Where Are Their Mental Boundaries?

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The following article from Norway describes an event which has become all too familiar in Oslo in recent years: a young woman was targeted for theft and sexual harassment (and possibly worse) by a gang of teenaged culture-enrichers. At first it seems to be shaping up like all the others — the terrified girl, the aggressive “youths”, the passive onlookers unable to intervene.

Then the girl’s father enters the picture, and the story diverges from the customary script. It’s refreshing to read about a Norwegian father who behaves like a father: he picks up a baseball bat and goes out to find the punks who terrorized his little girl. Can you believe it? A Norwegian wielding a baseball bat to defend his family!

There’s hope yet for Norway.

Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for translating this article from Dagbladet:

Cecilie (17) was kicked, robbed and beaten on her way home from practice

Speaks out about the attack that involved seven teenage boys.

On Thursday evening an incident occurred in the western part of Oslo which has led the father of the 17-year-old girl to react strongly.

A group of seven Somali boys aged 14-17 years were making a nuisance of themselves at the Røa intersection when a bus pulled up at the bus stop. The boys then entered the bus and snatched a mobile phone out of the hands of Cecilie. She tried to get it back, but to no avail.

“Didn’t dare”

Neither the bus driver or the other passengers attempted to help the young woman.

“No one dared to intervene. When I got up the boys formed a circle around me, nudged me and punched in the air. They all got off at the same bus stop as me and began to turn and jostle me. They called me a ‘f*****g whore’ and a ‘brat’. The whole incident was very degrading,” Cecilie says. She didn’t have time to be scared until afterwards.

She ran home and told her father about what had happened. Together they got in the car and started looking for the boys, whom they spotted a few minutes later.

Notified the police

“I phoned the police and told them about what had happened and where we were. I also told them that I had a baseball bat in the car, and that I was going to crush the boys unless the police came immediately. The police told me to remain calm, and shortly thereafter five patrol cars showed up and arrested the gang,” Cecilie’s father says. He wants to remain anonymous out of fear of what the gang could do next time.

“They simply have no scruples. When they were arrested they just laughed. They don’t respect anyone, and they cause havoc all over the city. They were engaging in a pure demonstration of power and they were proving themselves to each other. Where are their mental boundaries?” the father asks? He believes that this is a social problem that must be taken seriously.

“Cecilie has received a nasty shock, but it could have ended a lot worse. Someone needs to address this problem. We cannot and will not accept a society with vigilante patrols operating every night. This has upset a lot of people and we who live in the neighbourhood have discussed what we can to do to ensure the safety of our children,” he says

Nasty feeling

Friday evening Cecilie had planned to visit a friend, but she decided not to.

“I chose to stay at home. The possibility that I might run into the gang made me sick to my stomach. It is a very nasty feeling,” Cecilie says.

“The police do prioritize street robberies. Gangs such as this cause problem from time to time, and we focus all our resources on apprehending them. In this case, it led to charges being made and the child protection agency being contacted,” says Tor Grøttum, operations chief of the Oslo police.

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19 thoughts on “Where Are Their Mental Boundaries?

  1. So not so brave after all,”he wants to remain anonymous out of fear”so you poison a good act by being afraid to stand by it with your name before the world,looks to me like the apes have won.

  2. “…the passive onlookers unable to intervene.”

    It should have read “…the passive (cowardly) onlookers, UNWILLING to intervene.” It’s a choice folks.

    I witnessed something similar many years ago, it was broad daylight, Sunday afternoon, naked bloody woman, man dragging her against her will, large Canadian city.

    There were tons of “passive” onlookers, families, fathers & mothers with their children sitting in their cars watching but not one person tried to help until we got there.

    Make no mistake, the cowards will let you be murdered right in front of them and not lift a finger or raise a voice.

    That was the day I lost all faith in humanity. It scarred me for life . I am a card carrying misanthrope now but at least I can say I intervened for someone in distress.

    Be prepared to defend yourself because you can’t count on anyone else to help you.

