The Face of the Olympics

Olympics 2012: The face of the Olympics

Brazilian Infidel emailed us yesterday to say, “Have you noticed that the girls who held the medals and flowers at the Olympics don’t exist anymore? Now they are boys.”

Well, I hadn’t. We don’t have a TV, so he sent us some screen-capped images of the television coverage. Sure enough, the flower girls have become flower boys:

Olympics 2012: Flowers

The photo below shows the victory ceremony. In addition to the flower boys, you’ll notice that one of the three women in the ceremony is a young Muslima in hijab:

Olympics 2012: The medal ceremony

A close-up shot of her is at the top of this post. Interestingly enough, although she is wearing a headscarf, she otherwise seems to be dressed in shameless kafir garb, with a knee-length skirt and dark stockings.

She was officiating when Mohamed Farah (UK) was awarded the gold medal for the men’s 10,000 meter run:

Olympics 2012: Mohamed Farah

The screen-shot below was taken during the victory celebration for Greg Rutherford, the British long jump champion.

Olympics 2012: Enthusiasm

The long-bearded security guard at the right (and below) is a reminder of what that child-abusing imam told his charges in the madrassa (was it in Blackburn?): “Never trust a man unless he has a fistful of beard.”

Olympics 2012: Security guard

Well, this fellow must be very trustworthy.

I wonder what he thinks of all those lascivious infidel women among the spectators? Especially the one in the stands who embraced Mr. Rutherford after his victory.


22 thoughts on “The Face of the Olympics

  1. Mohammed Farah is not British, despite what the media tell you.

    He is a Muslim Somali immigrant who came to Britain in 2000. He’s about as British as Obama is.

    The first thing he does when he wins a race, so do that Muslim pray thing, where you arse is in the air and you out your hands and head on the tarmac.

    The BBC always pans away at this point and focusses on the other runners until he has finished. He is then given a Union Jack, which he holds for a brief period, before going to the crowd to pick up a Somaliland flag, as seen here.

    The B

  2. I did notice that when the camera was aimed at one of the athletes, it actually panned over a bit so the athlete was “off centre” and you were looking at the athlete and the girl with the mauve sheet wrapped round her – he on the left side of the screen, she on the left – as if to say both were equally important.

    But no one goes to a tennis match to see the ball boys, and no one watches a football match because of the linesman. You go to see the players.

  3. So what makes you British??? Born here perhaps? well I know a lot of soldiers with children born abroad who might be a little upset with that? British parents perhaps?? Winston Churchills mum was American?

  4. @Jolie Rouge

    “Not hijacked but a calculated propaganda offensive that is proving to be tactical victory for the British Multicultural Establishment.

    Jolie Rouge”

    – I fully agree with you, JR. Let’s see how far they are going to take the Olympics next time, and whether the Olympic idea and its ethics are ever again going to be the seen in the Olympic spirit which was the basis for the whole thing

    Will the Western world have to start all over from the beginning? New Olympics, new football championships, new football premier league, etc? At what moment will enough be enough?

    The whole sport’s world as such, is being destroyed these days

  5. There have been plenty other attractive young women acting as helpers in the Olympic footage I’ve seen. Why didn’t the camera linger on them … (Why oh why …)???

  6. watching the womens race on tv on sunday round the streets of london ,did anybody else notice that the security or what ever they are was all asians,whats going on in my country.even on the tv the spent more time on bolts win than any thing else,going round filming black people cheering and dancing so much for intergrating.

  7. You really do make me laugh, So lets get this straight.
    People go and apply for a job or volunteer to help in one of the greatest British events in a long time and you start complianing there are too mant of them? They are intergrating into society and working, but all you do is complain about how many there are? G4S couldnt hire enough people so you cant use the statement that the Asians/Muslims are taking all the jobs. What exactly do you want?

  8. You say G4S couldnt get enough people for the games,they went out of there way to recruit non whites,so show what a wonderful world we are living in,

  9. Does it matter if they were muslims? as a jew im starting to realize that muslims have become the “new jews” as in lets find an excuse to have a go at them. This happened to my people back in the 1940’s and this lead to hatred based on nothing but relgion, a lot of the information i read on the internet about them is the extreme version of their faith.


