The Skeletal Outlines of Islam’s Rage

Diana West has written with insight and wisdom about the debacle which constitutes our presence in Afghanistan.

A recent essay of hers puts the murder of the six members of our military by Afghan security personnel in its proper context — i.e., another example of lethal, treacherous Muslim Rage.

What was it that Zenster termed this characterological aspect of Islam, this tendency to murderous tantrums? The wording may not be exact here, but he diagnosed their reactivity as the result of inhabiting the thinnest of emotional skins whilst being forced to live in a sandpaper world. An apt summation of the insoluble problem; at least insoluble for the West. For jihadists, this thin-skinned, always-about-to-go-off trait probably serves well. It keeps them ready to lash out instantly in what Michael Coren has called a kind of lust for death. The deaths of infidels is the intention, but far more Muslims die for the faith of their fellow Muslims — collateral damage and a callous disregard for human life. They merely follow in the footsteps of their Prophet.

In the essay, Ms. West gives us a timeline for Rage Reactions. These are the incidents that draw the attention of Western jornolists like flies seeking carrion. The ghoulish observations are often simply jihad porn, ensuring that the killings will continue unabated.

In a “the-foot-bone’s-connected-to-the-ankle-bone” connectivity, Ms. West lays out this time line in order to show that they’re not isolated incidents. Instead, “…They fit into a pattern that above all spreads “dhimmitude,”… in thrall to Islamic law.” In other words, if the Western people watch long enough, it’ll scare them into line.

As she says, she couldn’t possibly cover all the bases — who could possibly keep up? — so she singles out some of the more egregious examples, working backwards from 2011 to 2005:

  • Pastor Jones Rage: He burns a Koran and they’re off to the races. Afghan “rioters” seized by rage would be a yawn had they not murdered seven people as they overran a UN outpost.
  • “Fitna” Rage in 2008: Unable to wait for the actual release Geert Wilders’ film, Ragers decided the idea of its existence was sufficient reason for arson, boycotts, death threats, etc. So what else is new? Oh right — the dhimmi Dutch put Wilders on trial for “insulting Muslims”. Considering that we insult Muslims by clinging (bitterly) to our infidel status, this judicial point is obscure.
  • 2007 brought one of my favorites in the on-going Islamic theatre of the absurdly trivial: Teddy Bear Rage in Sudan. The Baron wrote up the particulars back then. The tear-swollen face of that innocent teacher stayed with me for a long time.
  • Of course, that bear followed logically (logically if you love to blow stuff up) from the 2006 Pope Rage. Benedict had the gall to note a historic reference to Islam’s tendency to violence. So of course they made his case by burning churches and killing a nun.
  • From there, Ms. West leads us back to one of the mother lodes: the Mo Cartoon Rage, generated entirely by a Danish imam who went to the Middle East with pictures — and made up some stuff of his own — to pour a little kerosene and begin to play with matches. The cartoons had been reported months before to no effect, so he needed to generate some income & fame devout spiritual feelings among his fellow Muslims. This means, of course, that with no Danes to hand, they started killing one another.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
It’s an interesting skeleton all right. But the head bone is missing. I mean the beginning of the beginning, which we all treated as an isolated event from those wild and crazy ayatollahs in Iran. We did this because we’re normal and we were all busy leading normal lives.

Remember Salman Rushdie Rage?

That’s Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie for you and me. Since 1989, he’s been living with a renewable fatwa hanging over his head. According to the long wiki, he says he gets a “kind of Valentine’s Day card” every February 14th or thereabouts, reminding him of his status as a wanted man.

His case is a good example of what happens when everyone starts to age out: the long toothed lions still roar, but the object of their affection leads his life pretty much in public now. Not as public as it might have been, but not holed up in a witness protection program, either.

Meanwhile the Younger Turks (so to speak) in Iran have larger goals what with their BIG BOMB(s). No one-off for them: they’re leaving and taking as many of us as possible with them.

But another aspect of this public rage business: no matter how protracted (ask the poor Danes at that newspaper) it’s window dressing. It’s a distraction from the real thing: stealth jihad. The real thing is The Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover by bureaucracy and intimidation. Bureaucracy in the West, intimidation in the Middle East and North Africa. They never give up, they never forget, and they keep moving toward their totalitarian and most dystopian Ummah.

For those of you old enough to remember when the Communist threat was real, think of this as a variaion: it’s Communism without the atheism. Just as bloody perhaps, but much more sadistic.

It’s a cultural thing; we wouldn’t understand.

