3 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

  1. “Jehova’s Witnesses” are not Christian. These women were brave and apparently well-meaning people– but not Christian. Let’s be clear here.

  2. Well, the official doctrines of a good number of formerly Christian denominations have strayed off the path of what could be, in reason, considered consistent with the core teachings of Christianity as regards to the divinity of Christ and salvation through His Grace.

    I’ve encountered some “Christians” who quite dogmatically assert that Christ was not divine and/or that acceptance of His Grace is not required for salvation. While Jehovah’s Witnesses may be more likely (depending on their current official doctrine at a given point in time) to fall into this category, I don’t know that I would categorically exclude all Jehovah’s Witnesses from being Christian in the sense of believing in and depending on Christ, despite what their current official doctrine might be.

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

  3. Does it really matter whether they were, strictly speaking, Christians or not?

    Surely you got more out of the comparison than that? I hope?

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