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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/5/2012I had planned a follow-up post on last night’s “Punching Down”, but work — real work, the paying kind — intervened. The post is about half-written, and will be finished sometime tomorrow, God willing and the Creek don’t rise.

And now for the news: The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram broke into a church in northern Nigeria and attacked the congregants with automatic weapons. At least six people were killed, including the pastor’s wife, and another ten were injured.

In other news, the prosecution in the trial of Hosni Mubarak is asking for the death penalty, saying that the former president of Egypt incited murder during last year’s protests in Tahrir Square.

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  1. “While the global Muslim population is expected to grow at a faster rate than the non-Muslim population, the Muslim population nevertheless is expected to grow at a slower pace in the next two decades than it did in the previous two decade” and “the rate of growth among Muslims has been slowing in recent decades and is likely to continue to decline over the next 20 years”……

  2. About the Pew studies, I am now officially taking these studies with a grain of salt.

    The New World Order noticed that non-Muslims understood and were concerned about the Muslim tactic of conquering the West via high birth rates – and, suddenly, all that we hear is that Muslims are having less babies than we were anticipating. And, the takeaway is that Westerners can go back to sleep and stop worrying about all those Muslims babies anymore….


  3. Perpetual immigration to a new and unknown culture

    – Right now I am dreaming about getting back to work. I have returned after five years in Pakistan. And for my husband to come here, I need to be employed and with an income.

    – What I have been conscious about, is to stay away from alcohol and other drugs, says Yasmin Chaudhry about growing up in Norway, at the visit of Labor Party politician Hadia Tajik in April 2010

    – As a mother and a parent, it has not always been easy to relate to all facets with a different and new culture, Yasmin’s mother says, on the same Network meeting with Tajik.

  4. Questioner: “Is Hate and Hate the same clan?”

    Deputy President Hate: I am offended by the sneering tone of your question. Everyone knows that Hate is ethnic English, while I am ethnic Norwegian.

    You MUST be a criminal racist!

    Somebody get me Austrian judge Bettina Neubauer on the phone. Surely, she – who will be treated so justly as a woman under Sharia Law – yes, surely, she can be convinced to bring Hate Speech charges against you in Austria – and then issue you a European Arrest Warrant to appear in a Sharia compliant trial in her court.

    If so, maybe I will consider to make her my fourth wife – instead of just a sex slave when Muslims institute the ummah after Madhi Obama is re-elected. On second thought, does she have any five year old daughters? Heh heh heh.

    After all, ancient Arab Muslims used the lunar calendar, so our ‘dear leader’ Mohammed married a FIVE year old – and consummated with an EIGHT year old – girl – well, officially anyway. Wink wink.

    We all know that Mohammed was well known to sexually ‘consummate’ anyone anywhere any time that he wanted. Mohammed was the perfect Muslim man after all, and what man wants to wait three whole years for sex with his owned wife?

    Or, perhaps generous Mohammed just waited for Aisha’s clitorectomy to heal. But, I am confused because Muslim men are allowed to have sex with girls who bleed, and all of those clitorectomies do make the little girls bleed…. Wink, wink.

    Ah, Allah IS greater than YOUR God.

    [Disclaimer: Concerned people, double check my information on the lunar calendar claim. I read a comment by someone who claimed that the lunar calendar meant that Mohammed had consummated an eight year old. I extrapolated that he married a five year old. Anyone who can cite valid third party sources, please do. We’ll put it in the memory file. :)]

  5. Walmart attack

    This reminds me of something I saw during Cast Lead. Wish I still had the video…An Australian nurse came to help the doctors in Gaza –including UN ones–and found the Arabs would bring in boys as young as 8 to mutilate their backs so they could claim the Israelis did it to them if they were ever caught. She was crying and this was taped on the roof of a tall building with Gaza in the background.
    Would love to find this again, but I haven’t been able to (computer crashed).

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