Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/19/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/19/2012An author and former Christian missionary in Murfreesboro, Tennessee wants Christians to reach out in friendship to Muslims. He says that’s what Jesus would have done.

Meanwhile, Muslims in Kansas rallied in front of the statehouse to protest against the newly-passed “American Laws for American Courts” bill. They urged Gov. Brownback not to sign the Islamophobic bill into law.

In other news, if you live in England, make sure you don’t miss the “invisible art” exhibition in the Hayward Gallery in London. It’s certain to be the most significant aesthetic event of the 21st century. Interestingly enough, the architectural style of the Hayward Gallery is listed as “Brutalist”.

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4 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/19/2012

  1. Did you forget to put quotes around “islamophobic” law?

    Actually, the Kansan muslims should have nothing to protest. After all, they must know they are now living in a country where the Constitution is the law of the land, making sharia de facto illegal. Do they not understand this?

  2. Sulekha Ali Omar is the first
    Somali ballet dancer
    to graduate from the National academy of arts in Oslo

    – The asylum questions that mustn’t be asked

    Interviewed by Klassekampen, Omar remembers growing up in her family’s wonderful papaya garden in Kenya. But, why did her mother break up, with her daughters in towm from a comfortable middle class life in Kenya, to seek asylum in the North of Europe? Klassekampen doesn’t ask that question.

    Couldn’t possibly ask such a question referring to the asylum industry. still takes the liberty to do so despite the pc consensus.

  3. Talented policeman on duty in hospital after lying on the ground being
    kicked in the head and jumped upon in Oslo

    By an “Asian” and an “African”, who must have seen that the policeman and his female colleagues were on duty as they had held up their police identity cards as they were checking id on the “Asian” and the “African”, outside the Trafalgar bar, just around the corner from where many of the Stortinget politicians reside, and a couple of stone throws from Stoltenberg’s residence.

    A journalist from “Ditt Oslo”, Your Oslo, who happened to follow the police in their work this Saturday night, felt the attack was an attempted homicide

    – I thought he was dying, says Vidar Bakken, Ditt Oslo.

    The policewoman managed to come to her colleague’s rescue, making the violent foreigners run away. The policeman is now in hospital with a fractured skull.

    In general, as you are not allowed to use any kind of weapon to protect yourself, the police recommend the public not to do anything but try to push away an attacker and then call the police…. – Order from Stoltenberg regime?

    Now that even the police is being culturally enriched in Oslo, will they in any way beg to differ?

    What do the politicians think?

  4. Policeman kicked in the head

    His colleagues are shaken, according to VG, by the brutality of the violence

    – Frightening, Arne Solberg, Chief at the Majorstuen police station, says about the brutality

    Fact is that this is a brutality that was imported years ago now. Many are the Norwegians who have been kicked this way in the head lying on the ground. Nothing new here.

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