Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/3/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/3/2012Detectives at the FBI held a transatlantic conference call with their counterparts at Scotland Yard to discuss progress in tracking down the hackers of the “Anonymous” activist group. Anonymous, however, eavesdropped on the call, and later posted a recording of it on the Internet.

In other news, the severe cold snap in Europe continues. Record low temperatures have killed more than 200 people across the continent, according to some reports. In parts of central and northern Europe the temperature has plunged close to forty below — which is the same reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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  1. Motive for the lastest Malmö-killing
    – Control of the Malmö taxi-branch?

    Latest homicide: 48 year old Palestinian “father of four children” taxi driver

    Assyrian mafia behind?

  2. That bit about the hackers group Anonymous eavesdropping on the FBI/Scotland Yard conversation and then placing the conversation on the Internet is actually pretty funny.

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