The Mujahid Wears Crocs

As a follow-up to yesterday’s report on the “Austrian” Islamic terrorist Mohamed Mahmoud, here is another TV news report from Austria. It seems that Mr. Mahmoud will likely be trekking back home in his Crocs to serve another spell in a Viennese slammer.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Mohammed Coefficient: 200%


00:01   He threatened Austria with terror, but now it is he who is threatened with jail.
00:06   Mohammed M., that Austrian terrorist which has already threatened our land many times
00:13   in videos, was caught in Turkey. It was just a few days ago that a new video filmed in
00:18   Egypt appeared, in which he threatened attacks against Austria.
00:22   “From this day on I do not belong any longer to the Austrian nation.
00:28   I am a Muslim, a mujahid, and not a member of that society infected with AIDS.”
00:35   These are rants of hatred which can hardly be tolerated. In this recently released video,
00:41   the Viennese radical Islamist again threatened attacks against Austria in front
00:46   of a camera. He provocatively burned his Austrian passport, too. But now it’s over for this 28-year-old.
00:52   He was caught in Turkey, at the Syrian border, while he was on his way to Syria.
00:57   He was in possession of fake travel documents. It seems that he wanted to move to Syria.
01:03   Mohammed M. already served a four-year sentence in a Viennese prison on charges
01:08   of creating and supporting a terrorist organization. After his release,
01:13   he moved to Germany, but expelled was shortly afterwards for making terrorist videos.
01:18   His dangerous nature was underlined by the Interior Minister.
01:22   “Yes, he is known in Austria and (also) internationally.
01:27   He is a hate preacher, that means, he is dangerous, a menace for society”
01:32   Turkey will presumably extradite him to Austria, and he will probably end up
01:37   behind bars again.

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  1. This young man is a danger to everyone. Allowing him to roam around Europe like some kind of carefree backpacker with a whole baggage of ideological and personal hatreds, and God knows what potential to act, is irresponsible neglect on the part of the authorities. Personally I’d run him over if I saw him on the road, but that would be ‘haram’ wouldn’t it?

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