15 thoughts on “The Skeletal Outlines of Islam’s Rage

  1. The fact is that we need to empathize with Islam, mentally not literally, in order to see it for what it is.

    When I’m feeling touchy and oversensitive, that’s a clue that my underlying beliefs don’t have a leg to stand on. Islam is foundationless, it’s a quasi-religious political cult, much like communism as per the Baron.

    Now about when Muslims go wild.

    How to deal with its followers who shake in fear and hate, every time you do look at them the wrong way.

    My last post about this seemed to disappeared a few articles back, so I will repeat my point about spazzing, and hopefully do a better job this time:

    spaz (spaz) To freak out, often with the physical flailing or facial contortion that accompanies a greatly agitated mind.

    Spazzing is often hilarious, it’s an element in many sitcoms all the way back to silent movies. Also in stand up.

    When, however, you see people (who are not comedians) spaz out, take note: that means they feel weak. It means they are on the very edge of losing the argument. If they are your enemy, you should know that you are right at the point of victory. You need only laugh and enjoy the spazzing. It is funny.

    Don’t get me wrong. We don’t need to instigate anything here; the Muslim’s sandpaper world will do all the agitation needed to bring reality to the surface. I don’t fear spazzing when I see it: I feel good. It’s what happens when irrationality meets a rational world. It’s what is supposed to happen. It’s what will always happen. Spazzing is important, it is oil and water separating.

    Eventually this correct response, laughing, will be the way the correction will begin to take place, if in fact it ever does. The tide will turn when some true leader will inspire and say eloquently “who cares?”.

    Normally our leaders are slightly resistant in their dhimitude toward Muslims, for good reason. But when they see spazzing, they immediately grovel in dhimmitude and fear. What is that?

  2. …don’t fear spazzing when I see it: I feel good. It’s what happens when irrationality meets a rational world….

    Having worked with some people who lose control – the Ragers – I do fear them if I’m in physical reach. It’s a sign that they’re deeply enmeshed with shame, a shame they’ve learned to ‘cure’ by violence.

    When one has a small child out of control with an overwhelm of rage, often holding them closely and soothing them helps. But by the age for four or so, in an optimal setting, a child has learned to contain himself enough to be self-soothing.

    From what I can see of Middle Eastern culture, this is not taught to little boys. So they grow up, spazz out, and blow stuff up.

    Not amusing, imho. Suffering? Sure – but the kind of suffering that want you to come along with it.

  3. I get what ‘spazzing’ is, and Sun Tzu had a saying that if your enemy is quick to temper, then irritate him as much as possible, or words to that effect. And Sun Tzu’s point was, that an irritable enemy is an enemy that will be quickly defeated, and going on that thought, I have had during my life many physical encounters with individuals with whom I was in disagreement with which often ended up in fisticuffs. I found that by ‘egging’ my opponent through insulting him, with whatever came into my mind at the time, would often get his temper up which would then give me the physical advantage.

    This kind of thinking also came in very handy at times when I was working as a police officer and wished to effect a quick arrest without undue physical activity on my part. It is much easier to manhandle the intemperate than it is the careful thinker!

    I can understand Dympthna’s reluctance to embrace Sol/you new, comment concerning ‘spazzing’ as not everyone is mentally and physically capable of handling the ‘spazzer’ when they lose control.

    Ms. West’s post raises a good arguing point that may also be used against Islam’s enablers when she writes; ‘we insult Muslims by clinging (bitterly) to our infidel status’. When a Human Rights Court decides to arraign the next dhimmi to answer for insulting Islam, maybe the dhimmi could challenge the jumped up bureaucrat sitting at the bench, or the treasonous judge, by echoing Ms West’s very fine point.

  4. @ nemesis-

    oops. I wasn’t careful in separating out what Diana West said from my own editorial comments. That one you compliment is mine own idea 😉

    Re the deliberate racheting up the other’s anger. Much easier to remain in control when you’re the officer at the scene. Not so good for a social worker, though. Nor with the mentally ill. And who can really find the dividing line with emotional deficits?

    I was very good at calming angry situations since my motive was to find a way past the potential violence. Wouldn’t work with some cultures however…

    Admittedly, I’ve heard the same thing from officers at the scene. But better they (and you) than me.I’d rapidly become a cynic, I fear.

