Verdict in Rochdale: Guilty

The Rochdale Eight

The verdict is in for the grooming and pimping case in Rochdale, and nine men have been found guilty. The Mohammed Coefficient of the case (among the perpetrators who were named) was 25%.

One of our British readers sent us his observations on the verdict and the way the news was handled by the media:

The UK court case against a number of ‘Asian’ men for child sex exploitation has just concluded. The details can be found on any UK press website.

It is interesting to revisit the UK CEOPS service report on this criminal activity and the following paragraph:

Caution should be taken in drawing conclusions about ethnicity due to the relatively small number of areas where agencies have been proactive around this particular type of crime. We do not draw national conclusions about ethnicity from the data available at this time because it is too inconsistent. Further research would be needed to examine whether the ethnic breakdown reflects issues that need to be addressed within a community context, local demographics of the areas from which data is drawn, an unconscious bias among agency responses or other factors that need to be explored.

In relation to ethnicity, the data was often recorded to a particularly poor standard at the point of capture. ‘Ethnicity’ was often conflated with ‘nationality’ and neither factor captured according to a conventional or standardised classification scheme. Within the available dataset there was a significant difference between the groups. For groups one and two combined, the ethnicity of 38% of the offenders was unknown, 30% were white, 28% Asian, 3% Black and 0.16% Chinese. When only group one was analysed, the offenders were found to be 38% white, 32% unknown, 26% Asian, 3% Black, and 0.2% Chinese.

As the Brilliant El Ingles has already said: if 28% of the offenders were ‘Asian’, that is a large proportion of a minority population compared to the 30% of offenders who were ‘white’ and from a much larger population as a whole.

The police are busy rushing around trying to cover this one up and saying it has nothing to do with race, nothing to do with race — they are right of course, but it does have a lot to do with Islamic attitudes towards females. The BBC socialists quickly mentioned the ‘far right’ riots that the case caused. But it was not the far right: it was angry white people who had nothing to lose who rioted.

They were also the people who knew that their daughters had been or still were at risk. Their parenting skills could, of course, be questioned, as these young girls had been out on their own at a very early age. Nevertheless, it is a grievous crime and one which the ‘Asian’ community needs to deal with… and I don’t mean Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.

Below are some excerpts from The Daily Mail concerning the verdict in Rochdale. The details of the case are gruesome, so the worst descriptions have been omitted:

Nine men were today found guilty of grooming and passing round vulnerable white schoolgirls aged between 13 and 15 for sex after plying them with alcohol and drugs.

Five girls were ‘shared’ by Kabeer Hassan, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Rauf, Mohammed Sajid, Adil Khan, Abdul Qayyum, Mohammed Amin, Hamid Safi and a 59-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The ten-week trial was told that the men — who are all from Pakistan, some from the same village, apart from Safi who is from Afghanistan — groomed the teenage girls because they were vulnerable and from broken homes.

The jury of three men and nine women heard that the defendants plied the girls, some as young as 13, with fast food, drink and drugs so they could ‘pass them around’ and use them for sex.

The victims were picked up from ‘honeypot locations’ where teenagers congregate, such as outside takeaway restaurants, and were then taken to ‘chill houses’ around the north of England for sex.

The “59-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons” still intrigues me. Why is it that he can’t be named? Do any of our British readers know?

Hat tip for the Mail article: watling.

20 thoughts on “Verdict in Rochdale: Guilty

  1. The “59-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons” still intrigues me. Why is it that he can’t be named? Do any of our British readers know?

    I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that he is also a defendant in another case. His name will be withheld for the time being to avoid prejudicing the jury in that case.

  2. “Their parenting skills could, of course, be questioned, as these young girls had been out on their own at a very early age. Nevertheless,…”

    nevertheless, there was never an excuse to abuse them.
    i saw how the plod tried to cover up the Pakistani Muslim angle.
    i also noted on the bbc site how one Pakistani community leader said there was a problem in his community.
    maybe the plod need some education from him.
    they certainly have to get some from somewhere.

