Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/11/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/11/2012Armed Libyan extremists stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi today, killing an American official and setting fire to the building. The protesters, like their counterparts in Cairo, were angry about an American-produced movie that they say insulted a respected leader of a non-denominational faith group.

Meanwhile, President Obama has snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The White House says Mr. Obama’s schedule is too busy for him to meet with Mr. Netanyahu when the latter visits Washington later this month.

In financial news, Moody’s rating agency warned that it may downgrade American bonds if the U.S. fails to find a credible solution to its debt crisis.

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11 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/11/2012

  1. The news today said tht the U.S embassador and three others were murdered in a rocket attack, possibly the same incident.

    I have several times wondered why an embassy in a country like Libya is made of combustible materials, since putting things on fire seems to be a national pastime there. Btw it has become a national pastime in Sweden too, at least in “challenged” areas.

    This brings to mind that Nato helped these people to overthrow one of the cruelest tyrants in Africa, U.S. having spent almost as much as England to prevent a massacre of hapless civilians by stopping Gaddafi’s armored artillery that was heading to densely populated cities.

    So much for gratitude. For some reason, I’m not surprised.

  2. We liberated Kuwait, stopped the famine in Somalia, protected the Muslims in Kosovo, removed the tyrants of Saddam Hussein and Khadaffi. I’m sure it will take just one more good deed and they will start to love us.

  3. A rhetorical question or two.
    Why do our embassies have Marine guards?
    Do our Marine guards have weapons and ammunition?
    I’ve been wondering about this since 1979.
    Am I alone?

  4. That fool William Hague said the killing of the American ambassador was unfortunate or something similar. This was because for some reason Britain and France were desperate to get rid of Ghadaffi and replace him by Islamists. I suspect it was all about oil. No, no surprise from President Obama with his sorry for offending. Hillary love a muslim Clinton tut tutted a bit. Can somebody tell me whether Obama has the power now to stop people making naughty films about the prophet and stifling free speech as would be bound to happen in police state Britain?

    As regards Israel, I have told my wife to hold off buying the Christmas ( sorry Happy Holiday form our American friends ) cards as Israel is now talking of launching a pre-emptive strike on Iran and even if they haven’t got nukes that basket case Pakistan ( which just incinerated 260 workers in a clothes factory because they do not insist on basic protection like fire exits, smoke alarms and sprinklers – by the way they run similar sweat shops here in England) probably would chuck a nuke at Israel who would be bound to retaliate so armageddon before Christmas.

    Does our minister for faith and communities Baroness with terrorist links Warsi have a view on all this? Talking of faith the Marxist BBC have just told us that youngsters think looking after their family is more important than religion. I think the question was loaded by the BBC. I thought Christianity was all about marriage and family life. No comment from that wimp Rowan Williams but I hope the Muslims say something then the Beeb might take note.

  5. The whole region means nothing to us except for oil.

    Just think.

    If the climate and soil had been better the area would have been as colonized as North America and we’d be buying oil from people who are NOT Muslim loons.

  6. God rest the US Ambassador. This is a terrible tragedy for his family.

    Aside from this, the symbolism of this is terrible (11th anniversary of 9/11).

    France, the UK and the US aided some barbarians in the Libyan uprising and across the Middle East. We are just starting to reap the whirlwind of a “free” Middle East.

    I vote for leaving the muslim world to its own devices, protecting our democratic allies like Israel and hoping and praying that Iran and Saudi Arabia together with their proxies will destroy each other.

  7. Here’s something that will either make you weep or get boiling mad:

    CJCS General Dempsey called up and pleaded with Pastor Terry Jones because he planned to show that anti-Muslim movie on his website. The movie in question being the one that is supposedly to blame for inflaming Muzzies.

    This ladies and gents, is craven, cowardly conduct by our top brass. I’m sure Obama or Panetta leaned on Gen Dempsey “soldiers -please respect Islam or they will kill you” clown to call up the pastor.

    This tells me Obama and the Democrats plus the military brass are terrified of offending the Muzzies to the point of prostrating themselves in front of them.

    I hope Muzzies keep pushing because it will show the American people what a bunch of spineless blowhards and con-artists they have for leaders.

  8. Philo, a significant portion of N
    Africa and the Middle East WAS
    fertile and productive of huge
    quantities of fruit and vegetables.
    Then came Islam and destroyed the
    work of millions. Their goats and sheep ate everything, no agricultural
    work was carried out in the region.
    Another disaster to be laid at the
    feet of the Religion of Peace.

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