L.A. Arsonist: Cultural Enrichment After All?

When the Los Angeles arsonist was first arrested, I mentioned that he was not a culture-enricher, since he clearly had a European name and was of German extraction. It seems I may have been too hasty: Harry Burkhart is indeed a German citizen, but was born in Chechnya.

Vlad was suspicious all along. As he said earlier today:

It’s not rocket science:

Car burning + “I hate America” = Muslim@90%

Mr. Burkhart is a suspect in a series of similar arson attacks in Frankfurt. However, he may not be extradited to Germany for a while, since Los Angeles prosecutors are planning to throw the book at him.

He also seems to have a screw or two loose. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from an article in Business Week with more information on the Harry Burkhart case:

Los Angeles Arson Suspect Needs Deputies’ Help to Stand in Court

Jan. 5 (Bloomberg) — A man accused of setting a series of fires that terrorized Los Angeles over New Year’s weekend needed the help of deputies to stand at his first court appearance as new information surfaced about his home life.

Harry Burkhart, 24, appeared pale and unwell at the hearing at the state criminal courthouse in Los Angeles. He didn’t enter a plea on the 37 counts of arson that he’s charged with, saying only “yes” through a German interpreter when the judge asked whether he understood he had a right to be arraigned yesterday and when he agreed to a postponement.

California Superior Court Judge Upinder Kalra rescheduled the arraignment for Jan. 24 and set bail at $2.85 million, denying a request by prosecutors that Burkhart, a German citizen born in Chechnya, be held without bail. Burkhart’s public defender, Gustavo Sztraicher, said after the hearing that it was unlikely his client would be able to post bail. [emphasis added]

Sztraicher declined to comment on the charges.

After Burkhart’s mother was arrested on Dec. 29, he went on an arson spree that lasted until his own arrest on Jan. 2, Deputy District Attorney Sean Carney said at yesterday’s hearing. Burkhart may have set as many as 52 fires by putting incendiary devices under the engines of parked cars, many of which were parked in carports of apartment buildings, Carney said.

‘Hatred of Americans’

“He has a hatred of Americans,” Carney told the judge. “This defendant engaged in a campaign of terror.”

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  1. Please, american prosecutors,send him to jail for 15 years.Please don`t extradite him to Germany.Here,he would be sentenced to much less or nothing.”Bad childhood in Chechnya, great- grandmother passed too early, bad company at school, mental immaturity” and so on….

  2. “Car burning + “I hate America” = Muslim@90%”

    muslim = mentaly deficient/vulnerable

  3. Well, here you have it… All kind of terrorists and third world sc..m are allowed to get western nationalities, and after that they wander about arsoning, killing, bombing. And who gets harassed then? The whitenazibarbariancriminalbabyeater Westerner.

  4. Not surprised at all. Did not believe it could be a German because of the character of the acts themselves combined with this primitive hatred.

    The problem is that now the media have established the “German” in people’s minds, accepting that “he is one of us”, even feeling guilt to think that it must have been a muslim in the first place.

    “Looking European” is no guarantee that the person is not a muslim, as so many muslims are emigrants to European countries from islamic countries.

    But where did he get that German name Burkhart from?

    Mother and son used to live in Vancouver, arriving in Canada in 2007.

    Mother pleading to stay in Canada

    A right-wing fascist group that they claimed had infiltrated the government and German police was targeting them based on their Russian origin, Dorothee Burkhart told the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

    Canadian police are looking into at least 12 suspicious property arsons last year in Vancouverthat remain unsolved.

    LA Times also say German prosecutors are investigating Burkhart on suspicion of arson and insurance fraud near Marbourg, central Germany.

    So indeed, there is more to this story than an “angry German”.

  5. Yeah, they’re German. Sure.
    LA Times – Jan. 4, 2012 “Like her son, Dorothee Burkhart remains an enigma. Court documents, for instance, describe her as a German national, but in court, she spoke German as haltingly as English, and at a previous hearing had been granted a Russian-language interpreter.”

    Arson suspect’s mother pleaded to stay in Canada
    1. “Court documents also reveal that the Burkharts briefly lived in Las Vegas, from October 2006 to May 2007, BEFORE they moved to Canada.[emphasis mine]
    2. “The refugee claim was denied in late 2009 and, upon review of the application in May 2010, the Federal Court agreed.
    3. “On Thursday, the L.A. Times reported that authorities had found newspaper clippings about the fires in that city, as well as other suspected arsons near Frankfurt in Harry Burkhart’s apartment.”