  3. My guess is this 59-year-old has diplomatic immunity or he turned over and is providing the state with evidence.

  4. Edwin G. & Anon —

    Thank you; those are useful (and plausible) hypotheses.

    I also wondered if the unnamed man had perhaps turned what we call “state’s evidence” (and I think you call “Queen’s evidence”), and is being protected for that reason.

  5. This is definitely a Mohammedan issue, but is also found in Hindu and Buddhist cultures as well (in all cases, families routinely sell or pimp out their daughters). In ANY society where the women of the culture are not seen equally valuable spriritually (or economically…since “housekeeping”, which can be back-breaking, is often seen as of no value) as the men, we see this behavior towards young girls.

    And once again, if it were not for the UK’s complete near-lack of religion (i.e. Christianity) and morality this would not have happened. Younger and younger children are seen as sex-objects, and in fact pressured into drinking and doing drugs at young ages by their peers, pop culture, and even the examples they see from their “parents”.

    When a puppy gets mauled/killed in the street by a pit-bull, who is to blame; the owner of the pit-bull who lets the dog roam the neighborhood without a leash or the owners of the puppy who did not pay attention so as to ensure its safety? The answer is of course both.

  6. If anyone wants to know the name of the guy, it is Shabir Ahmed. Here is a list of the 11 defendants and you only need to check the 10 that have been named previously, to confirm the person who hasn’t been named in the press.

    Now, they list him as being 59, but it isn’t unusual for the press to change details, especially if they are trying to protect his identity.

    Let’s pretend he is 49 and the press have been told to say that he is either 59 or 39.

    Interestingly, some with the exact same name, Shabir Ahmed, was done for child sex grooming/rape this week, in the North of England.

    Anyway, it might just be a coincidence, but at least you know the name now. I loves the internet me, you just can’t keep a secret. The police must hate people like me.

  7. Not sure, Road Hog, that the man named in the telegraph article is the same man – just same name.
    If you read the Daily Mail article you will find that the, unnamed. “ringleader” is aged 59 and had to be removed from court for calling the judge and jury “racist”.

    I suspect the case against him is somewhat ongoing and further revelations will appear (and not from allaaaarh).
    The wraps have been on this case from the start with an almost total media blackout.When the first whispers appeared some long time ago it was suggested that 40 odd men were involved so I much suspect that there will be further cases and the “ringleader” probably has more charges pending.
    The case was heard at Liverpool Crown Court. Interesting since there are several Crown Courts closer to Rochdale.

  8. @Qualis Rex,

    “And once again, if it were not for the UK’s complete near-lack of religion (i.e. Christianity) and morality this would not have happened”

    There is a tendency in this comments section to fall into the cultural relativism trap set by the multikulti agenda. In this case that is to blame the moral vulnerabilities of the indigenous culture.


    Jolie Rouge

  9. Quote:
    “Their parenting skills could, of course, be questioned, as these young girls had been out on their own at a very early age. Nevertheless,…”

    Their parenting skills?
    No, I think their parenting skills are just fine.
    What they need is access to and license for physical force, and the will to use it to defend the ethnic British community.

  10. Quote:
    This is definitely a Mohammedan issue, but is also found in Hindu and Buddhist cultures as well (in all cases, families routinely sell or pimp out their daughters).

    Oriental morality?
    Oriental ethics?
    In the West, these practices should be abhorrent and those importing and trying to institute them here should be humiliated endlessly.

  11. Tweet appeal:

    “After an investigation, Mr Justice Clifton concluded that, despite the fact Mr Griffin’s tweet was “100 per cent accurate”, no juror had disclosed their secret deliberations to the outside world.”

  12. Jolie Rouge


    I agree wholeheartedly. And I assure you my comments and sentiments are the furthest thing from cultural relativism; I am an extreme cultural elitist. I believe “Christian culture” and the morality steming from it, which ended millenia of savagery on the European continent under pagan rule is the standard by which all cultures should be judged. And this includes the current “culture” (or lack thereof) of the indigenous populations, in this case the UK.

