Waking up to Reality in Gellerupparken

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Gellerupparken, a culturally-enriched suburb of Aarhus in Jutland, has featured prominently in several previous articles about immigrant violence in Denmark. Our Danish correspondent TB sends his translation of an article about a former apologist for Islam who woke up to the reality of the Religion of Peace while living in Gellerupparken.

The translator includes this note:

This story from B.T. is not new — October 2011 — but it’s a real beauty, if you ask me. First of all because it lies right in the footpath of the recent articles I have translated about Vollsmose, but also since this article is about a former Multi-Culti Pro-Islam Front Fighter (he was actually the Vice President for The Multicultural Society) who suddenly realized the hard way that he had in fact been fighting for the devil. Now he has turned 180 degrees, and become a fierce Islam-critic.

Another ‘funny bonus’ to this one is the update appended by B.T. at the end of the article. It’s a sure bet they (the journalists) must have been busy that day answering phone calls from angry ‘undressed’ Muslims. I guess they might even have felt a little uncomfortable. You never know what these peaceful new arrivals from exotic countries might do if they are not obeyed…

And the translated article from B.T.:

Vice President for The Multicultural Society has turned 180 degrees

Was stoned out of Gellerupparken: “Now I know Islam!”

Dan Ritto

[Photo caption: Dan Ritto was formerly pro-Islam and was even the Vice President of the Multicultural Association. Today he has turned 180 degrees in his attitudes toward religion, after he — by his own admission —learned what Islam is all about. (Photo: Brian Rasmussen) ]

By Charlotte Nielsen
Sunday 30 October 2011

Six years ago Dan Ritto was the Vice President of the Multicultural Association. Today he is a cynical Islam-critic.

Something flies past his face and hits the ground a few feet in front of him. In a brisk pace he continues towards his apartment. Yet another object passes and lands close to his feet.

He picks it up and studies it in the dark. Then a stone hits his jacket, and he understands what is going on. Someone is throwing stones at him. Someone is trying to stone him out of Gellerupparken.

“I was so puzzled about it. People also began to yell at me when I walked in the area, and I understood absolutely nothing about it. Then I thought to myself that I had to learn more about Islam. So I read the Koran.”

It’s late in the year 2007, and Dan Ritto is living in Gellerupparken.

He left off studying to be a Catholic priest in London and began a ‘career’ as a keen debater and blogger with several blogs about society, politics and religion.

Based in Gellerupparken he started actively working with integration. As the Vice President of Multicultural Association, he had a lot of contacts in the notorious ghetto area of Aarhus.

Back then, when eating in the Bazar Vest, Muslims usually stopped by and talk to him. They regarded him as one of their own. Today, five years later, he no longer lives in Gellerupparken.

Its been a long time since he resigned from the Multicultural Association. He is still an active commentator and blogger, but today Dan Ritto has turned 180 degrees. He has become an Islam-critic. Why? Because he now knows Islam, he says.

Puppets for the imams

“When I came to Gellerup, I had the attitude towards religion that it is all about being a good person. And I also took for granted that when you live in Denmark, you live under applicable laws. You accept the system.”

“I knew nothing about Islam at all, but I was one of those guys who people joined when sitting in the Bazar Vest [culturally enriched shopping center]. Gradually I realized through conversations that Muslims don’t want to be part of a society where the law is equal for all and where there is no difference between being Muslim and not being a Muslim. At first I thought it was a joke. But, quietly, I understood that they really meant it,” says Dan Ritto.

A few months before someone threw stones at him, riots flared in Gellerupparken.

A group of youngsters were ravaging the area, setting fire to cars and buildings and in almost constant conflict with the police. Here, Dan Ritto discovered something that really put his pro-integration view in perspective.

“I found out that the parents of the troublemakers had meetings with the imams in Gellerup park’s communal house. When the imams told the media that the youngsters would probably soon go crazy; then that’s what the youngsters did — funnily enough.

“When the imams said that the youngsters would soon calm down again, that’s what the youngsters did — again, funnily enough. They simply sat there and controlled the play. With that kind of behavior the police work becomes quite a challenge” he says.

Religion over law

One night he is attacked. It repeats itself a few times and now he become aware that someone wants him out of Gellerupparken. And little by little he also realize why.

