“There Is Enmity and Hate Between Me And Austria”

A young “Austrian” terrorist has been arrested in Turkey at the border with Syria, apparently on his way to join the jihad against the Assad regime. His name is Mohamed Mahmoud, which gives this case a rare Mohammed Coefficient of 200%.

A new video by Mr. Mahmoud, in which he threatens Austria and the rest of Europe, surfaced last weekend. Below is a news report from Austrian TV about Mahmoud the Mujahid. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

To accompany the video, Hermes has also translated excerpts from two articles published by Die Presse:

After terrorist threat, Austrian Islamist caught in Turkey

Mohamed Mahmoud threatened Austria with terror and burned his passport. Now he has been caught at the border between Turkey and Syria.

He threatened Austria with terror, but now it is he who is threatened with jail: the Austrian Islamist Mohamed Mahmoud has been caught at the border between Turkey and Syria, presumably with a false Libyan passport.

A new threatening video from the 28-year-old surfaced last weekend. He appeared wearing a military vest and holding an AK-47, and he liberated his hatred towards the West by announcing attacks against cities, trains and parliaments. Then he burned his Austrian passport in front of the camera.

The office for the protection of the constitution swung immediately into action, but the public prosecutor’s office has still not intervened.

This Islamist, who in 2007 was sentenced on a charge of supporting a terrorist organization, migrated to Germany after having served his prison term, and was recently thought to be in Egypt. But the fact that he was caught in the city of Hatay at the border between Turkey and Syria means that he wanted to fight side by side with the Islamists in the civil war against Assad’s regime.

The burning of the travel documents — contrary to the terrorist threats — ought not to be something punishable, according to an expert with whom Die Presse spoke. Mahmoud will remain an Austrian citizen, and therefore could only be handed over to Austria. Mahmoud (remains Austrian) even after having declared that “from this day I do not belong any longer to the Austrian nation. I am a Muslim, a Mujahideen, and not a member of that society infected with AIDS”.

Hatred against the West

“We dissociate ourselves from your corrupt laws, ideologies, constitutions and principles,” he says in the video. “We dissociate ourselves from your putrid governments, courts, slogans and flags. WE, that means the Ummah, the community of Muslims. I was born as a Muslim, from two Muslim parents. I have nothing at all in common with the Austrian culture and mentality. To the contrary, there is enmity and hate between me and those in Austria, Germany, the EU and the USA.”

Video transcript:

00:02   Is he giving himself airs, or are we in real danger? The Austrian Islamist Mohammed Mahmoud
00:09   now threatens Austria with terror in a new video. He talks about attacks against cities, trains and
00:15   parliaments. The amateur video appeared some hours ago and shows the 29-year-old
00:21   Viennese-born burning his passport and threatening with terror:
00:27   “…this fire reaching your countries. We’ll be the next ones to bring this fire to you and your cities,
00:33   your trains, your streets, your homes, your parliaments and judicial courts.”
00:40   Mohammed Mahmoud’s threats are no new issue: he already served a 4 years sentence in Austria
00:46   on charges of creation and support of a terrorist group. Then he relocated to Cairo. In any case, his
00:52   new video most probably originated in Egypt.

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11 thoughts on ““There Is Enmity and Hate Between Me And Austria”

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  2. As an observer of radical Islamic infiltration to our Western societies, I have noticed that there’s an alarming number of young disaffected converts to Islam. So far, from media reports, there have been dangerously dedicated apostates from Australia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, UK, the USA. Some come from Moslem migrant families, but others do not. With the zeal of the convert these men seem to have taken on the twisted interpretation of history that blames the Xn crusaders for ‘stealing’ the lands of the Moors. Theirs is a childlike belief that all will be well in Paradise, and even believe that 72 virgins really await the shaheed.

    • He is a genuine Mohammedan, not a convert. His mother is one, though. Somehow he missed the “peaceful” part of his religion…

    • If we could just persuade these retards that in order to enjoy their
      allocation of 72 virgins, they themselves must also be virgins [as men]
      or the allocation is invalid. If they all believed that and followed this rule fastidiously, we’d have a solution to the ‘ Moslem Problem ‘.

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  5. If you plan on crossing the border to Syria you could:
    a. Dress properly and use your proper travel documents.
    b. Dress funny, burn your passport on youtube and then try to cross the boorder.

    I`m a looser why don`t you just kill me … lalala

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