  3. The scary thing is there is an ominous (spelling) tone coming out of the lower level violence activities in European streets. I believe this is a whole different dimension and a far more dangerous aspect of the muslim collective in host nations. I believe the whole societal conflict/demographic situation is far more dangerous than 10 or 20 suicide bombers.

    What I have noticed is that with the terrorists and terror suspects, there is almost always a unified respsonse from commentators politicians and the public, even the mosques themselves. There is usually unity in condemnation and in many cases anger.

    Due to the difficulties in adressing and dealing with not only the demographic shift, but some of the issues that have arisen because of it (as seen in Norway for e.g), there is either a sense of either ignoring the issue, denying it exists, paralysis on what to do or simply an acceptance that this is part and parcel of multicultural europe.

    I feel things may be to faregone to tackle the issues European societies face. Obviously the route each individual nation will go down will be different. But as we all saw during the London riots is that 1. The police forces are not equipped or capable of quelling mass disorder, 2. It was left up to vigilante groups to defend their territory.

    For me the London riots were a real eye opener. Showing the capability of rapidity of the breakdown of law and order, and the subsequent response by communities.

    I guess I dont really need to spell it out for what I feel the ominous tones are for the future. And the way things are going, I cant see any other final result.

    Nation states were formed through the unification of different tribes or kingdoms, I believe the break up of nation states will happen through the opposite. The formation of several warring tribes or cultures.

    The concept itself if ignoring its laughability is quite absurd. Several thousand years of tribal, national and international conflicts in order to secure, stable peace loving societies, and all that will be thrown away in a short few decades.

    It reminds me of the simpsons episode, when ned flanders wishes for world peace. Its only when they lay down their arms, and secured a peaceful non violent society that the aliens invaded.

  4. Well done dad.
    Shame on the bus driver and passengers for doing nothing.
    Scandinavian men generally need to find their manhood and centre themselves in it. Part of the reason, why the wogs are getting away with their primitive behaviour, is the widespread weakness among Scandinavian men.

    Fellow Scandinavian men; Be true to yourselves; Be men; Stand up for yourselves

  5. Well this is a start but it is not anywhere near good enough. What is the child protection agency going to do? You all know the answer to that.

  6. After spending a year working in Bergen in the early 70’s, I have a different view of Norwegian men than the Dane’s post. I would think the father’s reaction was typical even to the request of anonymity. The men I knew then always took care of their women and were proud of their Viking heritage and that they had resisted the Nazis while Sweden remaining “neutral”.

    How things have changed in 40 years? I don’t know. When I went there to work for a year in a school after I graduated from college, you had to demonstrate a skill needed in Norway to get a residence permit. Now, it seems, (I don’t know, you’re talking to an old American)that anyone can get in, you don’t even have to belong to the EU, and there’s no requirement to assimilate the Norwegian culture at all.

    I say Bravo to that father and keep protecting your family and try to bring Norway back to what it was when I lived there.

  7. The following passage is from Music and Moonlight by Arthur O’Shaughnessy… too long to post here. Check it out. Very intuitive and inspiring. It speaks of ways of thinking that we’ve long forgot, due to the dumbing down of our culture and values. Yet it is a simple matter of embracing right thinking, courage and national brotherhood against all detractors, and invaders. We must prepare our Western Culture for our beautiful children yet unborn. Stand firm and roll up your sleeves and throw your back into the task. I am. “But on one man’s soul it hath broken,
    A light that doth not depart;
    And his look, or a word he hath spoken,
    Wrought flame in another man’s heart.” We should erect a monument to the father holding a baseball bat in defense of his daughter. He is no less a hero than William Tell, who had a second arrow in his belt. He refused to bow to the tyrant.

  8. Set your time machine to “Norway, 2030”. The country is less populous than today, and less prosperous (no oil money), but the streets are clean and no one is hungry. You see very few police, but pretty women walk alone without fear. There are no mosques. Everyone looks Norwegian and speaks Norwegian. When you ask what happened to the immigrants, people just shrug and change the subject.

  9. They would have not laughed if that corageous father decides to make use of the baseball bat and…

    These are just kids, laughing at the police. Somebody should take into account that kids grow and get stronger… and more aggressive.

