Independence March in Warsaw

Last year, 30,000 people marched through Warsaw on Poland’s independence day, November 11.

The Polish MSM did not report on the thousands of peaceful demonstrators. They focused solely on a handful of violent hooligans and leftist provocateurs.

Below is a video of what really happened, with translated titles and a first-hand report by Green Infidel. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling and uploading this video:

The original 20-minute Polish video is here.

A translation of the Polish titles at the beginning of the video:

00:00   The material is a recording of the “Independence march” which took place on the streets of Warsaw
00:04   on November 11 2011.
00:06   Reporting the events, major TV stations did not show even 1 minute of a recording from the march.
00:10   Why?
00:14   Was their only objective to play an active role in an organised provocation?
00:19   Remind yourself, what the media were showing
00:22   …and look.
00:27   Regardless of how often you use the word “fascist”
00:33   you will not stop us.
00:39   It’s already happening.

Below is an account of the march by Green Infidel, on which the subtitles in the video were based:

It was a march through Warsaw on the day of independence that was widely advertised by patriotic and nationalistic groups. Some of my friends advertised it on their Facebook accounts, but I wasn’t sure what it was about, so wasn’t decided on going.

Only after I heard that the “anti-fascists” against the march were urging German Antifa to come and help the “blockade” against the march did I decide that I’d be going (I had special memories of Antifa from my time studying in Germany).

I turned up and met a few friends at the march and was surprised that most of the people there seemed to be students (with some combatants — one of whom personally thanked me for coming), although a good few soccer hooligans were hanging about the edges, holding fireworks and other objects. Around 100-200 of them, wearing white balaclavas, were involved in confrontations with police, and a couple of cars belonging to TV outfits were burnt.

We proceeded to march, chant anti-government slogans and sing patriotic songs until the end.

But when I got in my car and made my way home, I had family calling to see if I was OK, because on TV it looked like “all of Warsaw was destroyed”. When I got home and turned on the TV, looped footage was being shown of the disturbances.

Strange, I thought, since I was near the exact same place 30 minutes earlier and, if not for my radio and mobile, I wouldn’t have known anything was happening! However, as it turns out, the same scenes of a damaged bus stop or a burnt TV car looped 50 times can make quite an impression!

Later on, one of the “far-right” marchers in white balaclavas attacking police was found to have (in a moment when he was caught on camera putting on the balaclava) seemingly exactly the same face as a leftist demonstrator from 4 years earlier. So the whole thing was beginning to look like a deliberate provocation, as suspected (in Communist days this was a well-known tactic). Later, video emerged of police agents kicking someone from the march repeatedly in the head. The victim had not been caught doing anything.

As for the “anti-fascists”, they found themselves in the unfamiliar situation of being outnumbered by about ten to one, and, in the “blockade” they made, surrounded by police for their own protection!

An added side-note: the number of attending the actual march was 30,000, not 300,000. I estimated this from this video (based on breadth, and speed at which they were walking) — in line with other estimates. However this was still far above the 11,000 marchers that were expected — the slogan was “11,000 for November 11!”

This year, 60,000 are expected!

Below are some further links provided by Green Infidel, which may be of interest:

  • An aerial view of the riots from a robocopter (from 1:00)
  • German antifa in action in Warsaw (n.b., at 1:43 one of the “Anti-fascists” raises his arm in a straight salute and shouts what I, and many commenters, could only make out to be “Auschwitz Heil!”… so maybe closer to being fascists than they imagine themselves to be?)
  • “I saw a Nazi” — a compilation (in Polish, although containing a lot of interesting scenes) by a blogger who was both at the “anti-fascist” blockade, and the march — and in a side-street came across police kicking an innocent marcher in the head (starting at 10:30). The first scene reads: “After I uploaded, immediately after the events, part of the material of police banditism from 11.11.11, I received threats. I was threatened with court cases for publishing these materials, the next day in the morning someone was knocking at my door; however, when I came to look, no-one was there…”

5 thoughts on “Independence March in Warsaw

  1. In my view;

    Here’s how it goes;

    The government of Poland whose face the electorate see could not ban the march. Consequently, the government of Poland whose face the electorate do not see arranged with the police to cause trouble, and arranged with the media to record only the trouble.

    Here’s why: socialists good, nationalists bad.

    Here’s how it ends: socialists bad.

    Here’s why: socialists stupid.

  2. Any nation belonging to the EU will naturally be hostile to any nationalist movement and will attempt to quash them.

    Witness Greece’s panicked response to the growing popularity of Golden Dawn, they went begging to power hungry Herr Merkel for more money to keep GD at bay.

  3. On the Today programme on the BBC yesterday morning there was an item about two euro-mps ( I don’t know which countries they hailed from ) in the surprise surprise Liberal Democrat grouping in the parliament who have written a book about the way forward being a Federal Europe ( I don’t think the president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus would agree ).

    However, more importantly, the presenter Evan Davies when he introduced the item said, “In today’s post-nationalist Europe”.
    Of course, quite right, wicked nationalism is dead like the wicked witch of the west and Glenda the good Marxist witch of the north is here to save us.

    So in Marxist BBC land and in Brussels, nationalism is dead and confined to history. Thankfully post-Marxism is on the march in the countries where it was first imposed, the muslim-free countries of Eastern Europe ( mainly ). In Western Europe people seem to have more or less accepted defeat, condemend to multicultural Marxist totalitarian slavery. As I have said, the Polish film on the Siege of Vienna would never get shown in Marxist Britain.

    Keep fighting for us Christian Poland, Christian Serbia, the other Catholic East European nations. Our churches are closing and mosques, hindu and sikh temples are taking their place.
    Our children are being taught that Einstein was right, Christianity is just all legends and those who need God are weak.

  4. “the muslim-free countries of Eastern Europe”.

    Sadly, with the kebab invasion, and with Turkish consortiums building the Warsaw metro, this is changing. Quite a few times now I’ve seen groups of around 20 men looking like Muslims close to where I work. Others are also starting to notice it.

    Nonetheless – Poland is still quite a few years “behind” the West. And without the lavish benefits that Western countries can afford to give the Muslim newcomers, meaning it’s not quite as attractive a proposition. Also – whereas in Britain the rule is to avoid talk of “money, religion, politics”, here it’s often the exact opposite! Only today coming out of the Warsaw metro I heard people behind me discuss some aspects of “Islamic countries”. And it’s far from the first time…

    Many times I don’t even have to start talking about the Religion of Peace – others start the conversation with their own complaints. Conservatives, liberals and leftists alike. Perhaps the result of millions emigrating to the West, many to “culturally-enriched” areas, and with their own stories to tell…

    The bottom line – opposition to Islam here is big, almost universal. Our main weakness is not being organised. And most still think that Islamisation is something that only affects countries to the West. But that can change…

    As for the BBC – let them live in their Marxist ivory towers, drinking wine and having affairs with each other to their hearts’ content. They are growing more ridiculous and irrelevant by the day. And now, with the Jimmy Saville case, facing new and added pressure.

    Meanwhile, down on the ground, more and more people are being familiar with the true effects of multiculturalism. And by that I don’t mean the exotic foods which BBC staff and Guardian readers probably have in mind…

    And there are thousands of soldiers returning from Afghanistan – disgruntled at the state of their homeland, and with bags of experience in armed combat. At some point, they could prove invaluable.

    The important thing is – we have blogs, like this one. We have a voice, however small. Now we need to organise and spread our message. Once the Islamisation of our countries becomes common knowledge, the majority of Brits might even resist!

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