The Occupy Luxury Toyota Movement in Oslo

Further update: Vlad found the right video and put the subtitles on it. All is fixed.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends this report (including two videos) about the gypsy invasion of Oslo and the problems that it is causing for the city.

His summary:

The Gypsies are supporting their Norwegian stay through aggressive begging, burglaries and theft. Up until recently these gypsies, who number several hundred individuals in total, set up camps in various parks around Oslo and left a trail of human excrement and rubbish behind them. After having been evicted by the police from these makeshift camps, they have now set up a major camp outside a church in Oslo.

It’s a proper tin-shack, or perhaps a tarpaulin city is a more fitting word to describe the esthetic new addition to the church.

This is cultural enrichment gone horribly wrong.

It’s also worth noting that these gypsies are being helped and actively supported by hardcore Communists from the Norwegian organization ‘folk er folk’ (people are people). These Norwegian communists have supplied the gypsies with tents and tarpaulins and started publishing a magazine that the gypsies sell on the streets of Oslo to generate an income, competing with destitute junkies selling their own magazine in order to support their habits through ‘honest’ methods.

Here’s an English-language article about the tent city.

Notice also that these “desperate” gypsies have nice cars and vans. The begging industry must be very lucrative indeed.

Many thanks to The Observer for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling these two videos.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Transcript of video 1:

0:07   The people have sought refuge here because they are constantly harassed.
0:13   So when the collective harassment of these people ceases,
0:18   and they receive a guarantee from Norwegian authorities confirming this, I expect that they will end this campaign.
0:31   I don’t want to live in my car because the police say, Wake up, Wake up!
0:40   Don’t live in your car, don’t live here. Go somewhere else.
0:44   It’s the same for everyone.

Transcript of video 2:

0:00   Equipped with vans, tents and tarpaulins, more than 150 Romanians
0:04   have set up camp around Sofienberg church in Oslo.
0:08   And today the city councillor came for an inspection.
0:10   There are some very good reasons why we don’t allow camping in city parks and green areas in Oslo.
0:17   I think this is an untenable situation and I hope that this situation can be resolved as soon as possible.
0:22   We are meeting with representatives from the church later today, who are the property owners,
0:27   and will discuss the situation with them and figure out how we can resolve it.
0:32   After the shutting down of several camps recently, the parish of Northern Aker has agreed
0:36   to let the Romanians set up camp on the church grounds.
0:39   The councillor finds this problematic.
0:41   People who come to Oslo, either as tourists or as job seekers, have a responsibility to
0:46   fund their stay while they are here.
0:50   They must find a job if they need one, and they have to find proper accommodation.
0:55   If they fail to do so they have to go back home.
0:59   This is what it’s like for all foreign nationals and it also applies to the people who are here now.
1:04   Berge Røsland believes that the situation has to be dealt with on a national level.
1:08   I believe that this is a job for the government.
1:14   Because the people who are here are faced with big challenges and problems in their own countries.
1:21   We also need to work harder on combating poverty in those countries.
1:31   Norway does contribute in that regard, but I believe that we can do even more through the EEA agreement.
1:37   That is the way to improve the quality of life for the people that we see here.
1:41   Their lives aren’t improved by living under a tarpaulin in a park in Oslo.

5 thoughts on “The Occupy Luxury Toyota Movement in Oslo

  1. The wonders of multi culturalism!!!

    The irony about the Gypsies is that their origins began with the Islamic invasion of India. Modern Gypsies are the descendants of mostly Hindus forced out by the Muslim invaders.

    I have run into them in Greece and Turkey and kept them at a distance.

  2. rant on:

    I’m a Serbian-American (no Roma ancestry that I know of) and I live full-time in a motorhome. Unlike what was described in this article, I’m the epitome of being a law-abiding person. I work for a (very modest) living and pay rent in an RV park to use the space and the utilities. I dispose of sewage and trash in an appropriate manner. I don’t make noise or bother anybody.

    I took up this mode of living in order to do IT contract work. When that dried up, I started working in retail. The motorhome provides the freedom to move elsewhere at reasonable cost if another opportunity should open up in the future.

    It irritates the heck out of me that Occupoopers, Roma, and various others give normal people who live in campgrounds a bad name.

    /rant off

  3. Looks like everyone but 1389 is happy. Who cares where they poop. It is organic, eh? Greens must be thrilled. We should not judge, right? Hope you are happy in sanctuarypoopgarbageland. Of course if anyone there had gonads, they be kicked out. Ah well, not Vikingland.

  4. I think I read recently that a Swedish left-wing politician has described Swedish history as mostly barbaric. I presume he was referring to Viking times. The Vikings and their Anglo-Saxon, Jutish and Friesian predecessors may have given the post-Roman Empire a bit of a shake up but they spread democracy throughout the world through the creation of England, whilst retaining it in Scandinavia until now. Their descendants think the Vikings were very naughty and it is now time to hug the third world and democracy can go hang. They are engaged in a mass self-emasculation and extinction exercise. No wonder the heavens are raging, it must be Thor striking his hammer in absolute despair. As regards the Roma, I thought they had all come to London for the Apocolympics, might come up against the muslims from the Sub-continent again there though.

  5. One Norwegian is working hard to get these “campers” into the welfare system, by offering them a job as selling a magazine “Folk er folk”, People are People.

    The politically correct want to let them stay, do whatever they want, and above all, let them keep begging anywhere in the city, and in other Norwegian cities.

    Protection money? What will happen when most of the donors stop giving them money? Will they be more harassing, and more threatening? Will ordinary people who have errands in the streets, be taken hostage if they are not prepared to pay to pass?

    Jagland says showing these Roma people, as they like to call them, the door, as in deportation, is against the human rights…

    Norwegians must, above all, not criticize these folks, according to the PC police.

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