Protesting Koran-Burners in Helsinki

Muslims in Finland are upset and angry about people who burn the Koran, especially the infidels of Denmark and Norway.

These culturally-enriched “Finns” want to make their outrage known, but they can’t afford to travel to Norway. Instead they have organized a bus trip to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, where they plan to protest in front of the Norwegian embassy.

Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news video:

9 thoughts on “Protesting Koran-Burners in Helsinki

  1. While I don’t agree with their protest, I do think it is a clear improvement over beheadings and setting buildings on fire.

    But alas, an exception that proves the islamic rule of murder-protests for the non-offense of burning a cheap, deeply mediocre book.

  2. Let’s not forget that 3 years ago a Finn brought a case against the Italian govt (and won before the appeal) because we have crucifixes in our classrooms. Let the Mohammedans wipe their feet on Finland. Better there than anywhere in Europe with half a fighting chance.

  3. @Anonymous: I would possibly suggest this may be because the muslim collective is in a distinct minority in Finland. As we saw in the u.k over the Danish cartoons or the anti Israel demonstrations, they often take a much more nasty route.

    What I think is quite humourus is the video above this one is labelled “compare and contrast”. There is a good comparison between the quran burning and the desecration of war graves in Libya. In the Usa and Uk, how come there have not been mass riots and burning of Libyan flags? Calling “Death to Libya?”

    I think there is a sense of humble pie, due to the fact these are the very same people that several months ago, were complaining because the nato forces werent sending in more air strikes.

    I think there was/is a naivety that just because we helped them out, they are suddenly going to be our best of buddies.

    Whats quite interesting is the fact that the u.k have not seen the usual mass protests regarding this issue, as in the past.

    What will also be quite interesting to see is, how many of these muslims, drink, do not pray 5 times a day etc. Yet come out in protest when either the prophet or quran is desecrated. In fact by many islamic scholars standards, the majority of the protestors you see, would also be classed as kuffar or apostates.

    What is furthermore quite interesting is the less and less tolerant I become as time passes. Im still half expecting the moment were im proved wrong. The moment the religion of peace shows itself to truly be the religion of peace.

    I myself am mixed race. I have a muslim dad, and a christian mother (both non practicing),which adds to my confusion at times. What was a real lightning bolt moment for me was when I asked myself the questions, were are the other people like myself,if both my parents were muslim, would I feel the same way? Why is it the moderate muslims still come out to protest against quran burning, prophet jibes etc, but do not protest when poppies are burned or terrorist attacks occur.

    I realise that alot of muslims to not partake in political demonstration, many of which just go about their daily lives etc etc. I feel many of which merely have a transient existance in European nations. That is to say they only exist here, to benefit themselves, its not as if they are truly part of society. No sense of loyalty, pride or even a willingness to better the community or nation states that have given them a better life.

    Some of these questions I do not know the answers. But I believe on a societal level we are asking the wrong questions.

    I dont know if I have explained myself properly.

    During ww2 when USA were at war with Japan, some Japanese Americans chose to fight for the USA and some chose to fight for Japan. There was an interesting case once were two brothers fought for Japan, and two fought for the USA, they all described their fear if they should meet their brother on the battlefield.

    I think the kind of question that needs to be put to the muslim collective, is in a similar theoretical situation, who would you fight for?

    As we have seen however in other polls, the tendency (particularly amongst the young) seems to be to gravitate towards islam and the global ummah…

    What I will agree with you on, is although we do not agree with their protest, they have a right to do so. And as long as its peaceful, then not much to say about it.

  4. The two people who are supposed to have burned the koran are kurds living in Norway, and the people who are protesting are kurds living in Finland…

  5. @ Anonymous 3/04/2012 11:24 PM

    Ya but what do You think would happen if they got their hand on those 2 Kurds ?

  6. Kurds are a very interesting group; on the one hand, they have Saladin who they see as their great hero, and the Mohammedan world looks at him with great admiration. On the other hand, they have Christian communities (specifically in Syria) that have never gone apostate and have remained faithful for nearly 2,000 years. And in post-invasion “liberated” Kurdistan in Iraq (a defacto autonomous state) thousands of Kurds have converted to Christianity, since there is a heavy American military presence and the government does not want to look intollerant.

    So…I think there is actually hope for the Kurds. Specifically as a bloc.

  7. Maybe we should have a burn a Koran day in the USA. I normally would oppose this but it just irks me that they burn churches, kill Christians and other non-Muslims and shred Bibles in Saudi Arabia. They always play the victim when their own sins are much worse.

    I am sure that when they put the soldiers involved in the Koran burning on trial it will turn into a circus media for the liberal commie left.

    Islam does not apologize for their crimes because it would be a sign of weakness on their part.

  8. @myurbanphilosophy:

    I myself am mixed race. I have a muslim dad, and a christian mother (both non practicing),which adds to my confusion at times. What was a real lightning bolt moment for me was when I asked myself the questions, were are the other people like myself,if both my parents were muslim, would I feel the same way?

    Take heart from the wonderful Walid Shoebat. He also comes from a ‘mixed race'(sic) home.

    It is the fact that your parents – father in particular – are non-practising that enables you to see clearly. Too many reports are available where people speak of someone as being ordinary, and then they start to read up on their islam, start going to mosque more often, become more devout.

    Next thing you know, they’ve a full blown case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

    As for those who would be deemed as kuffar for not praying 5 times a day, ultimately that doesn’t matter. What matters is that they self-identify as muslims and owe their allegiance to the umma uber alles, and therefore can be counted on to protest.

    They’re just taking advantage of infidel facilities in the meantime.

    For your good self, I recommend you keep reading and keep your head low, and comment anonymously. Stay safe, and read some of the muslim forums. They’re eye-opening.

    God bless. 🙂

  9. He says: “And burning the koran is a crime and not freedom of speech“…

    I) say: “And the shari’ah is a crime and not freedom of religion” ….

    However, I shall not be blowing anything up, or killing anyone, in the foreseeable future.

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