Coren vs. Rauf

On his television program last night, Michael Coren shone a spotlight on Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero Mosque. Unlike most of his colleagues in print and broadcast journalism, Mr. Coren was willing to confront the Mufti of Manhattan in a straightforward fashion, without mincing his words.

After Imam Rauf’s time was up, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch joined Mr. Coren for further discussion and analysis of the imam’s less-than-candid approach to the issue of Islamic terrorism. They also noted his association with well-known fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

5 thoughts on “Coren vs. Rauf

  1. This was classic. Coren was never uncivil to his guest but refused to bow to the convention that certain Muslims cannot be challenged. This interview, I think, did as much good for Muslims trying to get out from under the radicals’ oppressive shadow as it did for patriot movements.

  2. Oh, is that the guy that CAN’T build the mosque at Ground Zero because he is a slum landlord and hasn’t paid rent or electricity? Rauf, you may look nice and talk nice but you really wanted to build that mosque in a Ground Zero building overlooking OUR TWIN TOWERS as a triumphalist act. What a Pinnocchio.Bloomberg approved. Ordinary Americans said NO!!! Ordinary Americans said this islamist in disguise will not build there. Particularly, since he is a slum landlord who hasn’t paid rent. It might have been Con Ed who really said no. Hallelujah. But never say never. Snakes slither.

  3. Have you noticed Rauf’s expression after Michael Coren said’and their families were still weeping’. This to me says it all.

  4. Rauf’s Mountain book is quite cheap in right now. “Know your enemy”, so I ordered it.

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