Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/7/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/7/2012I returned a little while ago to Schloss Bodissey after a few days away, and found a big pile of emails on my virtual doorstep. What a surprise! I’ve collected as many as I could for the news feed.

From a Eurocentric point of view, the big news over the weekend was the French presidential election. French voters chose the socialist policies of François Hollande over the… well, whatever the policies of Nicolas Sarkozy were. Beyond getting himself re-elected, I’m not sure what the incumbent stood for.

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/7/2012

  1. I think the news out of Greece warrants at least a mention – the failure of the main parties to reach a majority combined and needed for a coalition is huge. That, and the rise of the political extreme parties from both the left and right makes for quite a headline.

    In any case, glad to have you back, looking forward to your commentary on things as they unfold!

  2. The French have just voted for higher taxes and more immigration. The stupidity of the electorate never ceases to amaze me.
    Paris Claims

  3. Holland is a demagog, speaking to those with lesser intellectual capacity.

    Just like in the US they have been electing “Change”.

    His slogan was “Change is now”.

    – Same, same

  4. “The French have just voted for higher taxes and more immigration. The stupidity of the electorate never ceases to amaze me.”

    Yes, but I think there was still something good to the elections: Marine Le Pen scored the best result ever for the Front National. That’s got to count for something.

  5. Dymphna & Baron

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    For them, in particular, it might be interesting to have a look at the following.

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