  5. Dymphna….then I remove the compliment from Ms. West and place it within your realm. It is a good point to remember!

  6. There is pretty well no introspection or accountability in Islam or Arabic culture. This infantile attitude is toxic coupled with supremacism i.e. the belief that one is superior (merely through one’s loyalty to the bordello owner in the sky, Allah). The Muslim/Arab male never considers himself or his culture/ideology/religion in anyway responsible for any problem that crops up in his life. It is always external, someone else’s fault, either his good for nothing women folk or some infidel nation, primarily the USA and Israel. And the response is always violence toward the external imaginary “cause” of his problem(s). Imagine the quandary of the Muslim/Arab male. He’s been taught that Allah’s ways are superior and he is superior for following them. Yet his Muslim country is a backward swamp. He moves to a western country where his standard of living is immediately improved, whether on Welfare or being allowed to progress as far as his brains and work habits will take him but the same is true for his infidel inferiors. In fact, their entire country has greater riches than his home swamp. What dissonance for the devout Muslim! How can infidels reap greater rewards on an earth belonging to Allah than his most devoted followers? This intolerable situation must be corrected by putting the infidel in his dhimmi place, bowing to his moral (Muslim) superiors. And from this stew of frustration and rage spring the most ambitious plans such as the Iranian nuclear program and 9/11 to the pettiest riots over imaginary slights like teddy bears named Mohammed, “insulting” ice cream swirls or piggy banks, even the mere rumor of insufficient deference shown to Korans that Muslims themselves gaily turn into confetti when they blow up each others’ mosques. In other words, how dare we be more successful than our betters! How dare we be more! How dare we be! How dare we!

  7. Hey Nemesis, Dymphna

    Dymphna, stay out of physical reach please of course. Yes, we shouldn’t laugh at a child who is flailing from parental abuse. We should laugh at groups acting out a mass narcissist cult around a billion people though, we should because it’s a useful strategy that will get Islam to self-destruct in the most compassionate way possible.

    Nemesis, Yeah that’s close to what I meant, but I was clear saying that we only have to let them do their thing. The principles you mentioned are necessary for the fighting side of the picture but not the general way to let Islam self destruct.

    I want to create a way to respond to this without strengthening the very problem, as do the political and media apologists who pour out of the woodwork to offer their condolences every time there is a spazztastic event.

    First, I’m not going to be a nice robot and reinforce bad behavior.

    In fact, we should let IT go berserk, laugh and back off for the most part. Let IT destroy ITSELF and expose IT’S beliefs and IT’S true feelings for all to see. But is IT an ideology, a religion, a cult, a mental illness? Demonic possession? Your choice of words, it doesn’t matter. IT’S bad news whatever IT is and let’s try to figure out how to kill IT, stop IT or at least seriously nullify ITs harmfulness for the time being. Instead of doing what we are doing now, which is making IT stronger.

    Then again, I really wish we could be nice and they would be nice back. Which is pretty much the European “solution” to immigration as you might have noticed. And GOV does exist, ergo, that solution is a big fail.

    You, Mrs. D, have the peace of spiritual religion, the wisdom of Jesus and Christianity. Islam is an insanely materialistic religious placebo that offers only a shaky peace, this handed from generation to generation for well over a thousand years. Have you ever thought what that would be like to have Islam as your life’s main philosophy? Shaky ground makes mom and dad uncentered not to mention the billion kids who suffer this.

    I mentioned once here, that there is a Buddhist teaching about compassion called “stupid compassion.” Stupid compassion is when you try to help people but what you do ends up not helping.

    Stupid compassion is wrong. It’s not real compassion, it doesn’t benefit beings. The Buddha understood fake compassion and PC in every area including in religion and explained it, thousands of years ago. Understanding PC and superficial benefit is well documented from back then, people just don’t take advice much.

    Anyway. Make happy feelings now, hell to pay later, as Zenster would be apt to say.

    According to the tradition called Buddhism, when you notice your compassion is not really beneficial, you have to change your approach very quickly. Any hesitation and you take on negative karma for keeping the bogus compassion going. Caring means you are open to change, if it is required to actualize the highest good. Being frozen in feel-good catatonia is for the San Francisco Pro-agressive Buddhists only.

    The nature of the structure of Islamic thinking renders the human beings who calls themselves Muslim temporarily immune to transcendant value, by which I mean it makes them unmystical and spiritually ruined. Yeah, I want to help those people, but I don’t want to do the things that everyone thinks I should be doing to help them. Because they don’t help.

