Robots and Moral Education

It’s comforting, in a morbid sort of way, to discover that the Occupy movement in Denmark is just as progressive and witless as its counterparts in the USA and Canada. We’re all different, yet all the same!

Below is an interview with Røsle Dyre, the spokeswoman for Occupy Copenhagen, whose head seems to be filled with styrofoam pellets from ear to ear.

Many thanks to Nicolai Sennels for recording and subtitling this video:

15 thoughts on “Robots and Moral Education

  1. So one subtype of progressivism, in the person of this young girl, claims that Wall Street is responsible for the woes of the welfare state and indeed the entire planet, while the other advocate for progressivism sees the welfare state threatened by overpopulation and Muslims-not-yet-“reformed”. Yes?

    Of course, the latter, Mr Sennels, would no doubt be viciously scolded a “hater” or perhaps even a “right-wing extremist” by Ms Dyre c.s., just for being opposed to those Muslims who have demonstrated a nasty unwillingness to accept the benign guidance of the enlightened welfare state’s social engineers. But we’re not falling for that one, are we?


  2. Lucky for them Stalin is dead. He would have sent some real NKVD professionals to do the speeches and make everybody else shut up. This girl would be generously permitted to “donate” (i.e. steal) some money for the Cause, then deported to Siberia. She would probably go willingly, believing it’s a reward trip for the most devoted comrades.

  3. Ok, she’s repeating what amounts to PC/MC talking points. You can find the same inanity and vapidity from just about any Democrat or Republican paid party hack here in the U.S.

    That said, these OWS people have zero influence over government policies. The fact is if you aren’t a major money contributor to key politicians you have zero influence in our pay to play political system.

  4. Out of the mouths of babes…

    17 and woefully ignorant – God help the Danes!

  5. This kid is the same sort as in the US. Unbelievable that they fail to comprehend that if not for capitalism she would not be wearing that nice coat she has on or use the nice tents or sleeping bags or shoes, or the crayons and cardboard to write their stupid protest signs on.

    It truly is amazing how indoctrinated the kids are and even more so how these kids have no idea that they are indoctrinated.

    An entire generation of useful idiots.

  6. Surreal commentary on her part. Where did she she learn these psychology-impairing, one sided narratives that apparently have completely consumed her mind to the point it no longer functions effectively? “In school,” she says. So confident in everything she says that she spews it out unreflectively at blinding pace. Very typical and totally brainwashed. Underpinning everything she said is an emotion-based, religious belief that Western Civ is the bad guy in all things and to blame for e-ver-y-thing. A future tenured university professor no doubt! – RoR

  7. I love the omnipresent Ikea Benjamin stool in the background: putting things in the right place.

  8. Hilarious, if a little unfair. I mean, she’s a teenager. She can’t understand that the Third World might be the way it is as a result of not having working capitalist institutions like private property rights and the rule of law. She can’t even understand that all economics, and particularly capitalist economics, are based on resources, making the appeal to a “resource based economy” that she can’t even explain an inarguable tautology.

    She doesn’t get that advances in practical robotics are dependent entirely on capitalism, and furthermore on advanced industrialization which is the main mechanism by which capitalism is destroying the environment, and that the point of robots replacing humans is to save money for capitalist businesses…her only criticism of using robots is that they are too “science-fictional” for her.

    Which might mean something if she’d ever read any of the seminal literary works dealing with the possible pitfalls of a society of ease dependent for its existence on the workings of machines that the mass of the population no longer understands…but one suspects she hasn’t.

    But…she’s only a teenager. Of course she’s an idiot who doesn’t know anything other than how much smarter she must be than her elders.

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

  9. I thought for a 17 year old girl to be as involved with modern problems, and to see that Wall Street is a problem, is pretty good. She is naive, and doesn’t know human nature, or the positive side of capitalism, but she could learn that soon enough.

  10. Hey Mr. Obama said ATM’s are forcing layoffs of bank tellers. Didn’t she get the memo?

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