Toronto Madrassa Teaches Jew-Hatred — Authorities Shocked!

Vlad uploaded a lot of videos while I was away — it will take a while to catch up.

This one from SUN TV reports that the Ontario authorities are shocked — shocked! — to discover that a madrassa in Toronto is teaching its charges to be intolerant of Jews.

Who knew?

2 thoughts on “Toronto Madrassa Teaches Jew-Hatred — Authorities Shocked!

  1. I had a rant. It was a rather nice rant, but it was far too predictable in the end and stuffed full of meaningless cliché.

    There’s just no way to respond to this sort of rank stupidity. How can they possibly act shocked that a hating, hateful religion preaches hatred? A religion that names the jews as evil in its holy scripture preaching hate of jews? My god, how could that be‽

  2. You can take it as a given that no madrassa teaches tolerance of Jews and other non-Muslims as this spokesperson naively wishes. Conversely the answer to his musings about whether Muslims are still teaching antisemitism to young children after removing the incriminating lesson from public view, or whether it’s being taught in other Islamic schools, the answer is of course. It’s part and parcel of Muslims’ supremacist beliefs, specified in the Koran and following the example of their ideal and go-to guy for all their opinions, Mohammed. That’s one guy who knows how to carry a grudge (against Jews who refused to join his bizarre pastiche of religions and craziness in its infancy in Medina) and wrote it into the very articles of faith that cannot be altered one iota. Among the staunchest promoters of multicult and Muslim immigration, liberal Jewish leaders have certainly not bothered doing their homework, so contented with disempowering the Euro Christian majority with the multicult Trojan horse. And even if they eventually came to understand the Muslim threat to themselves, by the rules of PC and multicult that they help enforce, you cannot exclude a group of people on the basis of most of them hating you and a significant number trying to kill you. According to these asinine rules where care for oneself by whites at least is called racist or bigoted, Japanese and Germans with Mein Kampf as their “bible” would have been allowed to keep pouring in to Allied countries during WWII.

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