  10. It wasn’t quite as clear cut as that Adara, the Jewish arrivals in the War years were NOT all angels.It didn’t lead to hatred based solely on religion, quite a few Jews decided that as we were so kind as to let them come to our country they would take FULL advantage of the situation, such as starting up businesses with the deliberate aim of going bancrupt or getting involved in illegal activities. But I do see what you mean about a sort of parallel with the followers of the Paedo Prophet.
    Of course they NEVER do anything wrong do they!!!!!!

  11. “Does it matter if they were muslims?”

    How to make a sharia society? You put in muslims.

    Yes, it does matter, because we don’t want to make Europe a sharia society.

  12. Adara,
    You are wrong to equate Muslims with Jews in Europe – that comparison obviously does not stand up to scrutiny – although you do grant that there is a problem with Islam in that there is what you call an “extreme version” of that faith, and that there are devout Muslims who live according to it.

    If you want to deal in comparisons, consider this: Not every German was a Nazi, and not every Nazi was a member of the Einsatzgruppen. But that didn’t help their victims much – your people btw.

    It didn’t help the rest of the world much either – we all ended up at war because of a relatively small group of “extremists”.

  13. The point being that you ought to address the fundamental doctrines of Islam, and compare them to the findamental beliefs of your Goebbels and your Goerings. Similarities? Then there’s your comparison.

    (One of those fundamental beliefs being what both groups would like to do to your people btw.)

  14. I wasnt expecting such a response, look i have christian friends, Muslims friends, and obviously everybody else i know is jewish! The muslims that i know do not want a sharia state, this is a very small minority of the millions of muslims in the UK. They are just as extreme as the EDL and BNP in my eyes, in fact if you look at it we are very similar, Judaism believes there is one God who cannot be made up of 3 part, thats the same as muslims. In fact a lot of our customs are the same too, spend time with a muslim family and you will find out, now i recognize that there are fundamental differences between both but i know my religion does not advocate hatred towards a fellow human being for a fact, what scares me is the situation in Bosnia and now Burma, this is ethnic cleansing, this happened to us! I know people that are still really hurt with what happened to us in europe but that does justify killing women, children and men because they are muslims, would we like jews around the world on a mass scale simply because we were jews? The reason why nobody cares about the muslims so much so that they are being ethnically cleansed is because they are muslims and they are the “new jews”. Look I love my relgion and culture but this hatred we spread about our fellow human beings has dire consequences for all.


  15. Adara: You seem to be a Muslim troll pretending to be a Jew. For starters, it is your bad grammar and the idea that you fail to capitalize the words Christian and Jewish while you do capitalize the word Muslim. There are many other clues in that you represent many of the well known Muslim talking points – the worst of which is that you emphasize the spurious Islamic idea that Muslims are the ‘new Jews’ when, in reality, Muslims are the most violent and most consistent human rights offenders against Jews – and Christians and Hindus – in the world today.

    If you are a Muslim, then you are LYING to us about the Islamic goal to impose Sharia Law upon the entire world for the benefit of Muslims.

    If you are a Jew, then you are LYING to yourself about the true intentions of Muslims who have been viciously murdering and enslaving Jews and non-Muslim infidels with the complete and total blessings of Sharia Law for over 1,400 years.


    Pew poll – Most Muslim Countries want Sharia Law

    Muslim Statistics (Shari’ah)

  16. Wildiris: It sounds as though your quibble is with the polling company rather than the overall results of the poll.

    Do you seriously believe that the results would be different in the other countries on your list?

    If so, how so? Indeed, I would be willing to bet that the results would be far more revealing in the other countries on your list!

    After all, the ENTIRE purpose of Islam from its founding has been to impose draconian Sharia Law on non-Muslims for the direct benefit Muslims!


  17. Egghead. I first came across this poll as a link at a Lutheran blog. It struck me at the time that the results cited didn’t seem as bad as I thought they would be; being a GoV reader, has left me far better informed than most Lutherans on these matters. That’s when I noticed that many of the countries left out of the poll were precisely those that experience the worst sectarian conflicts, are among the least tolerant of other religions and have some of the worst records regarding human rights in general.

    So my answer is that I think this poll deliberately underestimates many of the harsher attitudes and the levels of violence that one will find in the Islamic world.

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