Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/4/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/4/2012According to a French expert on the Arab world, Egypt is in desperate straits, and will default on its debts if other countries do not intervene. He says the intervention should come from the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia.

In other news, a large sandstorm closed Kuwait Airport and caused its navigation systems to fail. An incoming Lufthansa jetliner from Frankfurt had to be diverted to Saudi Arabia, but passengers were not allowed to leave the plane. They were forced to wait on the runway in the terrible heat until the problem in Kuwait was resolved.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/4/2012

  1. Re Egypt: not a single more penny of western money should be wasted on Muslims or in Muslim countries. Did we keep sending Germans aid during their Nazi phase? It is impossible to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear i.e. a populace that chooses to shackle itself to sharia law and refuses to separate mosque and state. Let them experience the full consequences of their choice – a primitive backward Hobbesian life unless their rulers have unearned oil wealth and share a fraction of it with their people.

  2. The victim was “a thoroughly decent person who was out in Preston with her brother and friends, enjoying herself… the victim was attacked again when she attempted to pick up her mobile phone. She was then shoved down the stairs and told to leave. A group of people saw her in a distressed state, and she was taken to Royal Preston Hospital. She was so badly injured she could not be examined by specialists for four days.”

    Mohammed co-efficient: 33% – 66% . These vile scumbags know who the third man is. They should be kept in prison until the give him up.

    Is there some site that lists crimes by muslims in the west, sortable by Mohammed co-efficient?

    I would think that muslim crimes with a Mohammed co-efficient < 20% would be almost non-existent.

  3. to #2 , anonymous
    yes, we do have that in Germany
    under:www.einzelfä which means “isolated incidents” in other words not connected to anything, in particular not to moslems.That is the idea you get if you follow the mainstream-media.
    The german-jewish author Henrik M. Broder named it:those isolated incidents are a mass-phenomenon in our country.

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