Interviews from the OSCE Battle Space

Radical Islam

The Baron is heading home from Warsaw. A very long trip from Poland to Schloss Boddisey, about 18 hours counting layovers.

I’m having some computer problems that the tech people were unable to solve but they did reduce the problem enough to allow me to tell you about the radio interviews the Center for Security Policy did with some of the participants at the meeting in Warsaw.

Radio Interviews at OSCE

If you click on the link, you’ll see the buttons for the radio interviews:

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff • Liz Schmidt • Ned May • Stephen Coughlin

Hope you enjoy listening to them all. They worked hard – to me the most excruciating kind of labor: sitting in chairs listening to bureaucratic bumpf paid for by George Soros.

They made a difference

The Baron likes to say that the most we can do is move things at the margins. With all the preparation he did ahead of time, making sure that he and his colleagues could turn the globalist Soros’ words right back against them, that happened: a victory at the margins of keeping speech free for us all.

I hope you take the time to listen, especially to Steve Coughlin. He really is a leading light in this pushback.

4 thoughts on “Interviews from the OSCE Battle Space

  1. I like very much that you say, to quote the Baron, the most we can do is move things at the margins. Yes that is very much life. A little here a little there. I felt for you with your lonely death march with Lulu, I have been there, altho not with bears, and felt for you every step of the way. I will listen to what the Baron was doing. Both of you had lonely duties. This may seem small potatoes to you at this time, but please hear me out. A tunisian man in Canada on a student visa in court for plotting a murderous train derailment on innocent Canadians declares it is all about islam and nothing else, doesn’t want a lawyer, but now wants one according to the koran. In my opinion he was in Canada to study and should have been booted out in the first 15 minutes. This is what really made me mad. He refused a female police office to handcuff him, or touch him, “you are not my wife”and the Canadian court gave in to him. As I as a Canadian born citizen understand, the court represents the crown, the Queen, and me, the citizen. Does this tunisian on a student visa have the right to overthrow every law I hold inviolate? Did the Canadian court just invoke sharia law? Does this female police officer not have the right to fight this? I know I am asking you a crazy question, but it might fir in with what you are already fighting. Always your friend from Canada

  2. He should be declared a dangerous offender… incarcerated indefinitely.. one of Kenya killers was Canadian jihadi of Toronto 18 group. He never stopped his jihadi intent… he too should have been declared a dangerous offender.. Canadian Malls are potential targets today and tomorrow.

  3. Excellent programs. According to my meaning, the interview with the Baron was the best. The rest most of us know in advance, but the Baron put light on the important – and maybe not so wellknown – linguistic approach.

    I failed to find any information on the net – maybe you can help me: “How many listeners have Secure Freedom Radio?”

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