Armed and Ready

Early Saturday morning a suspected Islamic terrorist was shot dead in a police raid on a residence in Strasbourg, after he pulled a gun on police. The gunman was a suspect in a Salafist plot to bomb a Jewish market.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news clip from French TV:

Below is a news report on the incident from AGI:

France: Man Shot Dead in Antiterrorist Operation

(AGI) — Paris, Oct. 6 — A man was shot to death on Saturday in Strasbourg while resisting arrest in connection with an anti-terrorist operation conducted in several cities around France.

Sources close to the inquiry said the man shot at the police who returned fire and fatally wounded him. Three police officers were slightly wounded in the shooting, protected by their bullet-proof clothing.

French broadcaster BfmTV said the anti-terrorist operation is focusing on “five targets” and has led to the arrest of at least ten persons in Nice. French daily ‘Les Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace’ said the operation was part of the investigation into an attack on September 19 in Sarcelles, a Paris suburb.

A low-power explosive device was thrown into a kosher supermarket slightly injuring one person and triggering a strong reaction in the town’s Jewish community.

Hat tip for the article: C. Cantoni.

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  1. Well,it was a man , again.When it`s about a certain ethnic background, here, in the german media, it is always ” a man”, like in the Liège-slaughter of last december.Here is a photograph( of the man, who, as his upper-class appearence shows, was able to entertain two wifes and children in different places of France. Useless to add that the man was French, of course.

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