  10. @ Hermes, et al:

    Yes, males from that culture do have a proven track record of increasingly aggressive behavior. From the time they are very young they are taught that muslim men are kings of the hill. Everyone else is below them, including their wives and children.

    The family dynamic arising from that is awful.


    Note to posters: While I understand the visceral response one has on reading these incidents. However, it cannot translate to violent language or name-calling on these threads.

    Leave those behaviors/words to the ones we report about. Otherwise we risk becoming like them.

  11. “They simply have no scruples. When they were arrested they just laughed. They don’t respect anyone, and they cause havoc all over the city. … Where are their mental boundaries?” the father asks? He believes that this is a social problem that must be taken seriously.”

    The father seems genuinely perplexed when he asks “Where are their mental boundaries?” Well, for a start, they’re from Somalia. Just a casual glance at the varied and wondrous cultures across the globe should give a hint that perhaps the mental boundaries of Somalians might not match up too closely with the mental boundaries of Norwegians.

    And yes, it’s a “social problem” alright but not the kind that this father imagines. It’s the social problem of a civilized, successful, Scandinavian country deciding to import the 3rd world unto its shores and then wondering why that’s not working out so well.

  12. What could you expect from Somalis? Look what they did to their own country, importing them means importing their cultural psycho pathologies as well.

    Nor does it help that they are encouraged to keep their dysfunctional behavior and are aided and abetted by the state.

    The only thing that will stop this insanity is a economic collapse which will destroy the welfare state that encourages this creeping horror.

  13. Having read all the comments, I find that not one person mentioned the most horrifying aspect:
    “I chose to stay at home. The possibility that I might run into the gang made me sick to my stomach.”

    They are back on the streets!

    This is what everyone should be protesting about, the police let them go! Social services; child services; Whatever happened to the Borstals (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borstal) and Bedlams (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bethlem_Royal_Hospital) of the world?

  14. I really like your comment Dave. This too is what I dream of for Norway in the year 2030. I have never been to Norway but I have read about the country. Too have all of the beautiful women and girls of Norway walking the streets, shopping, laughing, chatting with their friends, and with no fear. And no more mosques and third world predators to be concerned about would be a wonderful thing.

  15. gsw: Yes! And isn’t that the point? That ‘they’ own the streets! That ‘they’ set the Sharia Law standard that women stay indoors away from all men!

    Soon enough, ‘they’ will prowl the streets right up to her door which ‘they’ will knock down to harass and gang rape her – and her weak father. One father with one bat is NO match for a gang of young violent men – and everyone knows it! ‘They’ do. We do.

    Step One: Street violence.

    Step Two: In-home violence.

    If the West is going to let ‘them’ keep their culture, then the West should punish ‘them’ as their culture would. That is to say, their ENTIRE tribe should be held to account when ONE of them breaks the law. If ‘they’ believe in collective justice, then that is what the West should apply here.

    One son breaks the law – DEPORT the ENTIRE tribe. ‘They’ would act civilized because ‘they’ want to live in civilization instead of their native hell-hole.

    One strike you are OUT with NO deportation appeals at all – let alone any paid for by the Western taxpayer!


  16. Dave’s fantasy benign scenario for a future Norway isn’t going to happen: “(no oil money)… what happened to the immigrants, people just shrug and change the subject”. That’s because a) even impoverished without oil money, western states will still have a higher standard of living envied by primitives whose own culture provides mud huts and who will overwhelm with their sheer numbers (See “Camp of the Saints” and its non-fiction precursor African invasions) and b) Westerners would rather die than be called a “racist” for not committing cultural suicide. The West’s survival instinct has been removed through generations now of leftist multicult and diversity indoctrination. Despite individual rebellion here or there, indoctrinated westerners will never reconstitute the white tribe, daring to be warlike and ruthless in their own defense.

  17. Dear Laine, you may be right but I am not so sure about that. At least I still try to have SOME hope that Western man’s basic survival instinct will somehow, someway kick-in one fine day. Pessimism can at times be just an illusion. But, alas, you are probably right.

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