    To wring our hands and moan “Oh, the English are just poor victims…” is to be both dishonest and counterproductive to understanding and (hopefully) resolving this “cause and effect”. Do you not agree that incidents like these could be decreased by taking measures such as a) supressing young children from dressing provacatively b) censuring sexualized messages in pop-culture aimed at children c) championing virtues such as abstinence, moderation and patience d) instilling faith-based morality e) community-based pride in protecting at-risk children through after-school programmes etc?

    Clearly, from the testimonies of some of these victims (and we heard similar views from the Somali “victims” in the US as well) they simply did not know or feel that what they were doing (i.e. hanging out with and socializing/drinking/doing drugs with older men) was wrong until it was too late. Do you not think that empowering English youth with such knowledge would help in deterring future cases?

    I have news for you here: if you are simply going to rely on the UK police to “handle this” very complex but diabolic issue, they will only do so AFTER the damage is already done.

  13. Egghead here: Great newspaper article above by The Independent newspaper. I have excerpted some relevant statements with my comments beneath each.

    “A failure in 2008 to believe a 15-year-old girl’s evidence that she had been systematically groomed at the hands of a network of taxi drivers and takeaway workers in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, led to at least two more years of abuse being meted out to the gang’s victims, many of whom have still not come forward.”

    Did law enforcement officials ‘fail’ to believe the victims OR were the relevant officials either 1) Muslim officials who refused to prosecute under Sharia Law or even participants in sex victimization, and/or 2) non-Muslim officials paid by Muslim gangs to look the other way or even participants in sex victimization?

    “Police interviewed 47 potential victims but proceedings were only bought in connection with five of them.”

    In the United States, the victims might join a class action suit to take the personal assets of the criminals. Unfortunately, those famous ‘moderate’ Muslims (that we are always hearing about without ever seeing) have shielded their mosques from civil legal suits by holding their property in Islamic trusts designed to shield Muslim assets from civil suits brought by the victims of terrorism and sex victimization – in addition to any other common Sharia Law enactments and sedition actively ‘preached’ by mosques.

    “The trial led to violent disturbances in Heywood near Rochdale where the grooming took place, with gangs of white youths attacking local Asian-owned businesses where some of the men previously worked.”

    This was the FIRST that I heard that the businesses attacked had associations to the criminal Muslims. It appears that this was simply store front prostitution (as sometimes happens in cities): Would you like a white girl with that kebab?!


  14. Egghead here again:

    “Far-right groups held demonstrations outside the court, prompting two Asian barristers to pull out of the trial, fearing retribution.”

    Interesting that a multi-culti society would feel the need to identify barristers as being Asian. Do Asian barristers practice the same law as English barristers? Do Asian barristers practice English law or Sharia Law?

    “It can also be revealed that Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, almost caused the collapse of the trial by prematurely tweeting that seven verdicts had been reached.”

    OK, Nick. Do we seriously need to tell you to STOP tweeting at the end of important trials? ARGH.

    “In the end, the panel of nine women and three men took five days to find …[the accused men] guilty of exploiting the five young victims on 25 of the 35 charges they faced.”

    Note that these women would NOT be jurors under Sharia Law. Note that the jury ‘cleared’ the accused men of 10 charges. One wonders what charges….

    “The men, who were predominantly of Pakistani descent, passed the girls around the network, paying their victims to recruit other young people for them to abuse. A teenage girl referred to by the gang as the ‘Honey Monster’, who helped procure victims, was not charged in the public interest.”

    Eew! Is the ‘Honey Monster’ a Muslima?

    “Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North-west, who reversed the CPS’s decision not to proceed with the case when he was appointed, said lawyers had been “wrong”. He added that he would apologise personally to the victim.”

    Interesting Asian name there….

    “The case has resulted in a comprehensive review of child exploitation in Greater Manchester, with 9,000 children in Rochdale having now received lessons on the subject. Agencies are still trying to establish the full extent of the offending and to find better ways of combating it.”

