Excerpt of Clare Lopez on EDL Radio June 7 2013

Here is an excerpt of the EDL Blog-Talk radio interview with Clare Lopez from yesterday, June 7 2013.  For the whole show please click here.

From Dymphna: I listened to this program yesterday on our phone since the internet was out. Obviously, it came back. The customer service rep said the problem was “down the line” – i.e., not on our end. Service was restored in the middle of the night.


Claire Lopez is phenomenal. I highly recommend taking the time to hear what she has to say. She knows every documented plan, project, and idea the Muslim Brotherhood has in the works. So far they are running on time in the United States. She’ll give you the places to look for what they have written themselves.

The most infamous, of course, is the copy of The Project that the authorities found in a raid on a house in Switzerland in 2002. Given who we’re dealing with, the only reason we were able to get that manual is because they wanted us to have it.

And she makes the important point that there is indeed a job for all of us to do in fighting back, and that is to spread the information.

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  1. You can’t hit a nail fairer on the head. Can the “Intelligence” and “Security” forces be so dim that individuals are incapable of connecting dots on Islam and guide themselves so despite official dictates? Are they robotic drones incapable of their own observations? A lot of ordinary people have unlocked Islam by reading the books, skimming their history and observing their current everyday hi jinks.

    There was no mention of the sellouts and bought and owned Americans of influence and finance that fill the system. That Huma Abedin is the Clinton Capo says it all. Her mom, dad and brother, all MoBros and it means nothing to anyone. You can’t have that by stupidity alone. Treason was once a word that had a meaning but when it has gone systemic it is mere policy. Interesting times coming on the road to the destruction of Islam. They are ordained to lose but they will make quite a mess on the way there.

    • There was no mention of the sellouts directly. The point was to speak to the dangers free speech faces. And Ms. Lopez discussed Hillary Clinton’s role in trying to muzzle us.

      There is only so much one can cover in 45 minutes. I hope she can come back on that program and give us some more information. For example, she expressed her curiosity about the unrest in Turkey since it doesn’t fit in with the Muslim Brotherhood Plan to take down all the Middle Eastern dictatorships and replace them with MB folks. Well, Turkey is already there, so why the riots? She thinks it may be coming from the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah determination that the chinless one will not be deposed in Syria. A guess, but an educated guess.

      It will be interesting to see which faction prevails in Syria. The US, of course, is on the side of the rebels.

  2. When you read this article on the forecast for the next 20 years of UK demographics, it would seem that it’s already too late.
    Especially when you see the fear and silence of criticism of islam amongst our politicians, media and public figures.
    I can’t see anything changing except for the worse.

    I have the greatest respect for Paul Weston and I really hope I’m wrong.
    Only 1,300 reads of this article in 30+hours.
    As Tommy Robinson says, we are sleepwalking into oblivion.


    • If Europeaan Christians dont get back into the game of prospering and survival on this planet, they are doomed.

      They can re-embrace Christianity and start having children, aka choose to survive and live. Only they can do that. They can choose to die, embrace death (abortion on demand as one example), as well, which is what the Leftwing Zeitgeist is all about.

      • Very true, except to win the demographic war, our children would have to have at least 8 children each, and I just don’t see that happening .But we live in hope, who knows what the future will bring, we had a baby boom before after all, and we will need another one to fill in the spaces the elderly and especially now-aging baby boomers will leave when they all pass on as they are the largest ethnic group in our population.

  3. You lately reaching what these ruthless and stone age minds gropes believes and behaving and for many years supported by western power and still like Egypt regime right now.

    Let listen to these two leaders what they told the world about them may past decades past about The Muslim Brotherhood and their danger to the humanity:

    Jamal Abdul-Nasser and The Muslim Brotherhood

    Anwar El Sadat and The Muslim Brotherhood who was killed by member of and The Muslim Brotherhood party, Iran prized him by naming main street in Tehran with his name Khalid Islambouli

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