“I had written an op-ed in a paper where I stated that Islamophobia is caused by the Muslims themselves [because the kids were throwing stones, etc. — translator]. It was not my intention to be hostile. On the contrary, it was actually meant in the most friendly manner, since I was really positive at the time. Many Muslims know that these things happen, yet they say nothing. I wanted them to stand up and say: ‘Not in my name’. And so that was what I wrote” he says.

What Dan Ritto did not understand was that he — by writing these things — had expressed doubt about Islam. And that he really shouldn’t have done.

“Suddenly I was out expressing doubts. And then anything can happen. But I did not understand any of this at the time. So I decided to read the Koran. After that it was easy, and I drew the conclusion that Osama bin Laden was of course right. He did exactly what Mohammed said he should do. Waged war against the infidels. Convert or be killed.”

Dan Ritto stares at the horizon for a long time.

“In the beginning I thought that this would never come to Denmark. It would never happen here. But it does. About a third of the population in Gellerupparken favors it. Believing that religion should be above the law.”

[Comment by the paper:]

Today B.T. was contacted by several persons who deny Dan Ritto’s assertion that the Koran directly calls for war and terror against non-Muslims. In this connection B.T. would like to clarify that the opinion expressed by Dan Ritto is his and his alone. These views are Dan Ritto’s own account. His statement can therefore NOT be taken as an expression of either BT’s general position or the actual contents of the Koran.

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19 thoughts on “Waking up to Reality in Gellerupparken

  1. Chickens come home to roost.

    It’s been said before that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged (i.e. faced with reality).

    Welcome to the fold Dan Ritto!

  2. Perhaps this person can tell us why he was blind and stupid for such a long time. Are these multiculties going to take responsibility for destroying our societies, and perhaps even our civilisation? Shouldn’t they be punished for what they are doing and have done?

  3. I actually think a reformed and contrite ex-multiculturalist could be a strong ally. Much in the way apostates of Islam are usually ardently critical of their old religion. They should not be punished but forgiven. Sadly there are not enough ex multiculturalists.

  4. Congratulations on not being stupid any more.

    I understand that it’s customary to welcome the prodigal son back to the fold. However for most repentant leftists this simply doesn’t apply as they had never been, in the first place, a part of the world of common sense.

    Still, it’s better when one finally sees the light; two or more even better.

  5. So it took actually having stones thrown at him before he decided to learn something about Islam, rather than proceed according to the liberal status quo which is to: assume everything is good rather than honestly investigate that which you support; invite everything under the sun into your house to prove how “not racist” you are; and wait until your guests throw rocks at you (in your own house) and then blame your guest’s behavior on white intolerance. I’d prefer that people investigate Islam for themselves now, with their own two eyes and their own god-given minds, rather than wait to have rocks thrown at them. He’s lucky they were rocks and not bullets or he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to investigate the matter for himself. If he had been a casualty, of course, no one would know his name and his liberal “friends” would chalk his death up to the “greater good” that is muslim colonization of Western countries, perhaps holding a nice candle lit vigil to help themselves forget him. RoR

  6. That is why I don’t like to say too many negative things about people on the Left [mainly] who are persuaded by the pro-Islamic argument.

    Because most people are coming from a Christian background and automatically believe that all religions have the same basis of ideas.

    To see that Islam is so diametrically different or opposed to these ideas, seems unbelievable at first.

    In addition – since people only recently started paying attention to Islam – find it easier to believe that these problems were caused by a ‘few radicals’ – than to believe that these parts called ‘radical Islam’ are very much a part of Islam – and have been so before they were born.

    [The understanding being if you get rid of the ‘few radicals’ it will all work out]

    That people could be easily hoodwinked is understandable. That the religion has war and conquest – almost in equal measure as Christianity has Love Thy Neighbour.

    The same thing is happening with some pro-Islam activists in the US as well. They are saying I was wrong.

    The main focus should be that these pro-Islam activists in their absolutism don’t succeed in changing the laws to Sharia. At the moment they are also puppets of the Imams. Hear them now – Sharia is compatible with freedom and democracy, Islamic law open to ‘interpretation’ …

    All frightening statements.

    The racism charges were always compensation for the lack of substantive debate.

    This is a good thing.

  7. No doubt many have seen this before, but it bears watching at least once a week in order that you do not allow life to distract you from the threat.


    With regard to Mr. Ritto’s experiences, let us hope that ‘Generobringen af Danmark’ is something he will be able to witness first hand…soon! 😉

  8. Mr Ritto, if you’re reading this, welcome to the fold. Here you’ll find a wide range of personalities and religious and political opinions. The one thing we have in common is that we, too, have read the Qur’an and know what’s in it.