    One wonders what lessons can have been taught to the children? Were the children advised to stay away from Muslim men? Highly doubtful!

    “Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, accused Pakistani community elders of ‘burying their heads in the sand’ on the issue of on-street grooming.”

    “He said: ‘There is a significant problem for the British Pakistani community; there is an over-representation amongst recent convictions in the crime of on-street grooming. There should be no silence in addressing the issue of race as this is central to the actions of these criminals. They think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought; it is this sort of behaviour that is bringing shame on our community.'”

    Ah, a mythical ‘moderate’ Muslim appears just in time. Please, Mr. Moderate Muslim, please tell us again WHY Muslim community elders and sexual victimizers believe that white teenage girls are worthless? Would that be because Islam instructs that all male and female non-Muslims are worthless – worse yet, fully worthy of being tortured and murdered?


  15. Egghead once more:

    “A spokeswoman for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre said such offences are committed by “all cultures and ethnicities”, but conceded that Asian males had been involved in a number of cases of organised grooming.”

    Sexual victimization is a moral crime in most cultures whereas sexual victimization is a moral imperative in Islam!

    “Greater Manchester Police said only 5 per cent of those on its convicted sex offenders register were Asian males. “It is not a racial issue. This is about adults preying on vulnerable young children. It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men,” said Mr Heywood.”

    Well, if law enforcement ‘fails’ to prosecute sexual victimization perpetrated by Muslim males, then those males will be unrepresented in crime statistics.

    Plus, using the model of Mohammed, once Sharia Law is enacted, Muslim men are NEVER convicted of rape because FOUR Muslim men must testify to having witnessed the actual occurrence of rape – and that NEVER NEVER NEVER happens!


    Guilty: the gang who groomed girls for sex – Police missed chance to break up Rochdale ring two years before reign of terror was finally ended

  16. @Qualis Rex,

    The knee jerk reaction here is almost one of burqa-up our neighbours teenage daughters and keep them off the streets. Were the Egyptian Copts subdued because of a few ‘wayward’ daughters?

    These acts are the rape and pillage of a conquering army perpetrated against a subdued if not defeated people, acts that have been aided and abetted by Government institutions.

    The danger is that we are manipulated by their actions and moralise ourselves into sharia law, cover up your daughters and run for the hills!

    Jolie Rouge

  17. The ’59 year old man who cannot be named’ is listed as a defendant in the Liverpool County Court order of business for the days of the trial.

    If you want to know his name, you can find it there

    It does look likely that he is involved in another trial, which is why he – a convicted criminal – cannot be named.

  18. These girls wer’nt the run of your mill teenagers, well just about with the 13 year old. These girls met with the guys over a no. of months, they knew what they were doing until 1 of the friends got pregnant, and their goes a spanner in the works for them, how she gona explain to daddy, mummy. They were manipulative and knew how to play these dum men, why were they no modern british asain lads, because they can see threw girls of this nature, that will happily swap sex, company, a place to hang out, cannabis, liquor etc etc. Im not saying what they did was’nt wrong, underage is underage, FULL STOP, just saying it should be a warning how some girls are happy until they dont get what they want, for eg. The drugs etc stop, someone gets pregnant and have to explain to their family..

  19. The organized gang of Muslim men were criminals who groomed and pimped young troubled white girls from broken homes. The fact that the organized gang of Muslim men chose white girls shows that 1) the Muslim men knew that their behavior was wrong because they omitted to victimize Muslim girls, and 2) the Muslim men were racist for choosing white girls instead of Muslim girls to victimize.

    Although the Muslim gang may have initially enticed the girls via cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, it seems clear that the Muslim gang quickly and convincingly entrapped the girls via the threat of severe violence (and potential murder) that either was – or might easily be – inflicted upon the girls and their friends and families. The situation was made completely and infinitely worse – and the threat of violence made more real – by the abject failure of both social services and police to act upon the valid legal complaints of one or more girl victims against the Muslim gang.

    These girls were child sacrifices upon the pagan altar of political correctness.


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