UPDATED: SDL Members Attacked — Information Needed

Update: From Facebook, via Twitter:

Just received a message from “I”. He’s okay but his hat and cell phone were stolen. The other guy named “P” is from Poland and is okay also.

They were attacked by The Revolutionary Front.

EDL in Stockholm #4: The Vuvuzuela Brigade

The following appeal was published at the British Freedom Website this morning:

URGENT: SDL Members Attacked — Information Needed

Information urgently needed on Swedish Defence League members with forenames beginning with “I” and “P”. Paul Weston and the two Swedish Defence League members were attacked by a gang of presumed Swedish Antifa members outside a restaurant on Saturday night after the Stockholm rally. It is rumoured the two SDL members were abducted and badly beaten. Please mirror this message across all allied websites.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: SDL Members Attacked — Information Needed

  1. “As leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, in the summer of 1920 Hitler also organised the Ordnertruppe, gangs whose job it was to keep order at NSDAP meetings. By October 1921, this force had evolved into the Sturmabteilung, also known as the SA, or Brownshirts. They soon began not only to keep order at NSDAP events, but to break up any meetings of Hitler’s opponents. (6)”

    Creeping towards Dachau …

  2. Learn to defend yourself, do some boxing or some Filipino MA. Whining to the cops who work for the Lefties won’t do squat.

    And given the SDL members are a tiny minority, they need to keep a low profile outside of protests. No one will come to your aid. After the Stockholm rally they should have left the city ASAP or just celebrated at a member’s flat.

    Remember the anti-fas probably has photographs of every SDL member at the rally. You’re marked men.

    You now have to treat your environment as hostile now. You can’t be oblivious to the people around anymore.

    Carry a improvised weapon like a flute or wooden walking cane. Learn to use them as weapons.

    Welcome to the world the Left has created.

  3. Learn to defend yourself, learn to be aware of your surroundings and people. Understand you are part of a political minority that the majority finds offensive. Understand anti-fas has made you a target.

    In such a environment do not expect help from the police(Swedish police seem especially gutless and PC) or bystanders.

    In short the SDL members need to treat Malmo as hostile territory. The countryside would be much safer for them. If their Left is anything like the American Left, they are almost entirely city dwellers. Especially the activists.

  4. Perhaps those on the continent should organise a more communicative network and march on each other’s behalf; i.e. Swedish and Norwegians march in Denmark when the Danish need to protest, French and Italians march in Germany when Germany needs to protest etc. I know this is a little more expensive travelling to a neighbouring country, but at least then the activists will be able to leave at the end out of the way of opposition thugs in the protest city and the activists in their own town probably none-the-wiser as to their activities.

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