Bill Whittle on SUN TV

Bill Whittle appeared last night on SUN TV in Toronto to talk about Barack Obama, Islamization, and the crisis of the West — which he says seems to have lost the collective will to live.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

2 thoughts on “Bill Whittle on SUN TV

  1. I have mentioned it before but Mr Whittle – whose ancestors must have come form northern England – has said exactly what Sir Kenneth Clarke said in at the end of his brilliant 1969 Civilisation series about European Civilisation namely, “European Civilisation will only fall if we lose confidence in ourselves”. I never have, never will lost that confidence, never will be ashamed of being a European and the immense contribution European Culture and Civilisation has made to the world.

    I can see Kenneth Clarke speaking those words and it makes me want to weep, partly because of what we have lost in those four decades but partly also out of frustration at the stupidity of those who have thrown it away and brainwashed the generations who came after Clarke into thinking that there was something reprehensible about European Civilisation and that less advanced cultures were somehow superior and Europe should be sacrificed to appease them. Insanity, total, total insanity and I just hope these stupid stupid people wake up soon as we have reached the eleventh hour.

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