Of course when one has to explain the joke it’s not so funny, but there is value in learning what infuriates so many Americans and provides low-key gulag humor for some. So even if you don’t grin at her apparently stream-of-consciousness routine, the explanations will offer a glimpse into the immediate concerns of U.S. conservatives…

Here are some explanations of the very fleeting references in Sunny’s routine. Like all good satiric humor there are moments when Sunny’s shtick works on several levels at once.

I was going to put the references in order but cutting back and forth between this page and her video turned out to be fatiguing. So here they are as I remember them:

First of all, you’d have to know about Senator Cruz’ mini-filibuster on the Senate floor the other day, where he vowed to stay on his feet to halt passage of funding for the increasingly odious and hideously complicated “UNAffordable Care Act”. Ingeniously evil as politicians can often be, they have tied funding for the annual budget together with funding for ObamaCare. I’m not sure who’s responsible for that, but it becomes one of the bases for Sunny’s video.

She starts out by showing that horrendously byzantine flow chart to reflect on the fact that this this health care bill is hideously, needlessly complicated. It didn’t have to be that way, but it is and the writing of it was deliberately opaque. It may even be longer and more arcane than the EU Constitution. If you’ve ever tried to read that you know what evil is. Our government health care legislation is equally dense and evilly inaccessible to ordinary folk. It’s meant to be.

Funding for the bill was voted down in the House of Representative. Now the Senate gets its turn, which explains the picture of Senator Cruz in her routine.

After Ted Cruz stood for twenty-one hours, having his own little filibuster, the evil Harry Reid cut him off. See, the Republicans control the House of Representatives, but the Democrats hold the majority in the Senate. Thus Harry Reid, the senior senator from Nevada, holds the leadership position in his party. He’s mean and gives new depth to the role of villain.

Sunny depends on fleeting references to supply the sense of understatement that is her appeal to conservative Americans. Why beat someone over the head when you can just tickle their funny bone? Funny Sunny presumes that her viewers keep up with political news and that they’re intelligent enough to grasp her references.

First you need to know that in a recent speech Obama referred to the legislature as making America into a banana republic. It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black as you’ll see when she mentions his “cult leader” status.

And that provides Sunny with two or three stiletto moves :

  • the shtick with that banana;
  • and her “dumb blond” routine in confusing two popular brands of American clothing, J. Crew and Banana Republic;
  • if we’re a banana republic, then who is the head monkey?

Of course, that last is a reference the Black Grievance Industry will immediately brand as ‘code’ for white blond racism targeting our president. I haven’t seen this complaint yet, but those folks who make their living being aggrieved will be on this like chocolate on New Orleans.

Most young people don’t want health insurance; they don’t need it. But for this to work, they must be enrolled so their premiums can pay for the older people’s use of the health care system. Therefore, the Internal Revenue Service has been made the enforcers for this abomination. That scares everyone sufficiently since they can mess your life over with impunity. Even though the IRS itself is a mess, and the director has been canned for malfeasance. She denies any wrong-doing but is already pleading the 5th amendment, so one can guess she’s in deep doo-doo. The whole of the IRS, including the hundreds or thousands of new employees (who knows for sure?), is deeply flawed. Think of the chaos rampant in the U.K.’s NHS and then multiply it. And then give the enforcers guns and ammunition. ObamaCare!

So that’s why the pictures of old people and the talk of Death Panels. It’s funny in Sunny’s hands, but it’s also dead serious. Basic medical needs – say, dialysis – may be in short supply when the government gets finished deciding who may have access to it. If you’re wealthy, it’s not a concern. If you’re lower-class, underemployed, or simply can’t afford what the government wants you to pay…sayonara, Granny.

The scary part for many people is that no one knows who is eligible or how much it will cost them in insurance premiums and co-pays to gain access. What Obama (plus his administration and the Democrat legislature) has done is to create a monster that is neither fully government-run nor fully private. It’s an over-regulated Frankenstein that has many small insurance providers folding their tents, put out of business by the “too-small-to-cope-with-the complexity” mantra. Or, as one of its creators called it (the senator from Montana) “a train wreck waiting to happen”. When the smoke has cleared, there will be a few “too-big-to-fail” insurance giants in an unholy alliance with the government.

That’s the main problem conservative Americans have with this form of government medical care. It’s corporatism, oligarchy, and corruption squared. It’s not only inefficient, it’s built to fail.

And I haven’t even gone into the details yet. For the moment, let’s just say we’ll never have to argue about euthanasia in the U.S.; it’s a feature, not a bug, of ObamaCareless.

Then there is Sunny’s little picture of the Foresty Service and a Muslima. A strange juxtaposition, no? But not to the Forestry Service which recently paid government prices to produce on a three-part film on…trees? Forest fires? Woodland animals? Nope.