    Mother of accused arsonist warned son could make ‘deadly’ decisions
    1. ““He can make deadly for him decisions,” Ms. Burkhart, who was born in Chechnya and became a German citizen in 1996, told the court. It eventually ruled against the mother and son.”
    2. “Ms. Burkhart initially told Canadian immigration officials she was jailed in Germany for committing deceit and writing threatening letters to neighbours. She later said she was taken into custody for driving without identity documents.”
    3. “She said she was kept in a women’s prison for four months and only escaped during a medical appointment.”

    *a German court’s description of mommy dearest’s escapades will follow below in another comment.
    “Dorothee Burkhart was in Frankfurt as recently as October, court papers said” LA Times link

    Bloomberg.com: “they found newspaper articles about the fires from the Los Angeles Times as well as articles from German newspapers about similar car fires in Frankfurt in September, according to a court filing. “

    A few online reports with video available for car-fires in Frankfurt during that time period:

    Re-burning cars in Frankfurt – 24/10/2011

    Cars burst into flames again – 05/10/2011

    Re-burn cars in Frankfurt – 09/22/2011 – “In the north of Frankfurt on Wednesday evening, cars burned again. Since mid-September in the area provides a series of fire for fear – not only among car owners. “

  6. Beyond the unpaid breast enhancement claim, this report, “Nasty impostor of Bavaria” from TZ-online.de dated 07:10:10, is instructive to what degree of compassionate mercy be considered for these two vile mental cases:

    A Judge Martin Rieder declared 49 year old Dorothy B. one of Bavaria’s
    nastiest impostors having taken advantage of aged or helpless people in the worst way, plundering the victims to their last cent. From 2004 to March 2006, the relevant previous convictions, business woman, was sitting in jail. They (‘Dorothy B.’and her son) arrived in Germany as refugees from Russia, penniless but free. Although the 48-year-old was under the supervision of a lawyer, ‘Dorothy B.’ succeeded to ingratiate herself to a helpless victim. Rather than pursue a decent job, they sought new victims, including a mentally disabled woman from Ohlstadt from whom they stole a 190000€ inheritance as well as a leased vehicle equipped with
    luxury amenities suitable for the disabled, only to have it reposssed for non-payment after having been driven 88k kilometers. Another victim from Egling, a 75 year old retiree was defrauded of entire retirement savings of 40600€! Even a couple of musicians from Starnberg were victim of the defendants.
    Dorothe rented the chicest of apartments but managed to avoid paying rent beyond the
    first month, staying until the landlord could obtain an eviction ruling. Auto dealers
    repeatedly leased vehicles, without credit checks only to be repossessing the vehicles
    after non-payment of lease. She even managed to furnish her residence with the finest furnishings without ever transferring one cent. In a dress shop she ran up a credit bill of 10000€ again without ever paying for any of it. Judge Martin Reider had little patience or sympathy for them . . .” How stupid do you think us” You now face a fine of more than ten years”.
    How stupid? . . .VERY —> “. . .she escaped through a hospital window following her arrest on fraud charges, according to her attorney in Frankfurt, Germany.
    Two prison guards accompanied her but removed her handcuffs to allow her to use the restroom, and when she did not emerge after several minutes, they realized she had escaped through a window into the hospital’s backyard, Koch said.
    She didn’t look like she would be able to climb through a small window,” Koch recalled in a phone interview.” LA Times Blog, Jan. 5
    ———–>“The first time they took me there, they had released me from handcuffs when I went to the washroom. There was a window, but it wouldn’t open.” Globe&Mail,Jan 5

  7. This person is definitely a Sunni Muslim. More than 95% of the population of Chechnya is Sunni Muslim. I don’t now how they got the name Burkhard – that’s a very German name indeed.

  8. I wonder what his original Chechnyan name was. There’s still Mohammed coefficient potential.

  9. Now why would Russian speaking Chechen refugees choose to settle in Frankfurt, Germany?
    Well, it could be because Frankfurt had a reputation as a big drugs-and-crime city, a lifestyle they proved well adapted to.
    Or consider some recent stories coming out of Frankfurt and whether the ‘coincidental’ ‘cultural enhancement’ element taking place in Frankfurt had any relevance.

    Recall the Frankfurt Airport shooter shouted “Allahu akbar,” then murdered two U.S. airmen
    in March?

    Or the report of the judge in Frankfurt’s family court who stirred quite a bit of controversy in 2007 Paving the Way for a Muslim Parallel Society. See also: GoV: Multiculturalism vs. Law & Order.

