Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/2/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/2/2012Much of Europe is in the grip of a polar deep freeze as icy weather moves south, all the way to the Mediterranean. Snow is expected in Rome and Florence, and Athens has already experienced snow and gale-force winds. The temperature dropped to —25° C (-13° F) in Vienna, and that’s not counting the wind-chill factor. Hundreds of thousands of citizens are trapped in snowed-in villages in the mountainous areas of the Balkans. Temperatures in southern Norway and Sweden fell close to the freezing point of mercury.

In other news, protestors in Cairo expressed attacked the interior ministry building and had to be driven away with tear gas. The mob was angry because of a riot and stampede that caused at least 74 deaths at a stadium after a soccer match.

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10 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/2/2012

  1. This is the global warming Gore warned about. If we don’t all give up our cars, give all our money to the government and elect socialist it will get warmer (oops) I mean worse. CO2 raises temperatures (oops) I mean causes weather! Gore was right, I mean close to right, I mean, oh what the hell he was wrong but please send us all your money anyway…

  2. I came out my work this am & it was so cold the fuel cap in my car was frozen solid, I’d to defrost it before I could get fuel into the car & actually get home. Man, it was cold.

  3. Despite current cold weather, 2011 was among the hottest years on the record. Just because socialists distort science to prop up their agenda doesn’t mean we must ignore science altogether.

  4. The mayor of Folldal is cool. He’s seen colder than this.

    The mayor celebrated with hot chocolate after last night’s record.

    To put Folldal on the map, it is roughly, in the Lillehammer area.

  5. Pakistani Abid Raja Embassy Secretary at Norway’s Embassy in India..?!

    Raja confirms to VG
    , that he has applied, and has been offered the position.

    – How absurd is that?

    Raja with wife and three daughters, already Bollywoodified look forward to spending two years in New Dehli.

    This is however, not confirmed by Foreign Department, who was to make the announcement in January 2012.

  6. Vortac: Watch out for that ‘science’ because it’s highly susceptible to manipulation.

    First of all, mankind has only kept temperature records for an extremely limited time period so overall trends are impossible to predict with such a lack of data.

    Second of all, the global warming crowd who really just want to take our money via taxation for global warming, well, that crowd has been known to ‘cook the books’ in favor of the result that they desire by closing any weather stations that provide contradictory evidence to their pre-set conclusion and by simply discarding any data which fails to support their agenda.


  7. Norwegian, or not?
    – How the Stoltenberg government regards Pakistanis with Norwegian passports, who grow up in Norway

    Private, and supposedly independent freedom of expression fund Fritt Ord awarded in 2010, Bushra Ishaq and Abid Raja with the prize, only to be topped by Foreign Minister Støre’s congratulations.

    Signs of a strictly political award?
    My Title

    Ishaq has been a pro-hijab activist in the media especially during discussions about hijab for the police.

    Ishaq was also picked to represent Norway at some “young leaders” conference, One Young World, and was also picked to be a speaker along with Støre at Stiklestad, at the 2011 celebrations of the Christianization of Norway on 29 July 1030.

    What do Stoltenberg and Støre have in store for her? Foreign Ministry, or something…?

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