They paid for three videos praising Islam’s Contributions to Women’s Rights. I kid you not, an exaggerated propaganda film extravaganza devoted to explaining women’s rights in Islam. Don’t you wonder who the audience is intended to be? See those folks in their nice green uniforms going into your child’s school for the kids’ introduction to the U. S. Forestry Service?

Here’s a snip:

People think that Islam oppresses women and there’s no equality, but they’re wrong – there’s equity… 7th century A.D. Islam gave women the right to be involved in politics, the right to earn and keep her own money. Islam gave women the right to work outside of the home, Islam gave women the right to own property, Islam gave women the right to divorce, Islam gave women the right to choose who she marries. Islam gave women a whole bunch of rights that Western women acquired later in the 19th and 20th centuries and we’ve had these rights since the 7th century A.D. and it’s just not acknowledged worldwide.

And if you believe that, some Bedouins have a whole lot of desert property to sell. Buyers assume the obligation to develop that property of course. First, find water.

I think you get the idea behind Sunny. Here’s her channel on You Tube: House of Sunny

11 thoughts on “Sunny Says We’re Not a Banana Republic

  1. Today, Obama did his best snarky punk demagogue routine for some college youngsters, who lapped it all up. I don’t remember any other president using such a juvenile taunting tone when talking about his ideological opponents — and yet there are people who still believe he’s a wise, mature statesman, while Ted Cruz is a crazy kid. Wouldn’t it be fun to line up dueling 21-hour speeches by those two and see how they compare?

    Anyway, the kids give a cheer when the punk-in-chief told them that, thanks to him, young adults starting a family can now get insurance with maternity coverage. (What – didn’t that exist before?) What he left unsaid is that they cannot get a policy without maternity coverage; they will be compelled to insure themselves against the costs of pregnancy and childbirth whether that is even biologically possible or not.

    He’s appealing to the base desire to make somebody else pay for one’s own family planning decisions, and much else besides. The college kids apparently imagine that they will only ever be on the receiving end of that equation.

  2. Only a few problems … had to pause the follow-on videos a couple of times. Sunny’s video was worth it.

    Thanks for everything you are doing.

    The link to the Park Service videos on IJ was very enlightening. Those young people were so sincere. A very sad illustration of takayya (sp) and what we might call brain washing. I’m sure they are sincere, but what about female genital mutilation and the various actual oppressions of women (as well as men) in islam. Some of those young girls were eerily reminsicent of that video of the young girl being coached to describe Jews as pigs which I have seen. Haven’t seen anything about the Park Service atrocities on the other websites I monitor, such as Jihad Watch, so cudos to you.

  3. Cannot agree with you on this one !

    ‘Think of the chaos rampant in the U.K.’s NHS and then multiply it.’

    Yes there have been problems in the NHS. Two areas come to mind. The first is care in the community which is a responsibility split between NHS, local councils and ‘care providers’ which can range from private (for profit) care homes, home helps services etc and not-for-profit community organisations including charities. Many of the problems with care in the community are that cases sometimes fall into the gap between all those various organisations and no one will assume responsibility for sorting out the problems this causes. It is exascerbated by some local authorities cutting services such as meals-on-wheels blaming central government funding cuts rather than looking elsewhere in their ivory towers and vanity projects to make cuts.

    The second area of failure is when things go wrong such as an incompetent surgeon or a miss managed hospital. Then we have the classic problem of state bureaucratic control, no one takes responsibility, no one is disciplined, often the senior management who have presided over such disasters are promoted !!

    The fact is acute medical care in the UK is excellent. I have had various problems over the years and all have been handled very well. I had a heart attack (my first) on 5th Sep and couldn’t fault the care. An ambulance arrived at my house, I was connected to a monitor, taken to hospital with treatment starting in the ambulance, monitored and received further treatment in A&E. I was in the cardiac unit by early evening. I was too late for the supper trolley so a nurse made me some toast with marmalade. The consultant saw me the following morning by which time my condition had been stabilised. He didn’t like some of the ECG traces and suspected correctly that I may still have a problem with one of the arteries feeding my heart muscle. He prescribed an angioplasty. That was on the Friday and the angio unit deoesn’t work weekends. I was the first angio patient on the Monday morning and had a stent inserted in one of my arteries. Discharged on the Monday evening I have had excellent follow up care including a cardiac community nurse calling at my house.

    In the UK we do not slag off the NHS. Do not confuse it with Obamacare which is a hybrid/convoluted method of paying for health care. We have no hybrid confusion in the UK where we know we are paying for the NHS out of our general taxation.

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