    Consider also sharia compliant finance in Frankfurt as well, or the local response of one brave woman named Heidi with her clarion call to “Germany, Rise UP!”. When she arrived “the atmosphere was tense. Policemen were standing everywhere with bulletproof vests. The event location itself [just so happened to take place in, of all places. . .Frankfurt] was locked off by crush barriers.”

  10. The problem with the West adopting a ‘let them live like us’ or ‘live and let live’ or ‘live and let them live BETTER’ attitude toward Muslim immigration is that Islam both attracts – and creates – and then exponentially magnifies – psychosis that specifically targets and manifests against non-Muslim victims.

    “….people with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders have a significantly increased risk of being convicted for arson….”

    If the West continues to pretend that Westerners (versus Muslims) are committing significant arson crimes, then The West will see a rise in arson crimes as mentally ill Westerners self-identify with arsonists and consider arson to be a viable option for acting out their anger.

  11. How many atrocities does it take for normal, Western people to recognise the enemy in our midst and collectively have nothing at all to do with them. Until the death penalty is exacted against every muslim death agent, then they will continue to perpetrate their heinous crimes against us. They can’t be rehabilitated because there is nothing to rehabilitate. They can’t be reasoned with because the koran is beyond reason. If they could be converted en masse to Christianity, then perhaps there is some hope. Otherwise, it’s a case of us or them in the fight for survival. And the socialist atheist are clearly on the side of the ungodly.

  12. I suspect that Herr Burkhart is a descendant of the Volga Germans, a group of settlers that were invited to live in Russia by Catherine the Great (herself German) during the 18th century. During WW II, Stalin murdered many of them and dispersed the rest, mostly to Siberia. I personally know one lady whose father was shot by the NKVD the day after Hitler invaded the USSR. Fortunately, she and her mother went into hiding and escaped to Germany after German troops overran her village. After the collapse of the USSR, many of these people escaped to Germany, where they were often granted citizenship, even if they spoke no German. Today there are about 800,000 ethnic Germans still living in Russia, or over 1.5 million if those with partial German ancestry are counted. But often the only thing German about them is their names.

  13. Pure terrorism mother&son group?

    Avoiding the radars as Mother And Son With German Names Well Integrated?

  14. This first link does not deliver what the title suggests, but for the record:
    Hollywood arson suspect may have set fires in Canada Quote: “ LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A suspect in the recent series of Hollywood arsons may be linked to fires set in British Columbia, investigators say.”
    This next article provides a bit more detail:
    Vancouver police probing L.A. arson suspect over unsolved fires Quote: “Several Canadian news outlets reported that police were looking into possible connections between Burkhart and at least 12 suspicious property arsons last year in city that remain unsolved. It is unclear, however, whether Burkhart was in Vancouver at the time those fires occurred.
    News of the probe comes a day after German prosecutors confirmed that Burkhart, 24, was also under investigation for suspected arson and insurance fraud in the Oct. 14, 2011, fire that caused major damage to a half-timbered duplex in the mountainous region near Marburg in central Germany. U.S. immigration officials have confirmed that Burkhart flew from Frankfurt to Las Vegas six days after the fire.”

  15. Via Time.com Quote: “. . .his neighbors on Sunset had thought him unremarkable. He wore a ponytail, liked rock music and Subway sandwiches and was curious about Middle East politics, according to Shlomo Elady, 44, an Israeli hairstylist at Le Figaro who cut his hair. Burkhard spoke German and English and also Russian, which he used to converse with his mother.”
    Ethnic chechen raging against America with a curiosity about ME politics . . .just your typical pyro nut, right?

  16. American agent: It’s a plot, I tell you – a sinister plot against the American infidel – an indubitable self-contained cell of Islamic evil.

    Bond, James Bond: I am shaken, but still not stirred to action.

  17. LA Times Jan. 6 “Their story began in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya in the former Soviet Union, where Harry was born in July 1987. His parents never married and Dorothee told Canadian officials she raised Harry and an older daughter by herself.”
    This individual knew the Burkhart’s as told in the following comments to this LATimes article:

