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As mentioned here previously, earlier this month a group of Salafist radicals attacked members of Pro-NRW during a street demonstration in Bonn. One of the Islamic radicals on the scene that day was the cute ’n’ cuddly Reda Seyam.

Below is Mr. Seyam’s answer to a question posed by a reporter from Spiegel TV regarding his participation in the riots in Bonn on May 5, 2012. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A full transcript is below the jump:

00:02   Berlin, Friday morning. Spiegel TV is on its way
00:06   to Reda Seyam, one of the main Islamists in Germany.
00:10   He was last seen at the Salafist riots in Bonn.
00:13   ‘Reda Seyam!
00:15   Mr. Seyam, for Spiegel TV, Hello.
00:17   You were also in Bonn, why were you there?’
00:20   ‘Make no questions.’
00:22   ‘Mr. Seyam, what are you doing?’
00:24   ‘Make no questions.’
00:26   ‘What are you doing?’ R.S. – ‘Make no questions!’
00:31   Bring here the camera.
00:33   Give me the camera.
00:35   GIVE ME THE CAMERA!!!’ Reporter: ‘Mr. Seyam!’
00:39   ‘Give me…’ (growls)
00:41   The attack on the freedom of the press ends with material damages
00:45   worth thousands of euros, and for Reda Seyam a formal
00:49   charge from the police due to an attempt to cause serious injuries.
00:52   More on this Sunday evening at 22:15 from Spiegel TV in RTL.

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3 thoughts on “No Paparazzi!

  1. Violence and force.

    The Islamic’s instantaneous answers to every question.

    It’s wearing thinner and thinner, Muslims.

  2. ChristianInfidel says:

    Welcome to Islam, Spiegel TV. This is what Muhammad baked in his oven of power-lust. Mr. Seyam’s only fault is that he is overplaying his hand. He should be more circumspect until enough societal power has been secured to make this type of action effective.

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