Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/5/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/5/2012A gunman killed six worshippers and wounded an indeterminate number of others in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, before being shot and killed by police. One of the wounded was a police officer, who sustained multiple gunshot wounds. The killer is described as a white male of about forty years old, and no motive for the shooting has yet been determined.

Mujahideen from Sinai attacked the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt, killing thirteen Egyptian border guards. Israel says that their operation was a failed attempt to abduct an Israeli soldier.

In other news, a recent photo allegedly depicting the “English Loch Ness Monster” at Lake Windermere — one of eight taken in the last five years — is said to be the best ever.

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  1. Sigrid (16) missing

    Lost his son at Utøya, and is now helping in the organized search for his niece, Sigrid, who went missing in Oslo shortly after midnight last Saturday, on her way home, which is just a short walk.

    Sigrid’s shoes have been found along the way, as well as her cell phone and a sock, near a kindergarden where teenagers in the area use to gather.

    Ironically, this time the police helicopter is available for the search.

  2. When in Rome
    – Do like the Arabs?

    “When the French go to Arabia, they must behave just like Arabs. When Arabs come to France, the French throw out the furniture so that Arabs feel just like at home.”

    Prince threw out the furniture from the SAS Hotel in Oslo and flew in Persian rugs and other things necessary for the stay

    – Some are more demanding than others, but we do anything to please our customers, a hotel manager states

    The SAS hotel had to refurbish several rooms, turning them into suites to accomodate the prince and his court, on his meeting with Jonas Gahr Støre in 2010.

    Did he roll up those rugs after the visit was over, bringing them homewards again, one may wonder now

    Anyways, three months later Støre was asked to tax declare five rugs, though Afghan.

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