    Quote: “Verena Sawatzky SADLY, I happen to know him and his mother. Both are fluent in German. I haven´t heard anything from them since 2-3 years now (since they left Canada), and reading this on the news just totally blew me away.”. . . Quote: “through church events. his mom even asked my church for financial support to get the breast implants removed! apparently the implants were causing a really bad infection on her ankle. but, to be honest, i think she just wanted to get rid of the implants, so the german doctors wouldn´t have the evidence of silicone in her breasts. yes, she seemed very odd to me. but Harry, well, he seemed quite “normal” to me, considering the progression of his autism and his anxiety problems. i don´t think he was a genuine “anti-american” though. his mom always complained about EVERY country they fled from. and the states was one of the countries. her constant whining, most likely brain-washed him to think that each and every one of these countries was bad, even though, really, her lifestyle was FULL of bad choices, and now Harry h…as to pay the price. makes me mad that everyone is blaming him, even though it was her fault! if she hadn´t escaped the hospital through the bathroom window in september 2007, she could have finished sitting her sentence, and be free now. living with her son! but her choice of escaping through the bathroom window put her back into jail, in other words, it separated her from her son yet again for another 2-3 years (that´s why she was taken in, again, last week or so…?). and as i knew him, he always had a really hard time figuring out a way to put his feelings and thoughts into words properly. and when he was separated from his mom this time, he acted up the way he did, by burning down cars and houses.”

  18. FWIW, the “Full Story” at LA Times doesn’t include the Burkhart’s arrival in Las Vegas, Oct. 20 reported in LAWeekly.

    Quote: “It appears that Dorothee and Harry arrived in Los Angeles in late 2010, after they had exhausted their appeals for immigrant status in Vancouver. It was not their first time in the city. They had come in 2007 shortly before Dorothee was arrested in Germany. During the Burkharts’ visit, police responded to a domestic abuse call and investigated allegations that Harry had tried to attack his mother with scissors. No charges were filed.

    After the Burkharts arrived in 2010, they disappeared into the large Russian immigrant community in West Hollywood. They rented an apartment for a few months and then moved to side-by-side rooms above a hair salon on Sunset Boulevard, where they lived until their arrests.

  19. Audio tapes reveal arson-suspect mom’s demands to see son

    Dorothee Burkhart remains in federal custody. She is scheduled to return to court Tuesday. It’s her fourth court appearance as part of the extradition process.

    Question not specifically related to the above report:

    The Burkharts identify themselves as Chechens and were reported to have operated within the Russian mob (mafia)in California.

    The term ‘Mafia’ originates from a Sicilian-Arabic slang expression that means “acting as a protector against the arrogance of the powerful”. The characterization “arrogance” simply oozes muhammedan lingo.

    Consider then, this quote from Wikipedia entry on the topic of Russian Mafia:
    “The Chechen independence movement has gained widespread attention and support in the Islamic world and throughout the conflict foreign charity organizations and fighters from many Arab countries have volunteered their services. Since the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City, the Putin administration has made several attempts to link Russian and Chechen insurgents to Al-Qaeda. Allegations of Al-Qaeda and Taliban links to the Russian and Chechen mafia have recently appeared and well-known Chechen leaders have been at different times referred to in the media as Islamists, terrorists, and mafia bosses.”
    Perhaps, it isn’t just Putin who should be questioning these links, given the Burkhart’s proclivity to car-b-q’s and anti-American outbursts?

  20. He is a Russian Jew who wanted to go to Israel. But the Israeli’s knew that he was unfit for immigration to Israel.

  21. The German Gov’t. has their own ‘right of return’ laws that were passed to give ethnic german civilians

    -especially in the east/soviet controlled regions –

    a safe place to flee to after WW2. A LOT of ethnic ‘germans’ lived in the Soviet Union before WW2, and even more were later deported into the Soviet Union at the end of the war, including complete civilians.

    Most ethnic germans who resided in Romania at the end of WW2 were rounded up as slave labor and deported to the soviet union after WW2, and most stayed for up to 5 years as slave labor, while many died there.

    My guess is, because of the surname ‘Burkhart’, these two (mom/son) were able to convince the german state authorities that they were entitled to immigrate into Germany under the right of return for Ost-duetsch/ethnic german civilians and their descendants who became stranded in the east and were badly treated.. to put it mildy..

    To what degree this particular family really met the ethnic background for this entitlement or how thoroughly it was investigated it is beyond my knowledge,

    but its entirely possible at this point that they are simply ethnic russians or chechens who learned enough conversational german and obtained some black-market documents under a german surname to be able to claim a right of return to the FGR.

    If this is what they did, the german govt really needs to put the screws to all claimants coming out of the east today who are culturally chechen or russian,

    because anyone who wanted to get out of the east has been able to do so for quite a long time now, if they are actually german-descended,

    and if this family of chechens used this gameplan to get east immigration access and benefits as ‘germans’, then you can bet a lot more are doing the exact same thing and using the exact same means to create ”german” ancestry that entitles them to german citizenship and resettlement+cash-

    This Burkhart bunch are definitely not the the first russians or chechens to use this same scam for their own purposes..

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