HAMAS? No. HARMAS — And Hideous

Juniper Sec has a new video. I don’t know where he digs up this stuff but truth be told, I’m not curious either about whatever sewers he must trawl to bring back these things for our edification. Many of them I can’t bear to watch, others have an oddly mesmerizing effect.

This new one is for American consumption, though it is a recipe obviously created in the Devil’s Kitchens @ Palestine — those hellish caves where labor the poison chefs of Hamas. Norway finds this fare irresistible. I find it repugnant; you’ll seldom see anything like this at Gates of Vienna simply because my PTSD can’t afford it and my aesthetic sense is offended by these cheap ploys.

Notice how it combines sentimental drek with jihad porn and pedestrian videography? Derivative or what? But then Islam itself is derivative down to its very foundations, beginning with Mohammed’s awkward, improvisational syncretisms. Because he could create nothing original — so far the ability to do that hasn’t evidenced itself in Arab DNA — he was forced to borrow repeatedly as the Angel kept changing the message. No wonder he had anger management problems.

I sometimes ponder the wondrous mutation visited on Ashkenazi Jews, increasing their intelligence beyond even the Asians. My wandering wondering “What Ifs” are usually interrupted as Reality slams the screen door on my derriere. “No chance, Pollyanna”, it echoes as I stumble my way back into the present. Sure, there was lots of close relative intermarriage among medieval Jews in Europe, but those clans ran on a strict fuel of meritocracy. Palestine, though, is a kleptocracy; its fuel is hatred and fumes of revenge.

Thus the chances of a benign (if you ignore the genetic diseases that came along like dark angels following) upward trend there are nil. Inbreeding may have been a necessary factor, but it was by no means sufficient to produce that mutation. In other words, don’t hold your breath waiting for a rash of Nobel Science prizes to break out in Palestine. Would that it were otherwise. And would that the Ashkenazi intelligence gene had been accompanied by a wisdom gene! How come we gotta do all the hard work ourselves??

Usually I steer away from dead baby videos of any sort. But for this one, an exception on the basis of anthropological observations. This variation on the plaintive “love-you-done-me-wrong-song” features Obama as the lost love object. This cheap imitation of romantic heartbreak and betrayal is done so badly because the whole concept of Courtly Love — from which the meme of sad romance songs driveled out — is utterly foreign to the culture which put together this video. So if you’re wondering why, as a cultural artifact, it has a certain creepy fascination even when you can see the badly sewn seams, that’s why. It’s like fake but accurate, like, you know, dude?

If you’re a regular reader of Gates of Vienna, you know my contempt for a culture that perpetrates and promotes ceaselessly the professional victimhood of PoorPalis™. Instead of using all those millions (billions by now?) of foreign aid to create a robust, thriving environment these destroyers use the funds to dig deeper their miserable holes of destitution.

What they did to the vast array of life-giving greenhouses — miracles in the desert — that were handed to them on a silver platter puts them beyond the pale of civilized folk and well beyond any mature culture’s standard of worth. It was, and remains, unforgiveable.

If you want to assess a group’s (or an individual’s) maturity level, begin by observing what draws its ire and what elicits its sympathy. The naïve, like Nice Nice Nice Norway™ who have achieved international infamy for a pervasive cultural totalitarianism slammed down on their own, are mesmerized by this evil. Why? Because Palestine acts out in depraved ways that Norway wouldn’t begin to permit in its native citizens. Norway’s elites don’t have a working moral compass anymore; they’re always functioning at one or two removes from their moral center, scrambling about to build super-rationalized houses made of playing cards to support their risible “theories”. Naïve Norway — or rather, its obtuse ruling class — does infinite harm because of its indefatigable ignorance of this cultural reality and the obvious consequences. Hubris and Hamas for Nice Nice Norway™. The road to hell and all that…

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

One can’t help but feel compassion for the child pawns so cynically used by these soul-murderers. Growing up in hell, those babies have little choice but to turn into the puppets their parents were turned into before them. It used to make me sad; now I am simply impatient. Their lies and posturing harm us all.

On the other hand, HARM is the name of their game. Or the result of it. Yeah, that’s it: HARMAS. Maybe HARAM? Whatever, it’s evil personified by the culturally petrified — fossils who can’t adapt.

Juniper Sec’s take, as usual, is spot on…

HAMAS were running their phone banks white hot for Obama in 2008. Now they seem to want something in return.

Dead Jews.

With Obama’s heavy investment in the Muslim Brotherhood and every islamist movement and state, he may well try to oblige.

See if you can spot the inconsistencies and falsifications. The “Palestinians” are slipping here, but western viewers tend to see what they wish to see…

So…what do YOU see?

4 thoughts on “HAMAS? No. HARMAS — And Hideous

  1. Wow. More dead baby porn from the Pals. Colour me unsurprised.

    That vid is a couple of years old, but obviously its message is timeless. At least until Barry is out.

    I’m also cynical enough to wonder if the photos of kids in hospitals were taken in Israeli hospitals. It’s not like they don’t have form for trying to blow up those who’ve helped them.

  2. @ Nilk –

    If you visit the original site, or click to the second page of THIS post, you’ll see Juniper Sec’s remarks on the age of that video.

    We don’t do breaking news around here.

    Funny, I had the same thought: “I wonder if those are hospital beds in Israel?”

    My original point still holds: this “romance” song to Obama is so bad precisely because it’s provenance is foreign to those who made it.

  3. I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy! Turned it off after about the one minute mark. My stomach is still churning from the sickeningly sweet music contrasting with the hatred and lies they spew.

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