Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood

Despite the lack of an appropriate security clearance for this woman, Obama recently applauded Hillary Clinton’s aide, Mrs. Anthony Weiner:

President Barack Obama on Friday called Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, an “American patriot” after a group of Republican lawmakers accused her of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist political organization.

“She has been nothing less than extraordinary in representing our country and the democratic values that we hold dear,” Obama said at a White House Iftar dinner celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

“The American people owe her a debt of gratitude because Huma is an American patriot and an example of what we need in this country — more public servants with her sense of decency, her grace and her generosity of spirit.”

Ummm…he’s wrong. He thinks he’s right but as has so often been the case in the past, he’s dead wrong yet again. In fact, his wrongness goes all the way to the bone; that fact puts him beyond the reach of Reason.

In other words, save your breath for the vital work of unelecting this man and his dangerous “team”.

Once again, going against the grain of a purported consensus, Andy McCarthy tells us, point by painful point, how the State Department of this administration has harmed our country. No airy-fairy platitudes here.

And remember, he’s hitting only some of the more egregious low points in a shameful three years.

[See the Baron’s post from last night for more excerpts or the full video on YouTube.]

I’ll give Obama this much:

He got it right when he called Huma Abedin “extraordinary”. Indeed she is. And so are her deep and abiding ties to the Muslim Brotherhood — “extraordinary”, I mean. Beginning with her family of origin and going on to her long professional ties to Islamic terrorism funders, this Clinton aide never ever should have received a high-level security clearance. That she did is an indication of how severely comprised we are.

Read that New York Post piece. Do you believe this woman, Mrs. Anthony Weiner, really gives a darn what happens to her obviously neurotic and self-absorbed husband? I’ll give the woman her due: she has far more political gravitas than her spouse of a year or two, which makes me question her motivation in marrying this Jewish lightweight in the first place. (And I merely point out his ethnicity because of her Saudi origins. This liaison is more than passing strange.)

Now married to him and sharing a child, perhaps she is simply following in her mentor’s footsteps as Hillary continues her own strange journey with Bill? Better to keep these rogue males inside the tent where you can monitor their behavior and continue sewing their mouths shut…in Mrs. Weiner’s case, I hope for all our sakes she has disabled the camera on her husband’s cell phone. Making him chew and swallow the components would be a fitting end to a shameful episode.

On the other hand, she’s a member of a powerful Saudi family. Did his sudden desire to capture his manly appurtenances in a cell phone picture arise from some external threat to their integrity? Was he saving the evidence for posterity? Or is he simply an idiot who now finds himself way over his head?

Given the fact that Weiner has only ever worked in government and now finds himself one of the Untouchables, perhaps a role as house dad, taking care of the couple’s baby might be a natural fit. Lots of night hours, a spouse with medical insurance, a loving Muslim in-law clan to show him the ropes. What could go wrong?

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When the whole McCarthy video first aired on C-Span, it seemed uncertain that anything so long would ever leave the ghetto of C-Span. Given the horrible attacks on Michelle Bachmann (the real patriot in this whole thing) which prompted Mr. McCarthy’s fine rebuttal, I urged one of our readers toplease watch it simply because of my concern that it would end up as a desert flower. I warned him it wasn’t a dramatic talk. Mr. McCarthy had been a prosecuting attorney, not a preacher. To my pleasant surprise, my interlocutor watched the whole hundred-plus minutes and reported back:

I found Frank’s introduction to be excellent, and Andy to be extremely polite and almost PC, emphasizing the (supposed) difference between Muslim and Islamist. How can anyone sane and moral disagree with what he has to say?

Good question.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the tireless Vlad who compiled and uploaded the video above.

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  1. I have a huge file on this man and all his sharia-loving ways. Just added another.
    That Christian file on him? Not too sure I could find it because it’s so miniscule.
    by their fruits ye shall know them…

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