Today is the third annual “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. In honor of the occasion, Proud Kafir has contributed his latest impression of Islam’s prophet:

Muhammad: Busted!
(Click the small image to see a larger version, or visit Vlad’s place.)

Thank you, Proud Kafir!

I don’t know how many people will observe EDMD this year — interest tailed off after the first year — but this blog is a staunch upholder of tradition. May the blasphemous Mohammeds multiply!

3 thoughts on “EDMD #3

  1. i know you won’t approved this comment but you can read the answer here:


    Noted that Aisyah involved in a lot of battle. 9 years old girl cannot even lift a heavy sword properly, what’s more handled a number of injured wounded men nearby the battle fields.

    funny, that your ancestors never raised issue about marrying young girl.. so is that a problem or a norm in the past?

    what is the problem of making fun on what people believe instead of seeking the truth and real answer? you hate people makes fun of yourself, yet you are doing it for the sake of free speech.

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