“The West is Under Assault”

In the clip below, Michael Coren and Jamie Glazov discuss Islamic intimidation in Europe and North America. They also talk about the collusion of the Left, and the leftists’ blatant dishonesty about the plight of homosexuals and women in Muslim society.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

One thought on ““The West is Under Assault”

  1. Here is something that really puzzles me. Islam is supposed to be against homosex, but, Afghanistan and Pakistan men are openly homosexually pedophillic. You have seen the videos of the “bacha bazi” in Afghanistan, right? So, why all this talk about islam being anti-homosexual?
    Oh, and as I see it, when a society sequesters all of its females away, what else is there for broke, young males? And the consequences of those early actions are habituated into adulthood when the male has a wife or 2.

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