4 thoughts on “A Hand-Puppet for the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Spot on as usual for Mr. Condell. He got quite agitated in this video compared to previous postings, but then it is an aggravating topic.

  2. Good for Pat. I wish that this video would be shown during worship in all lutheran, methodist, and presbyterian churches tomorrow morning. In Montana, those churches are full of anti-semites who buy into the pallywood videos of joooos bulldozing thousands of palistinian homes……So, they boycott Israeli products.

  3. The other day, some commenter on JW wrote:

    “Pat Condell has done it again.He is an atheist who is anti-Islam.
    Another great atheist who was anti-Islam:Oriana Fallaci.”

    That’s true. Pat Condell is an atheist (of the secular religious persuasion) who hates Islam more than Christianity. Over the years, he seems to have become slightly more able to differentiate between the two in terms of disgust.
    What is also true, however, is that Oriana Fallaci wouldn’t have fallen so easily for the temptation to underhandedly smear the Catholic Church, like Pat Condell is doing, once again [02:34].
    And I really can’t blame him, for it appears that he just can’t help himself to widely available scholarly knowledge about the actual relations between the Vatican and the Jews throughout the ages. In short, he merely lacks knowledge and seems content to remain conveniently uninformed.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

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