Confronting the OIC Juggernaut at the UN

The following French video report shows the continuing resistance by Islamic countries at the United Nations to any meaningful discussion of sharia, or of the incompatibility of the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

5 thoughts on “Confronting the OIC Juggernaut at the UN

  1. It’s just a shame to see that there is no way of having a reasonable discussion with them. What they call islamophobia, is what i call common sense and practice of a birth given right, called LIBERTY OF SPEECH!

  2. Accepting to “not even talk about it”, is proof of resignation and a sign of dhimmitude, exactly what the invaders want.

    All taqiyya and kitman about “islamophobia, racism, multithisandthat, integration, tolerance, peace, etc” has proven to be a success, according to plan.

  3. I cannot imagine that this is just a matter of Taqiyya or Kitman. Something happened with the western leaders. It’s more like a kind of cowardice of historical proportions mixed with a morbid suicidal tendency

  4. The fact is, we have no business joining a deliberative body containing the representatives of Muslim countries.

    We can form ad hoc groups to work out concrete treaties, like the Law of the Sea. But, there is no benefit to trying to craft any type of moral consensus. We would be far better off looking to organizations containing, say, the NATO membership, and excluding altogether countries holding diametrically-opposed values. What sense does it make to share a human rights podium with North Korea, Burma, China, or Pakistan. These countries can begin discussions when they are ready to enter civilized communities.

    Negotiating human rights with these countries is like the Pope negotiating Catholic dogma with the Dali Lama. They simply do not mix.

  5. Well, not sure about the Dali Lama but I agree with Ronald about trying to discuss things with Muslim nations.
    I so hope that the next repub admin of the US walks away from turtle bay.
    I can see a wet dribble coming down people’s pants if the US stopped funding this farce.

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