    When humans who call themselves Muslims are up in arms, it is natural step for them to move towards a self-destruction: They dance on the dangerous, glass-edged eggshells of their own imaginations. Try to think of it this way: It’s the right dance that should be occuring for the situation in their minds. We can’t change that, only decide to ethically go with or wrestle against natural movement, cycles and tendencies.

  8. Laine: “…bordello owner in the sky, Allah….” Ha!

    “…Muslims themselves gaily turn into confetti when they blow up each others’ mosques.” Ha!

    Sol/You New: Compassionate for whom? The people murdering all of the other people? A lot of people are going to ‘become confetti’ before everyone sits around a campfire laughing about the ‘bordello owner in the sky.’

    Although useful, has laughter ever stopped any tyrant?


  9. The air is thick with irony: “What was it that Zenster termed this characterological aspect of Islam, this tendency to murderous tantrums?”

    This, on the day of this: BALANDI, Afghanistan (AP) — An American soldier opened fire on villagers near his base in southern Afghanistan Sunday and killed 16 civilians, according to President Hamid Karzai, who called it an “assassination” and furiously demanded an explanation from Washington. Nine children and three women were among the dead.

    I’d call that a murderous tantrum.

    The explanation that Karzai wants can only be this: our army consists of mortal and imperfect men. This one went rogue. We have the death penalty for murder and he’ll be dealt with according to our laws. We do not permit or wink at such conduct.

  10. Anonymous 3:50Pm. There are reports that the soldier who did the killing had suffered a nervous breakdown prior to the deed. How someone who has suffered a mental collapse can still have access to weaponry is beyond me. His immediate superiors will be doing a lot of talking no doubt.

    Laine….what a great summation of the ‘religion of peace’. You have perfectly placed all that is wrong with Islam within your comment.

    Sol…..I do believe that Islam’s goal will be defeated within the West once the ‘progressives’ who now rule our lands are consigned to the waste bin of history. But, no amount of laughing will achieve this I’m afraid as it will eventually and through necessity, come down to a fight of some kind.

  11. Hi Ms. Egghead,

    Nemesis illustrated how it can help to take down tyrants.

    Indifference or laughter needs to replace all apologies from, here on out, as our new response to Islamic acting out. Negative behavior deserves negative reinforcement, not positive reinforcement like…

    “obama apologizes to”
    “obama apologizes for”
    “apologizes to muslim”
    “apologies for quran”
    “apologizes to islamic”
    “apologizes to christian”
    “apologizes to hindus”
    “apologizes to bozo the clown”
    “submission to allah”
    “war on infidels”

    You New

  12. Hey, Nemesis,

    I agree as I have for years here, that the pro-agressives are the main problem. I mentioned that spazzing is a sign of great weakness and how to deal with it in a much more effective way.

    C’mon, you don’t really think I said laughing would heal the earth, did you? Your first comment was the direction I was going, the Sun Tzu comment.

    We have to stand up to what we believe and stop reinforcing bad behavior. And we have to seperate from the pro-agressives and define ourselves. Or we can end up in a big war instead of little ones.

    So what do you think? Shall we keep lying to Muslims about what we think for another 20 years? What is the karma of our deceit? Let’s let them know where we stand, that’s all.

    How do you shut down the pro-aggressives who have the similar power motives with the Islamic allies?

    Regards/ Sol, You New

  13. Oopsy Daisy,

    “…much like communism as per the Baron.

    Should be “as per Dymphna.”
    Vely Solly.

    You New

  14. Sol…I believe we have passed the point of no return with Islam’s allies, that is the Left wing side of life, which I will assume you mean by ‘aggressives’. They have shown their utter contempt for those of us who have raised – what in ordinary times would be genuine concerns for where they were leading us; by shutting down any debate they feel they can no longer win. In fact, most no longer even bother entering into a debate at all.

    So, the use of logic and reason can no longer win the day with those who refuse to acknowledge they are wrong.

    And the communist infiltration into our institutions is now too far gone to reverse it through political means, as both sides of politics have been infected. The the entitlement mentality of the lower classes is now so deeply entrenched in those who survive off government handouts, that any attempt at weaning them away from their ‘human rights’ will surely turn into violence against those who must enforce a new paradigm of self dependence if any western nation wishes to survive the coming turmoil.

    The hedonistic, wastrel and moral collapse that has been the legacy of Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, Liberalism and any other left wing ‘ism’ you may care to think of is going to be hard to counter with those who have grown up thinking of nothing else.

    It is going to be a long and tough fight that we can look forward to in the not too distant future if we wish to regain our freedoms.

    My question to you would be this;
    Are you prepared for it?

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