Peace and Safety for All of the People

Every now and then we Counterjihad warriors require a strong purgative, the sort of thing that used to be called a “drench” when administered to an animal. A nasty, bitter dose of medicine to clean out the system and restore our sociopolitical digestive organs to the bloom of health.

The following video produced by Jeunes Européens Fédéralistes (Young European Federalists) performs this admirable hygienic function. Many thanks to Lawman for drawing it to our attention. As he says in his email:

Euro youth celebrating “federalism, subsidiarity — the solution we’ve got!” It’s funny, in a Takuan Seiyo kinda way.

EU got no groove.

Indeed. The JEF provides an equation for the salvation of Europe: Democracy + Subsidiarity + Federalism + Socialism = Utopia.

Welcome to the future!

The 400+ comments on the video are worth skimming. The two most popular are instructive:

This video is cringeworthy.



There are lots of other things to love in the JEF performance, especially if you mute the audio. Watch for the revenant appearance of Lev Bronstein, a.k.a. Leon Trotsky, at 2:23.

Or consider the ethnicity of the composers of this magnificent ballad, as indicated by the surnames in the credits. Thanks, Sweden!

Heck, EU-skeptics may as well make it their theme song. Nothing could be more effective at attracting people of discerning intellect to the cause.

21 thoughts on “Peace and Safety for All of the People

  1. I just got hit by 600kg of solid stupidity for more than 5 minutes, can’t talk now!

  2. Please don’t make me watch this … I haven’t been feeling at all well today as it is, infected testicle tubes are no joke, and now this!

    Where’s the number for NHS24 again …

  3. Subsidiarity?. This word isn’t used in American politics. Is this a term favored by the socialists of Europe? Can someone tell me what it is supposed to imply?

  4. Pay attention to visual details. Why does it start from a lingering close-up of boobs, widening to show said anatomical appendages moving movingly to the beat of the tune?
    Takuan Seiyo

  5. Those drones did not have many entertainment choices – patting a balloon off a bridge was about it. Anodyne squared.

  6. Oh my god! Lousy judgement, poor rhyme and bad singing merged into one.

    Not surprisingly are the two Swedes members and politicians of “Folkpartiet”, the liberal peoples party. With their ambition set on (guess?) the EU parliament.

    The same party that also sports Birgitta Ohlsson, minister of European affairs, who in an article wrote:

    “It is time for those uf us who call ourseoves world citizens to to dust off world federalism as vision for a more righteous world through a global union with a federalistic constitution. Each nation shall give up parts of its national sovereignity.Through a global order conflict can be solved peacefully. A world law shall be made by a democratically elected world parliament, and be upheld by a world police.”

    These two must be her fan club.

  7. omg. Words almost fail me. How were they able to assemble so many ppl lacking any sense of rhythm or grace??

    Not only is that group devoid of diversity, but none of the participants have an iota of talent. In fact, this production would be greatly improved if it could rise to the level of merely awful. That would lend these five minutes a kind of redemption it doesn’t have.

    You have to wonder how much money went into making this travesty – it descends beyond amateur to some unnameable depth. When those who pushed the whole idea of the “EU” onto the hapless citizens of European countries, when those unworthies end up in the Hell surely being constructed for them as we speak, this strange moment in time will be on an endless loop, played very loud, and the perps’ eyeballs will be glued open so that they are forced to view this for eternity…

    BTW, do you think nepotism went into the making of this drek? Are these the children of EU bigshots, chosen for their talent as progeny of the Political Class? Since they appear devoid of other talents, that must be why they were chosen.

    Please, the smelling salts, Betsy Jane…

  8. @ Takaun–

    “moving to the beat”?? Surely you jest.

    @ anon 1–

    No. Korea?? You haven’t seen their parades? Definitely they have a sense of rhythm in their marching which is totally absent in this Purgatory. Besides, they’re way too well-fed.

    BTW, one of my robot words was “spazya”…very apt.

  9. Dymphna,
    Geez, you were not kidding about this wretched clap trap crap they are boldly calling music.

    I will see what I can do ‘about a post on this and I need to go clean my ears, rinse my eyes and mouth.

    Such a diverse group the all white bread hurt me eyes!

  10. na, na, na
    democracy, freedom, subsidiarity..

    Actually a catchy tune, hehe.

    Sorry, I can’t get mad at them. They look so charmingly clumsy. Erasmus generation.

    Also, subsidiarity sounds like a fine principle for a nation. Except Europe is not a single nation as of yet.

  11. This is a nasheed for young European lefties (see article two above this one). The same kids prancing about promising “peace and safety for all of the people” are the ones who mask themselves or associate with those who do and throw rocks or worse at any conservative or just economic gathering and the police who try to keep order. They are communists or their useful idiots behind their smiley faces and blue balloons.

  12. A party political broadcast made into a musical.

    EU And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

  13. Yuguslavia anyone?
    No, that wasn’t enough. A more appropriate song to represent the socialists demented utopia of a united Europe (however it pains me to say it) would be “never enough” by The Cure (pains me to say it because I love the Cure and hurts me to put both ideas together). But that really is the philosophy of socialists: once we grant their whole list of demands, we’d immediately get their next list of demands. Nothing is ever enough, no calamity too great, no disturbance much revolutionary.

    The same idiots that about 20 years ago were proclaiming in Israel “bring out the doves of peace” and “peace is here if you want it”.
    Yes, let’s just ignore who we are, where we came from, where we want to go and pretend it was a happy-go-lucky political union all along. Let’s dilute our identity, let’s wake up one morning and decide we were all Europeans all along(whatever that means POLITICALLY) and pretend the nation state was just a dream, a vivid and realistic dream like like a “Dallas” Bobby and Pamella insultingly bad scripting cop-out!

    Can’t these idiots understand no one is paying attention anymore? Patriotism and nationalism are not evil and problematic. They are virtuous and healthy and the real evil is pretending we are all the same and forcing people to get along.

    Humans have a natural affinity for the familiar. That’s how Nations come about; people that have an affinity for a set of ideals, values, heritage, etc. We cannot ignore natural, cultural and historical imperatives and just pretend we will get along. Trade Federalism is one thing, but this idea of political Federalism across different cultures and peoples has a tendency of not working out remarkably well and ending in tears and blood.

    Look how happy they all look drinking the kool-aid, singing the praise of Big Brother and denouncing the enemies of the party. “thank you sir, may I have another Yuguslavia?”

  14. That’s just it, M.O.B.: I don’t think Europe will ever be a nation. There’s no single culture, language, ethics, values, economy… you might as well try to stitch two farts together!

    Actually, there’s one thing that unites Europeans, or at least most of them, but it is also the only thing these marxist fanactics wouldn’t touch: Europeans are Westerners.
    Too bad these children of “tomorrow” – the peacenik zombies – don’t see it that way.


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