6 thoughts on “You Want Pigs’ Feet With That Mosque?

  1. what does one expect when 85% of Mosques are radicalized. When they Persecute non-Muslims around the world. They play the victim when they are a minority but watch and see how this changes as they grow in population. If they were the majority would they be so tolerant to non-Muslims- I doubt it!!

  2. How illogical are these Moslems who are terrified of an animal’s leg.They
    base their whole lives on a book of
    out-of-date utter NONSENSE.

  3. Remind me again… why do the Authorities take seriously any allegations made by an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism funding case? Have these criminals been upgraded to experts?

    The act was silly, childish, stupid for sure, but hateful? Can they prove how the perpetrators “felt”?

    But anyway, what are the muslims going to do? It’s not like they are going to turn to violence and kill anybody that harms their feelings. I mean, this kind of thing doesn’t even happen in movies, right? (only in real life)

  4. Hate Crime. What is a crime about tossing a few pigs feet around? Buncha cry-babies. More power to the pig leg throwers!

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