The Best of Both Worlds

Oxford Street

I’ve just returned from a few days in the nook-shotten isle of Albion — London, to be precise. The Islam-shotten town of London.

It will take me a while to catch up with email, so bear with me. I can see the piles of stuff y’all sent, but it may be a day or two before I actually open it all.

In due course I’ll report on the highlights of my visit, but here’s something to ponder while you’re waiting. It’s a poster in the window of a bank near Oxford Street:

UNB Islamic Deposits

’Nuff said.

6 thoughts on “The Best of Both Worlds

  1. Mohammedan Finance is the absolute least of my concerns regarding the Mohammedanization of Europe. Granted, it is indicative of a wider problem, but to me it is not any problem in itself. If some butcher wants to do a chicken-dance and howl at the moon in front of a slab of beef so he can sell it as “halal”, so too can a bank do some creative accounting to make money off a Mohammedan. It’s all niche marketing.

  2. don’t understand “nook-shotten” but then haven’t visited London recently.
    I KNEW that we were importing IT experts from India by the flight load but didn’t realise that Americans were also being imported.
    In the meantime rather a lot of competent British freelancers sit twiddling their thumbs. All because of stupid laws introduced by the last administration which makes them totally unattractive to potential clients. The current administration promised to fix that but guess what? They haven’t. Looks like our administration is as bad as yours or worse.
    I’m not IT but the same laws hit me as well. They weren’t meant to, but potential clients always took the safe route – and paid more for less.

    Thank goodness that I’m now collecting my pensions. Otherwise I’d be destitute. I already had to use savings to survive so nowhere near as rich as I once was.

    So far I am fortunate in that where I live is not “nook-shotten” if my guess at the meaning is close.
    That is that there are very few from the minority world here – a handful only – and all are very well integrated. How long for though? Given the current birth stats maybe not much longer.

  3. Ah bewick…

    “nook-shotten” is Shakespeare. One of the Henry plays, spoken by the Dauphin re the prospect of losing to the English and having to live there:

    Mort de ma vie! if they march along
    Unfought withal, but I will sell my dukedom,
    To buy a slobbery and a dirty farm
    In that nook-shotten isle of Albion

    Check out Henry V, Act 3.

  4. “Islamic banks have more than 300 institutions spread over 51 countries, including the United States through companies such as the Michigan-based University Bank, as well as an additional 250 mutual funds that comply with Islamic principles.”

    As Shariah law forbids charging interest, Shariah-compliant mortgages, like those offered by Devon Bank in Chicago and Guidance Residential, which operates in 23 states, are attracting pious Muslim buyers.,2933,451416,00.html#ixzz1oqkQ4xsD

  5. Muslims, but bastard Muslims, Muslims bastards!
    Mort de ma vie! if they march along…
    Shame and eternal shame, nothing but shame!
    Let us die in honour: once more back again;…
    The devil take order now! I’ll to the throng: Let life be short; else shame will be too long.

  6. Dympha thanks – ah my ignorance. Only ever got as far as Henry IV part 1 and my character was Falstaff. After that all my time was spent in science subjects. If I get the time…….
    Sort of recognised that nook-shotten might be olde english. I have never heard it used though – even as a quote.

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