  9. In my opinion, the first thing that should be done, in order to diminish the effects of islam, is to remove all the ayatollahs, imams and mullahs, since they are the controlling body in all countries. Get rid of them and I feel the organisation of this cult will begin to unravel.

  10. I can understand to a certain point. A few years ago I used to be staunchly anti-Israeli. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I bought the left’s lies and propaganda hook line and sinker. It wasn’t until I watched a documentary about Muslims in who lived in and were loyal to Israel and were anti-Hamas that I decided to unearth the facts.
    It’s treason what is taught in schools and universities. I was always taught that the Jews were the evil aggressors and the “Palestinians” were the poor starving and oppressed. If it wasn’t for the internet I might have remained brainwashed. I’m lucky that I came to the light in my own way and not forced to see the brutal reality of it. But still, one less leftist traitor is still one less, I guess.

  11. “Muslims don’t want to be part of a society where the law is equal for all and where there is no difference between being Muslim and not being a Muslim.”

    This is the fundamental weakness of “stealth Jihad”, and it is a sorry commentary on much of the Counter-Jihad that it takes a former proponent of multiculturalism to point this out. I say this again and again, and am sometimes reviled for saying it, but if Islam is really as horrid as everyone opposed to it says (which it most certainly is), then we need no laws against any aspect of Islam per se. All we need do to destroy utterly the hopes of the global Jihad is to rigorously apply the same standards to Muslims that we apply to everyone else.

    All of the blame for the advance of “stealth Jihad” falls directly on those who insist on using tactics conceptually identical to Islamic law distinguishing Muslim from Infidel. And while a significant portion of those are either Islamists or Progressives, many of them are social conservatives who identify Muslims and secular collectivists as the enemy even while adopting the identical tactics with nothing more than a change of labels.

    I for one fully sympathize with the earnest seekers of truth who have mostly devoted themselves to something more enlightening than the study of Islam (or secular collectivism) and insist that as long as just laws are impartially applied, there should be no problem with defending the essential foundations of Western Civilization. Party because that is still a reasonable description of the position I hold…except that I am (and long have been) well aware that just laws are not being applied, impartially or at all.

    Continue with the cries of “Islam is evil, exterminate the Muslim” and so forth, and you only insure that those who care about the rule of law will be repelled from you and suspicious of the evidence that you present. Call for impartial justice and application of the same standards for all regardless of religion (or lack thereof), and you will be able to call attention to the facts of the current situation.

    I am not against Islam anymore than I am against McDonald’s. I am in favor of impartial justice executed by the rule of law and equal application of the laws regardless of birth, creed, or station. Insofar as individual Muslims (or McDonald’s patrons) and their agendas are enemies of this, they are my enemies. And the same holds true even for individuals who are neither Muslims nor patrons of McDonald’s.

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

  12. He should have the words “useful idiot” and “traitor” tatooed on his face.
    I said it before and say it again: when the useful idiots are finally devoured, send me a postcard from the belly of the beast to tell me how’s that working out for you!

  13. I am personally happy for this man that he was able to be raised in a situation that did not give him cause to doubt the integrity of his government and leading institutions. And I am doubly happy that, when reasons for doubt occurred, he examined them honestly and made a decision based on the most compelling evidence available.

    I think that is a “useful” trait, but don’t see how it is idiotic. And I don’t know how he is forsworn. Perhaps you know something more about his past that I do not?

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

  14. Naive?

    If you research the conception of multiciltural theory you will quickly notice that multiculturalism stems from Marxist theory and its objectives are anything but benevolent to our civilization. Yet we have our own jouranlist feverishly promoting it.

    Journalist know full well that multiculturalism is cultural as well as ethnic/racial communism under the benevolent banner of tolerance. It is the same for Islam. They obviously have an agenda and the brutal ideology that is Islam fits into this agenda.

    “The ends justifies the means”

    What ends; That is the question. The deconstruction of our nation states is obviously an objective. Hence the illegitimizing of our nation states via the slurs, racist & xenophope. Criminalize these sentiments you criminalize the concept of the homogenous nation state.


  15. Hear them now – Sharia is compatible with freedom and democracy, Islamic law open to ‘interpretation’ …

    tariq ramadan has been at it again on an interview «my sharia…».

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